One of the basics of engine maintenance is oil analysis.

The contents of the lube oil can provide a huge amount of information, including early warning signs of bigger problems.

If high levels of metal are present, this would normally indicate bearing wear or other component damage. Both cause for concern

The frequency of oil sampling will depend on the engine use, but we know clients who carry this out every 2 months as part of their maintenance schedules.

We can offer another way to check the oil without the cost and inconvenience of oil sampling.

It is an oil condition monitoring sensor which will constantly check the oil for metal and moisture content, providing live feedback to a traffic light display, or your control panel.

Real-time Oil Condition Monitoring with the GS condition-4212

These sensors can be used as an indicator for further investigations, or maybe a more in-depth oil sample analysis is called for. How much could you save by reducing the amount of routine oil sampling currently being carried out, whilst getting the security of live analysis?

There are two options, click the links below to see the datasheets for each.

We have seen too many engines suffering major damage, knowing it could have been prevented if only the following was implemented:

  • Correct information on critical performance made available
  • This information is analysed and interpreted to identify potential risks

Whilst we have helped clients with the manufacture and installation of gauge panels which give better visibility of various temperatures and pressures around the engine, this sensor can be used as an extra measure to offer a significant warning signs.

If you are interested in finding out more about our gauge panels, have a look at their dedicated page – just click here.

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