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Waukesha L5792DSU Engine on test after a rebuild for one of our clients.

Waukesha L5792DSU Engine on test after a rebuild for one of our clients.


The VHP series of Waukesha Engine is intended for use in Very High Power (VHP) applications. They have a four-stroke cycle, running at medium speed (700-1200RPM for the turbocharged model).

It’s these qualities which make it a popular choice in power generation applications, whether run on natural gas or diesel.

Bartech has supported various models of Waukesha engines including;

Waukesha L5792
Waukesha VHP
Waukesha L6670
Waukesha L7042 
Waukesha DSIM
Waukesha DSU
Waukesha L5792DSU

This has included servicing and leak repairs to a Waukesha L6670 DSIM model. To support this work scope, we provided full technical and spares support.

As well as the work on the Waukesha L6670 model, we were also asked to carry out an investigation on the suitability of rebuilding a Waukesha L7042 model engine, which was a gas derivative.

Following the survey, the client decided that they would utilise the electric motors already in place to provide sufficient coverage.

Because this engine had been dismantled by another company and left exposed to the elements, significant investment was required to bring it back to new specification.

If you have an issue with your Waukesha engine or need advice, give us a call on 01206 673101 or email us at info@bartechmarine.com, we’re more than happy to help.

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