We are proud to be the UK’s only service dealer for Geislinger.

Geislinger are the market leader for engine dampers and couplings, supplying most of the leading engine manufacturers including Wärtsilä, MTU, Caterpillar, MAN, Cummins and Niigata.

Chances are if you are operating with one of these engines, then you will have a Geislinger damper and as the UK’s sole service dealer we can give you the manufacturer’s backed assurance you need.

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About Geislinger

Geislinger are market leaders for torsional vibration dampers and highly damping elastic torsional couplings for diesel and gas engines.​

The family-owned company, based in Salzburg, Austria have over 60 years experience in delivering innovative powertrain solutions and built to last products for all kinds of high-performance drivelines.

Every Geislinger product is tailor-made and you can be sure that all components of your workscope will be perfectly tailored to the application it is designed for.

The tailor-made Geislinger Damper is specifically designed for its high performance, compact design and low maintenance costs. Providing consistent results throughout its service life. The Geislinger Damper can also be used in combination with a Geislinger Monitoring System which, together would enable early detection of critical loads.

How does my damper work?

The damper consists of a primary and a secondary section and is usually mounted to the free end of the crank or camshaft.

Groups of steel leaf spring packs are arranged between these sections, and together with intermediate pieces and the secondary section, form chambers that are filled with pressurized engine oil.

Engine oil reduces torsional vibrations by hydraulic damping, and the natural frequency of each individual system is optimised by tuning the steel springs.

The shape and the number of springs determines the damper’s elasticity and the torsional system is detuned, eliminating most critical resonance.

If the outer part vibrates in relation to the inner one, it causes the leaf springs to bend, and pressurized engine oil is pumped from one chamber into another.

This reduces the relative motion of the two parts and dampens any residual torsional vibrations.

Geislinger coupling overhaul for MTU 396

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