30 Years
Call: 01206 673101(24 hour)
Email: info@bartechmarine.com

Team Members

Paul Bleck
Managing Director Paul Bleck pbleck@bartechmarine.com
Gerald Barnett
Chairman Gerald Barnett gbarnett@bartechmarine.com
Kevin Bain
Commercial Kevin Bain Technical Services Manager kbain@bartechmarine.com
Robert Lee
Commercial Robert Lee Commercial Manager - MTU Point of Contact rlee@bartechmarine.com
Jamie Eades
Commercial Jamie Eades Key Account Manager jeades@bartechmarine.com
Harry Morgan
Commercial Harry Morgan Commercial Assistant hmorgan@bartechmarine.com
Sarah Diss
Commercial Sarah Diss Communications Coordinator sdiss@bartechmarine.com
Aron Olley
Operations Aron Olley Operations Manager aolley@bartechmarine.com
Ricky Burtonshaw
Operations Ricky Burtonshaw Project Engineer rburtonshaw@bartechmarine.com
Gary Paul
Operations Gary Paul Parts Manager gpaul@bartechmarine.com
Tim Ramplin
Operations Tim Ramplin Stores Controller tramplin@bartechmarine.com
Andrew Luckman
Technical Andrew Luckman Engineering Lead - MTU Trained aluckman@bartechmarine.com
Charlie Dickens
Technical Charlie Dickens Project Manager - MTU Technical Lead & Caterpillar Trained cdickens@bartechmarine.com
Matthew Short
Technical Matthew Short Workshop/Service Engineer - MTU and Caterpillar Trained mshort@bartechmarine.com
Gary Bushnell
Technical Gary Bushnell Senior Machinist gbushnell@bartechmarine.com View Profile
Will Knight
Technical Will Knight Workshop/Service Engineer - MTU Trained wknight@bartechmarine.com
Stephen Taylor
Technical Stephen Taylor Service Engineer staylor@bartechmarine.com
Edward Flemming
Technical Edward Flemming Apprentice Engineer eflemming@bartechmarine.com
Reece Noble
Technical Reece Noble Apprentice Engineer rnoble@bartechmarine.com
Cris Richards
Technical Cris Richards Workshop/Service Engineer crichards@bartechmarine.com
Mark Dempster
Technical Mark Dempster Workshop/Service Engineer mdempster@bartechmarine.com
Macklin Fernandes
Technical Macklin Fernandes Workshop/Service Engineer mfernandes@bartechmarine.com
Alex Castleton
Technical Alex Castleton Workshop/Service Engineer acastleton@bartechmarine.com
Brendan Lydon
Technical Brendan Lydon Workshop/Service Engineer blydon@bartechmarine.com
Mark Lavender
Finance Mark Lavender Finance & Office Manager mlavender@bartechmarine.com
Natalie Clarke
Office Natalie Clarke Office Administrator nclarke@bartechmarine.com
Claire Bleck
Finance Claire Bleck Finance Assistant cbarnett@bartechmarine.com
Kay Harris
Finance Kay Harris Compliance Officer kharris@bartechmarine.com
Michelle Waterson
Human Resources Michelle Waterson HR Manager mwaterson@bartechmarine.com
Matthew Barnett
IT Matthew Barnett IT Director mbarnett@bartechmarine.com

If you’re after a trustworthy engine specialist with an excellent track record for your job, our team are here to help, email us info@bartechmarine.com or call +44 (0)1206 673101. For a copy of our Engineer Resource Booklet, created by engineers for engineers, just enter your details below.

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Here to keep your critical engines running in 2 easy steps during COVID-19 outbreak

  1. Call 01206 645070 anytime to speak to an engineer to help you resolve issues yourself. This is a free service, intended to minimise downtime and stop the need for a visit
  2. If things cannot be resolved on the video call, our service engineering team are ready to attend your site. They are home based with stocked vehicles ready to deploy.

All our usual support is still available on the general number and email address

How we can support you at this difficult time