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With most of Bartech’s early client’s coming from the marine industry, we have over 35 years experience in this sector and it’s thanks to these relationships we understand the increasing pressures Technical Superintendents, Chief Engineers, Operators and Crew are under and the problems unreliable propulsion and generator engines can cause.

In-depth sector knowledge

Our experience working with ship owners and managers gives us the ability to understand the challenges you face with tight schedules, potential contract penalties and rising costs, whilst conforming to the latest regulations issued by Lloyds and SOLAS to those issued by IMO, MCA, and other regulators.

Experienced field service team

With our team of time served – highly trained and experienced engineers, we can be there when you need us, for breakdown responses 24/7 or scheduled maintenance worldwide.

Below are examples of the various projects we have carried out across the marine sector.

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How we’ve helped Ship Owners, Fleet Managers, Superintendents, Ship Managers and other key personnel looking after vessels just like you:

  • RoRo Vessels

    Deutz MWM TBD 234 Full Overhaul

    We were called to attend the vessel in the Netherlands to investigate problems.

    Upon investigation, it was found on cylinder A3 that the pushrod exhaust valve was completely cracked, and the push rod inlet valve was bent.

    All rocker covers were removed in order to inspect the valve operating gear and the remaining pushrods.

    It was found that more push rods were bent.

    The inlet valve push rod on cylinder A6 was extremely bent - it was unable to completely rotate in the aperture.

    To avoid major failure with catastrophic damage, the engine was shut down and was sent to us for a complete overhaul.

  • Crew Transfer Vessels

    6000hr service on both MTU 12V 2000 main engines

    As approved service dealers for MTU UK, we have carried out extensive work supporting the 2000 series engines including 6000hr services, which incorporate:

      • • Injector replacement
      • • Borescope
      • • Valve clearance check
      • • Belt change
      • • Turbo replacement
      • • All filter changes
      • • Oil and coolant change

      Following the service work, the engines are tested using the MDEC system and diagnostic software.

  • Ferries

    Retrofit new Woodward UG25+ Governors

    On arrival at the vessel the old Woodward 3161 governor from number 2 main engine, a Wartsila 5L20 ready for the upgrade to a UG25+ model.

    Once installed it was connected up to the engine fuel racks, all linkages were checked and the governor was set at dead rack.

    To support the new style governor, a new control panel was installed and wired into the vessels original wiring.

    Following the governor upgrade on number two engine, we then installed a new control box to number 4 main engine.

    On completion of both workscopes, all running checks were carried out tot customer satisfaction before sign off and full report issued.

  • Tugs

    Engine mounts exchange and engine alignment

    When the old mounts were taken out and the new ones installed it was apparent that there was an issue as we couldn’t get the required height.

    The client supplied mounts were too tall and could not be lowered.

    Bartech discussed the issue with the mount suppliers in Holland and then arranged a meeting with the UK reps.

    We travelled to Kent for the meeting which was to see if there was anything we could do regarding lowering the mounts further, however, they were pre-tensioned and could not be lowered.

    It soon became apparent that the mounts had not been installed correctly in the first instance when the vessel was made.

    Not only was the tension not relieved prior to installing but chockfast was used to install them.

    Luckily when we chipped the chockfast away we gained enough clearance to install the mounts correctly.

    The client who had suffered inherent vibration issues was extremely pleased and appreciated that we did not just walk away, instead, we looked into why and found a resolution.

  • Offshore Support Vessels

    TPS57E01 Turbocharger 12,000 Service - 48 hr turnaround

    The main issue for this service was the timing.

    We had to meet the vessel on docking, fully service the turbocharger, take it back and install it before the vessel was due back out.

    The time scale was 48 hours.

    Very tight time frame but we completed the service with time to spare.

    Again a full-colour report was issued for the class certification on the vessel.

  • Freight

    Governor issue investigation

    This merchant container vessel berthed at Tilbury and had reported an issue with generator number 4 governor speed and load sharing issues.

    A Bartech engineer was asked to attend the vessel.

    An initial visual inspection was carried out, which indicated the clutch for the governor motor was slipping.

    This would cause the reported problem of load balancing with the other engines.

