Accurate and frequent monitoring is key to the safety and reliability of your engine, and we can help with this by creating bespoke engine gauge panels for your engine and requirements.

The benefits of a tailor-made engine gauge panel are numerous, none more so than the early detection of issues that could lead to critical failure.

All of our panels come with the following advantages:

  • Made in-house to provide best solution
  • Panels can be remounted so they are easier to read
  • Improve current panels with more engine performance data
  • Early alert to engine problems, before major damage
  • Eliminate the need to use less reliable IR thermometers
Original engine gauge panel and new Bartech made panel

Prevent failures

Having carried out Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for several major clients we have found that these failures could have been easily been prevented if the warning signs were spotted and acted upon.

The importance of monitoring

The warning signs were not spotted because of 2 basic reasons:

  • Data was not available on engine performance
  • Data was not recorded or analysed

During the regular engine test runs, information on the engine performance can be taken, providing the engineer has visibility of this data through calibrated gauges or measuring equipment.

Easily accessible

Often we have found that the engine gauge panels relied on require an engineer to climb on an engine to see it, the panel does not show all relevant information, or it doesn’t work.

To rectify this, we have manufactured and installed new engine gauge panels offshore which have been mounted in easy-access locations.

The new design panels include temperature probes fitted in the exhaust manifold, allowing temperatures to be recorded per cylinder, rather than across a complete bank making it easier to identify engine issues.

Project example

One particular gauge panel design and installation work scope we have completed was for a North Sea oil platform.

Fire pump gauge panels

This requirement saw us design and manufacture panels for each of their 4 Paxman YH fire pumps.

Panels installed

All panels were tailored to the operator’s requirements and installed by our engineers with a full 12-month warranty.

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