Bartech can help you with your maintenance planning, whether it is optimising any current plan you may have in place, or creating one to suit your situation.

With over 30 years of experience, Bartech will ensure your maintenance plan is correctly optimised and time-efficient for your particular engine use and environment.

We extend our knowledge of each operator’s needs through developing our understanding of their engines. We achieve this with the feedback of testing samples and temperatures before any intrusive work takes place.

Bartech Maintenance support

Tailor made plans

A Bergen maintenance plan is shown here for an example of generic OEM recommended maintenance intervals.

These do not make any allowance for your operation and could result in higher costs and increased downtime, either by advising servicing is carried out more often than required for your application, or of greater concern, not often enough for your environment and usage.

Pre-plan survey and assessment

Before we begin creating your individual maintenance plan, our engineers will carry out a survey on your assets, and speak with your engineers to ascertain the type of running, environment and other important considerations we need to take into account for your plan.

Improve engine monitoring

We can manufacture bespoke engine gauge panels for your engines, allowing effective on-site monitoring, ensuring any deviations are highlighted immediately and can be acted on without delay.

Diesel engine uptime programme

To improve your asset efficiency and monitoring, alongside the gauge panels, we have created a specific programme, the Diesel Engine Uptime Programme (DEUP).

Essentially, the DEUP is a piece of software, built by Bartech, that enables shared information between our team, your office & your offshore team.

It provides visibility on the state of your diesel engine – the historical information, reports, maintenance plan & strategy, technical information and trend analysis, all in one easy-to-digest place.

With this data, it’s easier to make decisions that’ll reduce your downtime and save you money, since you’ll have a greater understanding of the health of your engine, and what needs to be done to keep it running smoothly.

Reduce downtime and costs

One operator to have benefitted from bespoke maintenance planning is Shell.

We were asked to review their work order procedure, which was written many years ago and changed by several people over the years, it read:

  • Remove injectors and carry out a borescope inspection
  • Change oil filter and oil
  • Check valve clearances and adjust as necessary
  • Replace injectors

As you can see, this was not the most effective order – it doesn’t make sense to perform activities out of sequence if you want to minimise engineers time.

This routine was in place for all of the platform’s engines, regardless of use, make or model, and on this particular engine, our new plan led to them shaving 3 hours off the work time.

Our process

When compiling your maintenance plans, we consider the following aspects:

  • Criticality of use (Emergency generator, Firepump, Main propulsion etc)
  • Current regime
  • Budget
  • Feasibility of implementation – other assets connected to the engine, operational restrictions etc
  • Requirements for operation

One example of a simple yet effective change to schedule was identified during a recent site visit where the operator was running their MTU 4000 generator monthly.

We advised that it would be more beneficial for the engine to run weekly for less time.

Small changes like this are just one way we can streamline your maintenance schedule. Many are easy to implement and will make a positive impact on your operation.

To arrange a maintenance plan or to discuss any aspect of maintenance planning, contact us now on the form below, we’re ready to help.

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How did working with Bartech benefit you / your company on this project?

“Bartech offered a speedy and effective response to an urgent repair required for our firewater pump clutch allowing wells operations to commence as planned.

Bartech were flexible to meet customer requirements, committing to weekend working to allow fast turnaround on component repair… significantly reducing turnaround time in comparison to OEM replacement option”

What were you most impressed with working with Bartech?

“Dedication to meeting requested delivery on an extremely tight turnaround.”

Natalie Jackson ~ Shell

“We were impressed with the standard of communication throughout the work scope and having a dedicated project manager was invaluable.

Bartech’s engineering capabilities, along with the communication and overall management of the job were faultless.”


What were you most impressed with working with Bartech?

“A genuine open and honest customer focused approach.

A willingness to evolve and support ongoing learning (both ways) when things may not quite go as planned or expected. Whilst the whole Bartech team are focused and engaged Rob Lee has proved to be a pivotal contact point for EDF addressing and resolving concerns that may arise.”

Mark Bradbury ~ EDF Hartlepool

“Bartech professionally delivered on all promised work within schedule.

By utilising the experience and expertise of the Bartech engineers we were able to simultaneously liquidate a number of jobs.

The engineer’s problem-solving ability meant that long-standing issues were corrected.

The technical expertise on this particular fire pump was first class.”

Wood Group PSN on behalf of Shell.

“Thank you.

The site report and the overhaul at site have been conducted to a high standard.

Well done.”

Wood Group Asset Management Solutions

“We have a long term service agreement with Bartech so putting together the work scope was made easy as we have worked with them in the past and know how they work in a professional matter.

All the organisation and spares were taken care of by the project engineer, once this was ready Bartech and CNR had a conference call with the platform to discuss the scope and iron out any issues that may arise during the scope and controls were put in place to prevent issues arising.”

Alan Farquhar ~ CNR Ninian Central Platform

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