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Woodward Governor

Looking for help with your Woodward Governor Overhaul, Maintenance, Replacement or Spares?

Bartech have extensive experience and expertise with Woodward Governors and will be able to help with any issue or requirement you may have from the range including;

  • Woodward UG8D Governor
  • Woodward UG8L Governor
  • Woodward UG10 Governor
  • Woodward UG40D Governor
  • Woodward UG40L Governor
  • Woodward UG40-TC Governor
  • Woodward UGA Governor
  • Woodward SG Governor
  • Woodward PSG Governor
  • Woodward TG-13 Governor
  • Woodward PGA Governor
  • Woodward PGA200 Governor
  • Woodward PGA300 Governor
  • Woodward PG500 Governor
  • Woodward PGD Governor
  • Woodward PG-PL Governor
  • Woodward 3161 Governor
  • Woodward 2301 Governor Controllers
  • A few images of Woodward governor overhaul of 4 x UG8 dial type governors we carried out for one of our customers recently;

    Woodward Governor UG8 Dial Type in for Overhaul

    Woodward UG8 Dial Type Governor in for Overhaul

    Woodward UG8 Dial Type Governor in for Overhaul Phase 2

    Woodward UG8 Dial Type Governor in for Overhaul Phase 2

    Woodward UG8 governor overhaul complete

    Woodward UG8 governor overhaul complete

    If you’re after a trustworthy Woodward Governor specialist with an excellent track record for your job, email us info@bartechmarine.com or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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