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Paxman Parts Stock List

If you’re looking for Paxman parts, then you’re in the right place. 


In addition to the work we do servicing, overhauling and repairing all types of marine engines and assemblies, we also provide an extensive selection of Paxman parts for the following engines.

Paxman 12YJ
Paxman YJ
Paxman RPH
Paxman YH
Paxman RP200
Paxman Valenta
Paxman Ventura
Paxman Y3J
Paxman YL
Paxman SE
Paxman Vega

You can see a selection of the kind of Paxman parts we provide below, but if you don’t see your part on there, the chances are we can still get it for you, or we’ll know someone who can.

To talk to us about your Paxman parts needs, just send us an email to info@bartechmarine.com, or call us on +44 (0)1206 673101.

Paxman parts in stock at Bartech, and highly trained engineers on hand for any works you may require.

Paxman parts in stock at Bartech, and highly trained engineers on hand for any works you may require.

Paxman MISC 10120 Stud
Paxman MISC 10129 Stud
Paxman MISC 10201 Set Screw
Paxman MISC 10202 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 10205 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 10206 Set Screw
Paxman MISC 10291 Screw
Paxman MISC 10310 Bolt
Paxman MISC 10312 Bolt
Paxman MISC 10404 Drive Screw
Paxman MISC 10411 Drive Screw
Paxman MISC 10601 Dowel
Paxman MISC 10616 Dowel
Paxman MISC 10621 Dowel
Paxman MISC 10750 Grub Screw
Paxman MISC 10904 Locknut
Paxman MISC 10928 Nut
Paxman MISC 11003 Nut
Paxman MISC 1117929 Locking Washer
Paxman MISC 1118659 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC 1118688 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC 1118713 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC 1118718 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC 01-1300 Joint Crankcase Door
Paxman MISC 11308 Key
Paxman MISC 11309 Key
Paxman MISC 11312 Key
Paxman MISC 11314 Key
Paxman MISC 11404 Pin
Paxman MISC 11425 Spring Dowel
Paxman MISC 11433 Dowel
Paxman MISC 1153859 O-Seal
Paxman MISC 1153862 O-Seal
Paxman MISC 1153872 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 1153950 O-Seal
Paxman MISC 11602 Nut
Paxman MISC 11603 Nut
Paxman MISC 11607 Nut
Paxman MISC 11610 Nut
Paxman MISC 11701 Nut
Paxman MISC 11705 Nut
Paxman MISC 1173375 O-Seal
Paxman MISC 1177282 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC 11802 Nut
Paxman MISC 11803 Nut
Paxman MISC 11807 Nut
Paxman MISC 12002 Nut
Paxman MISC 12004 Nut
Paxman MISC 12244 Banjo Screw
Paxman MISC 12252 Banjo Screw
Paxman MISC 12253 Banjo Screw
Paxman MISC 12271 Banjo Screw
Paxman MISC 12272 Screw
Paxman MISC 12273 Banjo
Paxman MISC 12274 Banjo Screw 55
Paxman MISC 12302 Copper Washer
Paxman MISC 12303 Ring
Paxman MISC 12304 Washer
Paxman MISC 12306 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC 12341 Copper Washer
Paxman MISC 12342 Copper Washer
Paxman MISC 12343 Joint
Paxman MISC 12344 Washer
Paxman MISC 12345 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC 12347 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC 12361 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC 12363 Washer
Paxman MISC 12364 Fibre Washer
Paxman MISC 12502 Plug
Paxman MISC 12503 Plug
Paxman MISC 12504 Plug
Paxman MISC 12505 Brass Plug
Paxman MISC 12507 Plug
Paxman MISC 12508 Plug
Paxman MISC 12511 Plug
Paxman MISC 12518 Plug
Paxman MISC 12520 Plug
Paxman MISC 12531 Plug
Paxman MISC 12533 Plug Drain
Paxman MISC 12546 Plug
Paxman MISC 12553 Plug
Paxman MISC 12600 Washer
Paxman MISC 12601 Fibre Washer
Paxman MISC 12602 Washer
Paxman MISC 12603 Washer
Paxman MISC 12604 Joint
Paxman MISC 12605 Washer
Paxman MISC 12606 Fibre Washer
Paxman MISC 12607 Fibre Washer
Paxman MISC 12608 Fibre Washer
Paxman MISC 12610 Washer
Paxman MISC 1262538 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC 12630 Washer
Paxman MISC 12631 Joint
Paxman MISC 1263231 Central Screw
Paxman MISC 12633 Washer
Paxman MISC 12639 Washer
Paxman MISC 12650 Washer
Paxman MISC 12651 Washer
Paxman MISC 12652 Copper Washer
Paxman MISC 12653 Washer
Paxman MISC 12654 Washer
Paxman MISC 12655 Copper Washer
Paxman MISC 12657 Copper Washer
Paxman MISC 12702 Plug
Paxman MISC 12704 Taper Ring
Paxman MISC 12705 Plug
Paxman MISC 12706 Plug
Paxman MISC 12708 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 1289000 Cupped Washer
