Here are a few testimonials from our clients, including video feedback and more in-depth written testimonials…

Shell – Waukesha Services: parts, labour and advice

How did working with Bartech benefit you / your company on this project?

“Bartech provided us with a one-stop solution for our Waukesha units.

Our previous supplier had become unreliable so moving to Bartech was a game changer.

We are now confident that parts will arrive on time plus we have access to Bartech’s knowledge and advice.”

What problems did Bartech help you overcome?

“Bartech are able to source parts from a variety of suppliers which ensures we get the best lead-times.

Their wealth of Waukesha experience has been extremely helpful when making decisions on parts.”

What were you most impressed with working with Bartech?

“Communicating with Bartech is always a pleasure: they are friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and always able to deliver on our requests.

Big thank you to: Jamie, Ricky, Robert and Gary.”

Marcus Winfield ~ Shell

Gadoon Textile Mills – Machining

Taqiuddin Munis ~ Gadoon Textile Mill

Taqa Bratani – Paxman YJ Starter ring failure investigation & improvement implementation

How did working with Bartech benefit you / your company on this project?

“Taqa had some significant issues on P-7230 Fire Water Pump after a failure of the starter ring gear, this left the platform in a vulnerable position due to a lack of fire water redundancy so very important that Taqa returned the unit to service in the safest possible way so to prevent any future similar incidents and also to ensure that the fire water pump matrix could be maintained.

Anytime a fire water pump is removed from service on a Taqa installation for repair it’s always treated with the highest priority, Bartech helped maintain & achieve our recovery plan in a safe manner & also implementing the improvements required to prevent similar incidents.

From the outset Bartech were very adaptable to our urgent requirements and used all of their resources possible to expedite the safe return to service of P-7230 fire water pump.”

What problems did Bartech help you overcome?

“Taqa & Bartech visited the design of the current starter ring gear and implemented improvements.

This took full engagement from Bartech to allow them to feed the various information into our EMOC system that allows Taqa to manage engineering change such as this.

The changes were fully documented by excellent quality control & report documentation. The improvements that were implemented back at Bartech HQ werefully recorded and function tested.”

What were you most impressed with working with Bartech?

“One of the most impressive aspects Taqa found with Bartech was there response time.

A recovery plan to get P-7230 returned to service was quickly established and implemented. Bartech were extremely flexible and fully onboard with all of Taqa’s requirements.”

How could we have improved your experience with Bartech?

“Bartech meet and exceeded our expectations during this intervention.

We are hopeful that this level of service can be maintained & look forward to working with Bartech in the future.”

Pete Walker ~ Taqa Bratani

Jonatan Gudjonsson Ltd – Governor Services

Jonatan Gudjonsson ~ Jonatan Gudjonsson Ltd Iceland

EDF Energy – Engine spares and field service support

How did working with Bartech benefit you / your company on this project?

“Rob and his team at Bartech have time and time again assisted our company even when we ask for unrealistic timescales and results. They have identified and quoted for spares at each enquiry without fail. This simple and quick response makes acquiring the right spares, right quality first time possible and allows us to return important plant back into service quicker than anticipated.”

What problems did Bartech help you overcome?

“Bartech has helped us resolve various fixed pipe issues both fuel injection and engine coolant / lubrication. These fixed pipes in many cases are unique and at times require a number of attempts to get right.

Bartech has also overhauled engine radiators to engines we heavily rely on to provide backup safety measures, without these we cannot operate.”

What were you most impressed with working with Bartech?

“The timescales and how quick Bartech are to react to our calls for urgent help.

Also the ability to not only supply fixed pipe based on engine type but then using feedback when the pipework has been found to be out to then remake and re deliver in a matter of 1 working day is astonishing.

Radiator overhaul quality job and the associated documentation was fully comprehensive, TOP JOB!”

How could we have improved your experience with Bartech?

“Cannot fault and therefore hard to identify anything to improve upon, communications are prompt and we feel that Bartech are always there ready to help.

Many a time they have helped us out of a tough spot, it is hard to improve on turning around an order of individual unique fixed bent pipe within 24 hours!

Quick turnaround, short lead times, value for money, good quality and good paperwork with the radiators, thanks for making my job easier and a great company to work with.

Look forward to working together in the coming years.”

Phil Keane ~ EDF Heysham

Fairfield Energy

Brian Bain ~ Fairfield Energy

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“We have a long term service agreement with Bartech so putting together the work scope was made easy as we have worked with them in the past and know how they work in a professional matter.

All the organisation and spares were taken care of by the project engineer, once this was ready Bartech and CNR had a conference call with the platform to discuss the scope and iron out any issues that may arise during the scope and controls were put in place to prevent issues arising.”

Alan Farquhar ~ CNR Ninian Central Platform

CNR – Full overhaul of Waukesha engine

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