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Ruston Engines

Looking for help with Ruston Engine Repair, Overhauls, Maintenance and Spares?

With Ruston’s history closely intertwined with Paxmans, there are many similarities between engines from both manufacturers.

This relationship between the manufacturers meant they were commonly installed together in naval applications with Ruston engines used for propulsion and Paxman engines for standby power.

As a result, Bartech’s experience has regularly crossed over from Paxman to Ruston engines, particularly with the RK, R3K and AT engine ranges.

We can help you with your Ruston engine repairs and more, on models including the following;

Ruston 12rkc
Ruston rkc
Ruston veb

The levels of support provided include parts supply, breakdown response, reconditioning and full engine overhauls with our experienced team of service engineers able to provide 24 hour working over 2 shifts to minimise engine downtime.

Our workshop has the facilities to carry out full overhauls of cylinder heads, Napier SA105 turbochargers, fuel pumps, injectors, and pressure relief valves.

To extend the component life of the cylinder heads, our in-house experts replace corroded areas around pipe fittings, bringing them back to original design and ensuring a good seal.

Before we offered the cylinder head reconditioning, the cylinder heads were being scrapped.

As part of our support for Ruston engines we have successfully carried out 4 complete Ruston 12RKC engine overhauls used as main generation sets offshore.

12RKC Ruston Engine before Bartech overhauled.

12RKC Ruston Engine before Bartech overhauled.

If you have an issue with your Ruston engine or need advice, give us a call on 01206 673101 or email us at info@bartechmarine.com, we’re more than happy to help.

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