Paxman MISC 13101 Washer
Paxman MISC 13102 Washer
Paxman MISC 13103 Washer
Paxman MISC 13103 Washer
Paxman MISC 013103Z Washer
Paxman MISC 13105 Washer
Paxman MISC 13106 Washer
Paxman MISC 13107 Washer
Paxman MISC 013107Z Washer
Paxman MISC 13109 Washer
Paxman MISC 13110 Washer
Paxman MISC 13111 Washer
Paxman MISC 13201 Pin
Paxman MISC 13202 Pin
Paxman MISC 13203 Pin
Paxman MISC 13208 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13211 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13216 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13222 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13223 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13225 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13226 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13234 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13235 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13237 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13245 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13246 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13284 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13405 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 13507 Washer
Paxman MISC 13804 Plug
Paxman MISC 13805 Washer
Paxman MISC 13806 Plug
Paxman MISC 13907 Washer
Paxman MISC 139979047 Seal
Paxman MISC 14026 Screw
Paxman MISC 14126 Screw
Paxman MISC 14245 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 14927 Gasket
Paxman MISC 14928 Gasket
Paxman MISC 14932 Joint
Paxman MISC 15105 Joint
Paxman MISC 15112 Joint
Paxman MISC 15208 Joint
Paxman MISC 15312 Joint
Paxman MISC 15407 Joint
Paxman MISC 15408 Joint
Paxman MISC 15411 Joint
Paxman MISC 15631 Key
Paxman MISC 15636 Key
Paxman MISC 15639 Key
Paxman MISC 15649 Key
Paxman MISC 15650 Key
Paxman MISC 15704 Drain Tap
Paxman MISC 16804 Three-Way Cock
Paxman MISC 17202 Valve Globe
Paxman MISC 017-523766 Pressure Switch
Paxman MISC 18003 Oil Cup
Paxman MISC 18020 Circlip
Paxman MISC 18213 Wing Nut
Paxman MISC 18214 Nut
Paxman MISC 18405 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC 18409 Rotart Shaft Oil Seal
Paxman MISC 18411 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC 18415 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC 18424 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC 18431 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC 18503 Nut
Paxman MISC 18510 Nyloc Nut
Paxman MISC 18526 Nyloc Nut
Paxman MISC 18540 Nut
Paxman MISC 18826 Retaining Ring
Paxman MISC 18851 Twiclip
Paxman MISC 18859 Twick Clips
Paxman MISC 18912 Knob
Paxman MISC 19677 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 19683 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 19684 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 19800 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 19804 Reducing Bush
Paxman MISC 20436 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC 20751500 Gasket
Paxman MISC 20809 Plain Nut
Paxman MISC 21204 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 21205 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 21207 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 21211 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 21212 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 21214 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 21217 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 21241 Jubilee Clip
Paxman MISC 21242 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 21301 Hose
Paxman MISC 21302 Hose Connection
Paxman MISC 21304 Hose
Paxman MISC 21305 Hose
Paxman MISC 21307 Hose
Paxman MISC 21308 Hose
Paxman MISC 21309 Hose Conn
Paxman MISC 21310 Hose connection 1/157
Paxman MISC 21325 Hose
Paxman MISC 213372 Joint
Paxman MISC 21367 Hose
Paxman MISC 21503 Plug
Paxman MISC 21504 Plug
Paxman MISC 21505 Plug
Paxman MISC 21553 Plug
Paxman MISC 21650 Flange
Paxman MISC 21702 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 21703 Washer
Paxman MISC 21704 Washer
Paxman MISC 21704 Washer
Paxman MISC 21706 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 21706 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 21707 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 21708 Washer
Paxman MISC 21710 Washer
Paxman MISC 021710Z Washer
