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At Bartech, we’re always searching for new ways to improve your engine reliability and performance, and in recent years, we’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of environmentally friendly products and systems too.

As a result, we’ve spent the last five years researching the options for emission reduction and assessing the pros and cons of each one.

Many systems rely on storing the hydrogen, limiting viability for many operators, due to the space required and the additional safety measures associated with storing this flammable product, and the by-product created over time – Acid.

The acid is created when electrolysis takes place. Electrolysis of water makes hydrogen and oxygen by passing a current through a catalyst like platinum.

The scientists working on our product have found a way to use distilled water which creates no acid.

The next step was to seek a solution that would avoid the above issues. We were successful in this, but whilst hydrogen storage was not essential, they required an alkali solution to create the reaction to produce hydrogen. This is toxic and would mean that hazmat suits were required during refills. These systems also had a short life span – just 1 year.

We are now pleased to have the answer, the Green Box Solution

  • Direct feed – generates hydrogen on engine demand from the ECU, reducing the diesel fuel required for your operation.
  • What is it powered by? Distilled water
  • The by-product? Steam
  • Life-Span? 25 yrs+ (6-month service after installation followed by annual servicing)

About the Green Box Solution

Bartech Green Box Solution is a compact, self-contained unit which produces hydrogen on demand to supplement fuel for internal combustion engines.

The addition of hydrogen provides a cleaner burn and significantly reduces environmentally harmful GHG emissions.

Independent testing has shown an 80% reduction in carbon particulate matter.

The Technology

Sophisticated electronics which is demand-responsive to control hydrogen flow to optimise engine performance.

Bartech’s Green Box Solution is unique due to a total absence of chemicals, low power requirement, interface capability with the host engine’s ECU and distilled water being the only consumable.

The system has delivered up to a 14% reduction in fuel operating in the field.

The fuel cost savings alone facilitate an excellent return on investment.

Our system is unique, as our module:

  • Uses no acid or chemicals
  • Requires no H2 storage vessel
  • Features an electronic control system to optimise engine performance

Trials to Date

Trials have been conducted and the following results have been recorded:

  • University of South Australia independent testing has shown an 80% reduction in diesel particulate matter.
  • 65% reduction in soot content in engine oil (analysis by CAT laboratory in Adelaide).
  • Average 10% fuel usage reduction for transport and generator applications.
  • Fitted to current model Mercedes (Euro 6) & Volvo, Kenworth (Cummins) new and used, Dennis, Western Star (CAT) prime movers, Scania bus, generators (Perkins).
  • Savings from reduced fuel usage can facilitate an excellent return on investment.

How it Works

Bartech Green Box Solution

Why Hydrogen?

  • Efficient
  • Hydrogen has nearly three times the energy content of diesel —120 MJ/kg for hydrogen versus 44 MJ/kg for diesel
  • Environmental
  • Clean and complete burn with no harmful emissions
  • Adopting new technologies and providing a transitional technology for hydrogen aligns with the Governments “Technology Roadmap” Strategy toward net-zero carbon emissions, IMMEDIATELY.
    Using Bartech’s Green Box Solution can demonstrate climate change policy credentials or compliance by tenderers for large projects
  • Opportunity to accumulate carbon credits derived from fuel savings at the rate of 2.68Kg of CO2 per litre of diesel.
    Based on 10% usage saving from every 1 million litres of diesel, the gross benefit of a 268 Tonne reduction in GHG amounts to £3,216 (at £12/tonne)
  • Community and scientific demands on climate change
  • Economic
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Increased profit from ongoing cost savings
  • Removing harmful emissions will enable the full operative life cycle of the asset to be achieved. The economic and environmental benefits of the Green Box Solution are applicable to all diesel-powered assets. The greater the rate of diesel consumption, the faster the return on the investment

Technology Deliverables


  • Reduction of engine emissions such as Particulate Matter (PM). Independent testing by the University of SA showed reductions up to 80%.
  • Reduction of engine emissions including CO2 & CO emitted from vehicles fitted with diesel engines.
  • An Electronic Control System (ECS) with proprietary control methods and algorithms to allow the control and setting of operating parameters of a fuel conserving and emissions reduction system.
  • Potential access to the UK Government Emissions Reduction Fund carbon credits.


  • Reduction of fuel consumption for vehicles or equipment fitted with diesel engines including heavy transport, buses, generators and marine applications, by 8% to 14%
  • Improving engine, oil and exhaust system life by keeping these components cleaner by reducing carbon deposits and soot production. This can reduce costs and operating downtime by extending engine service intervals. Analysis of engines oil samples from trucks using this system contained 65% less soot (carbon).
  • A fast return on investment for the fitment of a Bartech Green Box Solution unit based on cost savings for the reduction in fuel-saving alone.



HY600 Up to 6 Litre
HY1000 Up to 10 Litre
HY1600 Up to 16 Litre
HY2500 Up to 25 Litre
HY3000 Up to 30Litre
HY6000 Up to 60 Litre

Additional Options

Subzero Temperatures

The Bartech Green Box Solution operates in temperatures below freezing. To prevent water freezing while switched off in subzero temperature environments a heat blanket and customised heating electronics can be added to maintain internal water flow will be available.