    Our engineer rectified this issue and, because there are 4 of the same governors installed on the vessel, recommended a ships spare is made available.

  • Dredgers

    Servicing and OEM spares to gain class classification sign-off

    We were contacted by the Technical Superintendent who was a little stuck.

    He had been using the OEM for his servicing and maintenance, however, on the previous service the OEM did not supply a detailed report and he found it difficult to get the classification sign off on the vessel because he could not prove the work.

    We serviced the 3 CAT C32 engines using OEM spares and Bartech CAT trained engineers, produced an in-depth report and saved the client money as our labour was cheaper.

    He had no issue getting the class classification sign off!

  • Super Yachts

    Paxman 12 RPHCZ MK7 Extended Top End Overhaul

    Once our engineers arrived on board the private yacht in Italy, they continued the engine dismantle which the vessel engineers had already begun.

    Further dismantling of the exhaust system and other items was carried out to enable easy packing and return to Bartech Marine for rectification work that could not be carried out onboard.

    During the fitting of the cylinder heads and after checking piston bumper clearances, cylinder head gaskets of 0.045 thou inch were fitted.

    Upon completion of the overhaul, the engine underwent sea trials for a total of thirty hours at full sea speed and varying ship’s load.

  • Life Boats

    Turbo Actuating Ram Modification on both the port and starboard engines

    As standard, all MTU 10V2000M94 engines require this modification in order to eliminate a fault.

    We attended this lifeboat to carry out the modification.

    Firstly, the following items were replaced on both engines:

    1. Ram

    2. Linkage

    3. Lever

    4. Bracket

    5. Two oil pipes connected to the ram

    Once this had been completed, the new parameter settings were uploaded onto both of the ECU’s from the MTU laptop and an engine test was carried out with the Diasys connected to take a recording on both engines to confirm the ram was operating correctly.

  • Fishing

    Overhaul of the Stork-Wärtsilä 6SW280 main engine and auxiliaries

    This was completed whilst the vessel was in dry dock as part of its planned schedule of maintenance.

    The dismantled components were sent to Bartech for overhaul, including the governor and turbocharger.

    After completion and reinstallation, a sea trial was run, the procedure was as follows:

    • One hour and a half with 20% load

    • One hour and a half with 40% load

    • One hour and a half with 60% load

    • 30 mins with 30% load whilst the dredge was dropped

    • One hour and a half with 100% load

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What were you most impressed with working with Bartech?

“Attention to detail, competence of staff, knowledge, working to accurate quote, competitive pricing of all aspects from labour to parts.”

Jon Hawkins ~ Boluda Towage Europe

“Bartech provided us with a one-stop solution for our Waukesha units.

Our previous supplier had become unreliable so moving to Bartech was a game changer.

We are now confident that parts will arrive on time plus we have access to Bartech’s knowledge and advice…Their wealth of Waukesha experience has been extremely helpful when making decisions on parts. Communicating with Bartech is always a pleasure: they are friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and always able to deliver on our requests.

Big thank you to: Jamie, Ricky, Robert and Gary.”

Marcus Winfield ~ Shell

What were you most impressed with working with Bartech?

“A genuine open and honest customer focused approach.

A willingness to evolve and support ongoing learning (both ways) when things may not quite go as planned or expected. Whilst the whole Bartech team are focused and engaged Rob Lee has proved to be a pivotal contact point for EDF addressing and resolving concerns that may arise.”

Mark Bradbury ~ EDF Hartlepool

“One of the most impressive aspects Taqa found with Bartech was there response time.

A recovery plan to get P-7230 returned to service was quickly established and implemented. Bartech were extremely flexible and fully onboard with all of Taqa’s requirements.

Bartech meet and exceeded our expectations during this intervention.

We are hopeful that this level of service can be maintained & look forward to working with Bartech in the future.”

Pete Walker ~ Taqa Bratani

“Many thanks for your help and cooperation, most refreshing to find a business that actually puts the customer first and understands the imperfect world that we operate in.”

Williams Associates

“We were impressed with the standard of communication throughout the work scope and having a dedicated project manager was invaluable.

Bartech’s engineering capabilities, along with the communication and overall management of the job were faultless.”


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