Paxman MISC 21711 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 21712 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 21713 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 21806 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 22501 Stud
Paxman MISC 22502 Stud
Paxman MISC 22503 Stud
Paxman MISC 22515 Stud
Paxman MISC 22516 Stud
Paxman MISC 22517 Stud
Paxman MISC 22518 Stud
Paxman MISC 22519 Stud
Paxman MISC 22520 Stud
Paxman MISC 22521 Stud
Paxman MISC 22523 Stud
Paxman MISC 22524 Stud
Paxman MISC 22529 Stud
Paxman MISC 22530 Stud
Paxman MISC 22531 Stud
Paxman MISC 22532 Stud
Paxman MISC 22533 Stud
Paxman MISC 22535 Stud
Paxman MISC 22537 Stud
Paxman MISC 22538 Stud
Paxman MISC 22539 Stud
Paxman MISC 22542 Stud
Paxman MISC 22543 Stud
Paxman MISC 22561 Stud
Paxman MISC 22562 Stud
Paxman MISC 22563 Stud 1/195
Paxman MISC 22564 Stud
Paxman MISC 22567 Stud
Paxman MISC 22568 Stud
Paxman MISC 22575 Stud
Paxman MISC 22602 Stud
Paxman MISC 22603 Stud
Paxman MISC 22605 Stud
Paxman MISC 22606 Stud
Paxman MISC 22607 Stud
Paxman MISC 22701 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22702 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22703 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22704 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22705 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22706 Setscrew 1/200
Paxman MISC 22707 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22709 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22710 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22710 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22711 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22712 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 022712Z Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22713 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 022713Z Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22714 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22716 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 022716Z Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22719 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22720 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22721 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22722 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22723 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22724 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22729 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22730 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22731 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22732 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22733 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22734 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22735 Bolts
Paxman MISC 22736 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22741 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22750 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22757 Bolt 1/211
Paxman MISC 22759 Setbolt for AVM
Paxman MISC 22801 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22803 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22804 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22805 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22806 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22807 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22808 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 22810 Bolt 1/226
Paxman MISC 22903 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22904 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22906 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22910 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22910 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22911 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22912 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22913 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22914 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22915 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22916 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22918 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22919 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22920 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22921 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22923 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22925 Screw