Data Logging

The unit maintains a log of operational data relevant to performance and lifetime maintenance parameters.


For remote applications or long run times including operations running 24/7, an automatic water refill option from a reservoir of a capacity selected to suit the application is available.

Remote Access

Remote access, via a suitable internet connection, enables monitoring of the status of the unit. GPS connectivity allows for the location of the unit to be gained.


Green Box Solution Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What happens if it runs out of water?

A – The unit automatically shuts down with no effect on the engine. However, the benefits of Hydrogen will not be realised as no Hydrogen will be generated.

Q – How much electrical power does it require?

A – Power demand is dependent on the hydrogen demand of the engine. The amount of current draw is dependent on the system voltage for the hydrogen demand. For example, on a 12-volt system the current draw could be 14 amps, whereas on a 24 volt system the same power demand would be 7 amps.

Q – Does it draw electrical power when the engine is not running?

A – The Bartech Green Box unit goes into standby mode if the motor is not running. Like any device connected to the system, a small amount of standby current is drawn. The standby current is approximately 250uA (250 micro-amps).

Q – What is the operating temperature range?

A – The units currently operate in ambient temperatures from 1 to 60 degrees Celsius. Freezing temperatures must be avoided if the unit is not operating. Future versions of the product will enable shutdown periods in subzero temperatures.

Q – How does Hydrogen affect the engine?

A – The engine is a lot cleaner due to reduced soot. The Green Box Solution continues to accumulate millions of kilometres of service for our customers, adding to the one million kilometres of R&D recorded previously. There have been no negative impacts on any engine.

Q – Does it affect cold or hot starting or motor shutdown?

A – No.

Q – What happens if the unit gets too hot?

A – The unit is configurable to detect a not optimum operation in internal temperatures, such as water and unit temperatures. Should these monitored temperatures fall outside of optimum operations, the unit stops all Hydrogen production and it is not resumed until the optimum operation has been regained.

Q – Can the vehicle or plant operator alter the settings of the unit?

A – No. Changes and maintenance must be performed by Bartech Green Box trained personnel.

Q – How long does it take to install?

A – From 4 to 8 hours depending on the application.

Q – What is the warranty period?

A – 1 year if installed correctly and maintained according to the maintenance schedule.

Q – What is the expected life of the unit?

A – The unit should provide up to 20 years of service, provided the unit is maintained and care is taken to only use distilled water and prevent water contamination.

Q – What is the servicing requirement for the unit?

A – An initial service at 3 months, then every 6 months.

Q – Will fitment affect insurance cover for the truck, generators etc?

A – Normally no. The system is VSB6 approved for fitment to all heavy transport, including those carrying hazardous goods.


Lorry – New 2020 Cummins T610

“The unit was fitted on our brand new truck in January 2020. My regular route is Adelaide to Brisbane. When the unit was retrofitted the records indicated a decrease in fuel of 9%.The engine is quieter, smoother and as I can overtake in the rangers other drivers ask if I’ve got an empty load!!!” Driver Wayne

Vessel – 2 x Detroit S60’s

“In a perfect test case for us, we purchased 1 x unit and fitted to one of 2 x Detroit S60’s in one of our crafts, we isolated the fuel tanks to supply on each engine only, after 2 months of records we were suitably impressed with a reduction of around 10%.
We have also had oil sample testing from both engines and the soot level was considerably lower on the engine fitted with the unit. We are also very Impressed with the emission.”
Part Owner Andrew

Off-Highway – 2018 MERCEDES

“Before the system had been fitted was carting 85t of cement powder on a set run and when the system was fitted we increased to 3 trailers, 124t and with this extra weight the Merc has more power and better fuel economy than when I was carting 85t.” Driver Josh

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How could we have improved your experience with Bartech?

“Nothing as the experience was excellent.”

Peter Reynolds ~ Generator Power Systems DDGC

What were you most impressed with working with Bartech?

“Attention to detail, competence of staff, knowledge, working to accurate quote, competitive pricing of all aspects from labour to parts.”

Jon Hawkins ~ Boluda Towage Europe

“We have a long term service agreement with Bartech so putting together the work scope was made easy as we have worked with them in the past and know how they work in a professional matter.

All the organisation and spares were taken care of by the project engineer, once this was ready Bartech and CNR had a conference call with the platform to discuss the scope and iron out any issues that may arise during the scope and controls were put in place to prevent issues arising.”

Alan Farquhar ~ CNR Ninian Central Platform

“Thanks for the help, and the fact that you were able to keep your promises regarding delivery time etc.

We’ll keep in touch.”


“We were impressed with the standard of communication throughout the work scope and having a dedicated project manager was invaluable.

Bartech’s engineering capabilities, along with the communication and overall management of the job were faultless.”


“Bartech provided us with a one-stop solution for our Waukesha units.

Our previous supplier had become unreliable so moving to Bartech was a game changer.

We are now confident that parts will arrive on time plus we have access to Bartech’s knowledge and advice…Their wealth of Waukesha experience has been extremely helpful when making decisions on parts. Communicating with Bartech is always a pleasure: they are friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and always able to deliver on our requests.

Big thank you to: Jamie, Ricky, Robert and Gary.”

Marcus Winfield ~ Shell

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