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If you’re looking for generator maintenance, Bartech’s team of experienced engineer’s will ensure your critical engine is well looked after, giving you the peace of mind that comes with expert engineers, full documentation and our 12-month warranty.

Generator experts

At Bartech, we’re on a mission to help businesses like yours to enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you know back-up power will deliver if needed. That’s why we provide an expert generator maintenance service to ensure that our clients get what they need to keep their organisations going.

Peace of mind

Decades of expertise in maintaining emergency and standby generators combined with our membership of AMPS* (The Association of Manufacturers of Power generating Systems) ensure we can help you get that peace of mind that comes when you know that everything’s looked after and running smoothly.

*AMPS is the trade association and industry voice for the UK’s world-leading diesel and gas-engine power generating sector and associated businesses.

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Complete Support

If you have the responsibility of the generator as an owner, through a facility management company, or even a generator contract, we can bring our 30+ years of engine expertise to reduce costs and problems caused by power issues.

Over time we have seen more than most how the little things can cause huge expense and inconvenience!

Our generator maintenance team will provide you with:

  • Emergency breakdown response from specialised engineers 24/7
  • Technical support from engineers with specialist experience and OEM training
  • Full documentation for complete trace-ability and historical records
  • Safe working practices with full RAMS compliant with our OHSAS 18001 accreditation

Looking for diesel engine specialists in the Power Generation sector?

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  • Emergency breakdown response from specialised engineers 24/7

    Whatever happens, we’re there to get you back on track and keep your business earning.

  • Technical support from engineers with specialist experience and OEM training

    You can rest assured that we know what we’re doing.

  • Generator and UPS reliability through tailored routine maintenance

    Prevention is better than cure and we’ll be doing all we can to prevent any issues with your generators arising.

  • Reduction in downtime completing any engine or electrical repairs as a priority

    Your time is your money, and our focus will be reducing your downtime as much as possible.

  • Assurance that your equipment conforms to latest regulations

  • Full documentation for complete trace-ability and historical records

  • Safe working practices with full RAMS compliant with our OHSAS 18001 accreditation

  • Reliable partner using a bespoke service management system

If you’re after a trustworthy engine specialist with an excellent track record for your job then let's get started

Get support now 01206 673101 24h

“Thank you.

The site report and the overhaul at site have been conducted to a high standard.

Well done.”

Wood Group Asset Management Solutions

“One of the most impressive aspects Taqa found with Bartech was there response time.

A recovery plan to get P-7230 returned to service was quickly established and implemented. Bartech were extremely flexible and fully onboard with all of Taqa’s requirements.

Bartech meet and exceeded our expectations during this intervention.

We are hopeful that this level of service can be maintained & look forward to working with Bartech in the future.”

Pete Walker ~ Taqa Bratani

“Well done, it is great to see the final “three for three, FYFP 1, De-Sup Station and CW valve” risk mitigations now delivered safely before year end.

Can I reinforce and recognise the drive, team work and clear communications during the last month especially.

This rounds off a very positive risk mitigation year for Team Hartlepool and the wider support provided via CTO and the Supply Chain with 22 oo 23 Key Deliverables completed and handed back to the operations teams.”

Bill Liu ~ EDF

“Bartech helped maintain & achieve our recovery plan in a safe manner & also implementing the improvements required to prevent similar incidents.

They were very adaptable to our urgent requirements and used all of their resources possible to expedite the safe return of P-7230 fire water pump.

Bartech exceeded our expectations during this intervention.”

TAQA Bratani

“Bartech professionally delivered on all promised work within schedule.

By utilising the experience and expertise of the Bartech engineers we were able to simultaneously liquidate a number of jobs.

The engineer’s problem-solving ability meant that long-standing issues were corrected.

The technical expertise on this particular fire pump was first class.”

Wood Group PSN on behalf of Shell.

How did working with Bartech benefit you / your company on this project?

“When a fault was found with the water cooler adaptor plate, a new part was sourced and sent out to the platform the following day. This meant the crane could be returned to service as planned and therefore no downtime experienced.”

What were you most impressed with working with Bartech?

“The technical knowledge and speed of sourcing the required part. The platform also commented positively on the work ethic of the engineer on the job.”

Steven Bain ~ EnerMech

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