Paxman MISC 22927 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22931 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22936 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22937 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22938 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22939 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22940 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22943 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22947 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22948 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22950 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22951 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22952 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22963 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22972 Bolt 1/228
Paxman MISC 22973 Bolt
Paxman MISC 22974 Bolt
Paxman MISC 23003 Bolt Bend to Cylinder Head
Paxman MISC 23005 Bolt
Paxman MISC 23006 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 23008 Bolt
Paxman MISC 23027 Bolt 1/238
Paxman MISC 23101 Nut
Paxman MISC 23102 Nut
Paxman MISC 23103 Nut
Paxman MISC 23104 Nut
Paxman MISC 023104Z Washer
Paxman MISC 23105 Nut
Paxman MISC 023105Z Nut
Paxman MISC 23106 Nut
Paxman MISC 23107 Nut
Paxman MISC 23108 Nut
Paxman MISC 23109 Nut 1/235
Paxman MISC 23223 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23301 Locknut
Paxman MISC 23302 Locknut
Paxman MISC 23303 Nut
Paxman MISC 23305 Locknut
Paxman MISC 23306 Nut
Paxman MISC 23307 Locknut
Paxman MISC 23501 Nut
Paxman MISC 23502 Nut
Paxman MISC 23503 Nut 
Paxman MISC 23505 Nut
Paxman MISC 23551 Nut
Paxman MISC 23552 Nut
Paxman MISC 23555 Nut
Paxman MISC 23802 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23804 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23805 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23806 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23808 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23809 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23813 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23814 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23815 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23816 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23818 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23822 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23825 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23827 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23828 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23829 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23830 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23831 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23831 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23832 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23833 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23836 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23839 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23845 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23846 Capscrew 1/245
Paxman MISC 23847 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23848 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23856 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23858 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 23860 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 24103 Ball Bearing
Paxman MISC 24176 2-1/2″ Angular Contact Ball Bearing
Paxman MISC 24177 2-3/4″ Angular Contact Ball Bearing
Paxman MISC 24205 Ball Bearing
Paxman MISC 24301 Grubscrew
Paxman MISC 24302 Grubscrew
Paxman MISC 24306 Screw
Paxman MISC 24307 Screw
Paxman MISC 24311 Grubscrew
Paxman MISC 24312 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 24321 Grubscrew
Paxman MISC 24322 Socket Screw
Paxman MISC 24704 Stud
Paxman MISC 24801 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 24802 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 024802Z Tab Washer
Paxman MISC 24804 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 024804Z Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 24805 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 24806 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 24807 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 24811 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 24815 Bolt
Paxman MISC 24902 Tab Washer
Paxman MISC 24907 Washer
Paxman MISC 25002 Washer
Paxman MISC 25561 Flange
Paxman MISC 25629 Blank Flange
Paxman MISC 25639 Blank Flange
Paxman MISC 25911 Connection
Paxman MISC 26003 Nyloc Nut
Paxman MISC 26004 Nut
Paxman MISC 026004Z Nut
Paxman MISC 26005 Nut
Paxman MISC 026005Z Nut
Paxman MISC 26006 Nyloc Nut
Paxman MISC 26007 Nyloc Nut
Paxman MISC 26012 Nut
Paxman MISC 26013 Nyloc Nut
Paxman MISC 26027 Nut
Paxman MISC 26055 Nut
Paxman MISC 26056 Nut
Paxman MISC 26057 Nut
Paxman MISC 26058 Nut
Paxman MISC 26059 Nut
Paxman MISC 26060 Nut
Paxman MISC 26061 Nut
Paxman MISC 26062 Nut
Paxman MISC 26063 Nut
Paxman MISC 26064 Nut
Paxman MISC 26072 Nut
Paxman MISC 26101 Nyloc Nut
Paxman MISC 26102 Nut
Paxman MISC 26103 Nut
Paxman MISC 26104 Locknut
Paxman MISC 26105 Nut
Paxman MISC 26107 Nut
Paxman MISC 26108 Nut
Paxman MISC 26124 Nut
Paxman MISC 26704 Roller Bearing
Paxman MISC 26709 Roller Bearing
Paxman MISC 26803 Ball
Paxman MISC 26805 Ball
Paxman MISC 26809 Steel Ball
Paxman MISC 26811 Steel Ball
Paxman MISC 0269/950/0532 Bearing
Paxman MISC 26924 Countersunk Screw
Paxman MISC 26944 Countersunk Screw
Paxman MISC 26946 Capscrew C/sunk
Paxman MISC 26947 Capscrew C/Sunk
Paxman MISC 27456 Thread Insert
Paxman MISC 27457 Insert
Paxman MISC 27458 Thread Insert
Paxman MISC 27463 Insert
Paxman MISC 27503 Stud
Paxman MISC 27505 Stud
Paxman MISC 27506 Stud
Paxman MISC 27520 Stud
Paxman MISC 27533 Stud
Paxman MISC 27534 Stud
Paxman MISC 27535 Stud
Paxman MISC 27537 Stud
Paxman MISC 27538 Stud
Paxman MISC 27540 Stud
Paxman MISC 27545 Stud
Paxman MISC 27548 Stud
Paxman MISC 27553 Stud
Paxman MISC 27556 Stud 1/260
Paxman MISC 28018 Stud
Paxman MISC 28023 Stud
Paxman MISC 028-04210 Grommet Rubber
Paxman MISC 28071 Stud
Paxman MISC 28106 Stud
Paxman MISC 28108 Stud
Paxman MISC 28110 5/8″ UNF Stud
Paxman MISC 28415 Bolt 
Paxman MISC 29105 Nut
Paxman MISC 29106 5/8 Brass Nut
Paxman MISC 29153 Nut
Paxman MISC 29204 Joint
Paxman MISC 29207 Joint
Paxman MISC 29208 Joint
Paxman MISC 29303 Manifold Gasket
Paxman MISC 29304 Joint
Paxman MISC 29305 Joint
Paxman MISC 29306 Joint
Paxman MISC 29307 Joint
Paxman MISC 29402 Joint
Paxman MISC 29403 Joint
Paxman MISC 29404 Joint
Paxman MISC 29405 Joint
Paxman MISC 29424 Joint
Paxman MISC 29427 Joint
Paxman MISC 29428 Joint
Paxman MISC 29501 Plug
Paxman MISC 29503 Plug
Paxman MISC 29603 Capnut
Paxman MISC 29653 Nut
Paxman MISC 29707 Bush
Paxman MISC 29729 Bush
Paxman MISC 29730 Wrapped Bush
Paxman MISC 29736 Bush
Paxman MISC 29739 Wrapped Bush
Paxman MISC 29741 Bush
Paxman MISC 29745 Wrapped Bush
Paxman MISC 29746 Bush
Paxman MISC 29747 Wrapped Bush
Paxman MISC 29756 Bush
Paxman MISC 29757 Wrapped Bush
Paxman MISC 29758 Wrapped Bush
Paxman MISC 29768 Bush
Paxman MISC 29769 Wrapped Bush
Paxman MISC 29778 Wrapped Bush
Paxman MISC 29978 Bush
Paxman MISC 31947 Name Plate
Paxman MISC 32007 1″ BSP Socket
Paxman MISC 32022 1/4″ BSP Close Taper Nipple
Paxman MISC 35206 Washer
Paxman MISC 35241 Nut
Paxman MISC 35407 Flange Joint
Paxman MISC 35410 Joint
Paxman MISC 35432 Spring
Paxman MISC 35506 Flange Joint
Paxman MISC 35603 Joint 
Paxman MISC 35604 Joint
Paxman MISC 35623 Joint
Paxman MISC 36002 Rivet
Paxman MISC 36006 Rivet
Paxman MISC 36302 Joint
Paxman MISC 36303 Joint
Paxman MISC 36603 Dowty Seal
Paxman MISC 36604 Dowty Seal
Paxman MISC 36605 Dowty Seal
Paxman MISC 36606 Dowty Washer
Paxman MISC 36607 Dowty Washer
Paxman MISC 36608 Seal
Paxman MISC 36609 Bonded Seal
Paxman MISC 36610 Dowty Washer
Paxman MISC 36611 Dowty Seal
Paxman MISC 36612 Dowty Seal
Paxman MISC 36613 Joint
Paxman MISC 36614 Seal
Paxman MISC 36616 Dowty Washer
Paxman MISC 36618 Seal
Paxman MISC 36619 Dowty Seal
Paxman MISC 36620 Seal
Paxman MISC 36622 Seal
Paxman MISC 36623 Joint
Paxman MISC 36624 Dowty Washer
Paxman MISC 36625 Seal
Paxman MISC 36652 Joint
Paxman MISC 36653 Copper Washer
Paxman MISC 36654 Copper Washer
Paxman MISC 36658 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC 36703 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36703 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36706 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36707 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36708 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36709 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36710 Seal
Paxman MISC 36711 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36712 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36713 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36714 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36715 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36716 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36717 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36718 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36719 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36720 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36721 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36723 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36724 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36725 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36726 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36727 O-Seal
Paxman MISC 36728 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36729 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36730 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36731 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36732 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36733 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36734 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36735 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36736 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36738 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36739 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36740 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36741 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36742 O-Seal
Paxman MISC 36743 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36744 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36745 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36747 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36748 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36749 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36751 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36753 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36756 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36757 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36758 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36760 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC 36761 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36762 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36763 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36765 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36766 O-Ring Seal
Paxman MISC 36767 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 36768 O-Ring Seal
Paxman MISC 36772 O-Ring Seal
Paxman MISC 36789 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 37012 Nut
Paxman MISC 37205 Nipple
Paxman MISC 37700 Coupling Nut
Paxman MISC 37701 Nut
Paxman MISC 37704 Coupling Nut
Paxman MISC 37705 Nut
Paxman MISC 37710 Coupling Nut 1/357
Paxman MISC 37711 Nut
Paxman MISC 37712 Nut
Paxman MISC 37721 Ring
Paxman MISC 37723 Ring
Paxman MISC 37724 Ferrule
Paxman MISC 37725 Steel Ring
Paxman MISC 37730 Copper Ring
Paxman MISC 37731 Ring
Paxman MISC 37732 Ring
Paxman MISC 37733 Ring
Paxman MISC 37734 Ring
Paxman MISC 37741 Coupling
Paxman MISC 37749 Hose fitting
Paxman MISC 37781 Equal Tee
Paxman MISC 37801 Coupling
Paxman MISC 37805 Coupling
Paxman MISC 37835 Coupling
Paxman MISC 37878 Male Stud Coupling
Paxman MISC 37881 Stud Coupling
Paxman MISC 37952 Stop End
Paxman MISC 38924 Dowel
Paxman MISC 38925 Dowel
Paxman MISC 38951 Dowel
Paxman MISC 38952 Dowel
Paxman MISC 38965 Dowel
Paxman MISC 38967 Dowel
Paxman MISC 40103 Hose
Paxman MISC 40121 Hose Fitting
Paxman MISC 40123 Bend
Paxman MISC 40125 Fitting
Paxman MISC 40128 90 Deg Elbow Hose Fitting
Paxman MISC 40131 Hose Fitting
Paxman MISC 40135 135 Deg Elbow Hose Fitting
Paxman MISC 40138 Hose Fitting
Paxman MISC 40139 Elbow
Paxman MISC 40145 Fitting
Paxman MISC 40146 Hose Fitting
Paxman MISC 40147 Hose Fitting
Paxman MISC 40154 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 40155 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 40158 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 40166 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 40167 1″ BSP Equal Adaptor
Paxman MISC 40168 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 40169 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 40178 Hose Clips
Paxman MISC 40191 Hose Clips
Paxman MISC 46702 Nut
Paxman MISC 46747 Coupling
Paxman MISC 46768 Elbow
Paxman MISC 46782 Tee Piece
Paxman MISC 46808 Coupling
Paxman MISC 46809 Stud Coupling
Paxman MISC 46810 Hose fitting
Paxman MISC 46812 Coupling
Paxman MISC 46813 Coupling
Paxman MISC 46819 Coupling
Paxman MISC 46826 Coupling
Paxman MISC 46907 Elbow
Paxman MISC 46952 End Stop
Paxman MISC 51026 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 54101 Nut
Paxman MISC 54200 Nipple
Paxman MISC 57306 Key
Paxman MISC 57340 Key
Paxman MISC 6976000 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 780272 Spring
Paxman MISC 81143 Dowel
Paxman MISC 82535 Screw
Paxman MISC 83639 Hose connection
Paxman MISC 5001/26 Washer
Paxman MISC 5001/42 Springwasher
Paxman MISC 5001-4A Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 500504 Washer
Paxman MISC 500507 Washer
Paxman MISC 500509 Washer
Paxman MISC 500515 Washer
Paxman MISC 500526 Washer
Paxman MISC 500532 Washer
Paxman MISC 500607 Stud for Relief Valve
Paxman MISC 500608 Stud
Paxman MISC 500642 Stud
Paxman MISC 500646 Stud
Paxman MISC 500655 Stud
Paxman MISC 500669 Stud
Paxman MISC 500684 Stud
Paxman MISC 500685 Stud
Paxman MISC 500692 Stud
Paxman MISC 500701 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 500702 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 500706 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 500707 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 500802 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500805 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500807 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500808 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500817 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500820 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500821 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500822 3/8″ UNF Hex Bolt
Paxman MISC 500823 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500824 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500826 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500827 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 500828 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500829 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500833 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500835 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500836 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500838 Bolt Bend to Cylinder Head
Paxman MISC 500841 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500849 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500855 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500865 Bolt
Paxman MISC 500904 Circlip
Paxman MISC 500907 Circlip
Paxman MISC 500910 Circlip
Paxman MISC 500918 Circlip
Paxman MISC 500924 Circlip
Paxman MISC 500930 Circlip
Paxman MISC 500931 Circlip
Paxman MISC 500932 Circlip
Paxman MISC 501001 Circlip
Paxman MISC 501002 Circlip
Paxman MISC 501003 Circlip
Paxman MISC 501004 Circlip
Paxman MISC 501005 Circlip
Paxman MISC 501011 Circlip
Paxman MISC 501016 Circlip
Paxman MISC 501054 Circlip
Paxman MISC 501203 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501214 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501216 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501218 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501219 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501222 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501223 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501224 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501226 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501232 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501252 Pin
Paxman MISC 501259 Mills Pin
Paxman MISC 501301 Dowel
Paxman MISC 501375 Dowel
Paxman MISC 501404 Hose Connection
Paxman MISC 501405 Hose
Paxman MISC 501409 Hose
Paxman MISC 501411 Hose
Paxman MISC 501414 Hose
Paxman MISC 501427 Hose Connection
Paxman MISC 501454 Hose
Paxman MISC 501507 Nut
Paxman MISC 501508 Nut
Paxman MISC 501525 Nut
Paxman MISC 501528 Nut
Paxman MISC 501529 Nut
Paxman MISC 501711 Distance Piece
Paxman MISC 501713 Distance Piece
Paxman MISC 502005 Stud
Paxman MISC 502202 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 502207 Bolt
Paxman MISC 502371 Shakeproof Washer
Paxman MISC 502373 Shakeproof Washer
Paxman MISC 502374 5/16″ Shakeproof Washer
Paxman MISC 502374Z Washer
Paxman MISC 502378 Washer
Paxman MISC 503003 Wrapped Bush
Paxman MISC 503007 Bush
Paxman MISC 503204 Washer
Paxman MISC 503402 Locknut
Paxman MISC 503404 Locknut
Paxman MISC 503559 Nut
Paxman MISC 503801 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 503805 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 503824 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 503903 Key
Paxman MISC 504623 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 504649 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 504657 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 505 Sealing Bush
Paxman MISC 505006 Dowel
Paxman MISC 505017 Dowel
Paxman MISC 505061 Dowel
Paxman MISC 505615 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 505703 Joint Washer
Paxman MISC 505717 Joint Washer
Paxman MISC 506171 Olive
Paxman MISC 506303 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 506615 Stud
Paxman MISC 506645 Stud
Paxman MISC 506649 Stud
Paxman MISC 506674 Joint
Paxman MISC 506801 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 506813 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 506818 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 506836 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 506846 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 507001 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 507002 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 507003 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 507004 Setscrew for AVM
Paxman MISC 507010 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 507010Z Setscrew
Paxman MISC 507011 Bolt
Paxman MISC 507011Z Setscrew
Paxman MISC 507027 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 507031 Hex Head Bolt
Paxman MISC 507033 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 507041Z Setscrew
Paxman MISC 507118 Bolt
Paxman MISC 5079/13 Screw
Paxman MISC 508052 Nyloc Nut
Paxman MISC 508052 Nyloc Nut
Paxman MISC 508055 Nut
Paxman MISC 545896 Bolt
Paxman MISC 5488/53 Bush
Paxman MISC 54S596 Washer
Paxman MISC 54S597 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 59DZ22 Piston Ring
Paxman MISC 59WZ126 Flex Pipe
Paxman MISC 63MX942 Bellows
Paxman MISC 63MZ38 Bush
Paxman MISC 63MZ39 Lock Washer
Paxman MISC 63MZ673 Key
Paxman MISC 63MZ743 Locking Plate
Paxman MISC 63MZ746 Locking Plate
Paxman MISC 63MZ764 Key
Paxman MISC 63OG5056 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 63OM541P10 Leakage Ring
Paxman MISC 63OM541P11 Joint
Paxman MISC 63OM596P09 Thrust Collar
Paxman MISC 63OM596P10 Spring
Paxman MISC 63OM596P15 Collar
Paxman MISC 63OM596P20 Distance Ring
Paxman MISC 63OM596P46 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC 63OM596P73 Circlip
Paxman MISC 63OM596P79 Spring
Paxman MISC 63OM743P11 Diffuser
Paxman MISC 63OM743P16 Gasket
Paxman MISC 6407ZZ Bearing
Paxman MISC 641/5 Plug
Paxman MISC 642/25 Plug
Paxman MISC 6’481 Piston
Paxman MISC 64MZ807 Lockplate
Paxman MISC 64MZ832 Fitting Bolt
Paxman MISC 64OG5330 Motor
Paxman MISC 64OM1101P18 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC 64OM374P18 Plug
Paxman MISC 64OM442P14 Bolt
Paxman MISC 64OM442P16 Nut
Paxman MISC 64OM442P18 Washer
Paxman MISC 64OM714P01 Casing Cover O.E.
Paxman MISC 64OM714P02 Casing Cover D.E.
Paxman MISC 64OM714P26 Valve Seat
Paxman MISC 64OM714P28 Valve
Paxman MISC 64OM714P29 Valve Guide
Paxman MISC 64OM760P03 Shaft For Pump
Paxman MISC 64OM78P02 Gasket
Paxman MISC 64OM78P14 Gasket
Paxman MISC 64OM78P21 Bearing Housing
Paxman MISC 64OM78P22 Shaft
Paxman MISC 64OM78P23 Retainer
Paxman MISC 64OM78P26 Retainer
Paxman MISC 64OM78P27 Washer
Paxman MISC 64OM78P4 Valve
Paxman MISC 64OM80P08 2 Pole Hand Switch
Paxman MISC 64OM80P09 2 Pole Relay
Paxman MISC 64OM80P10 5 Pole Relay
Paxman MISC 64OM80P2 Thermo Coupling
Paxman MISC 65OM1065 Thermometer
Paxman MISC 65OM1287L Jetflex
Paxman MISC 65OM211 Tacho
Paxman MISC 65OM314P10 Splined lever assy
Paxman MISC 65OM469P11 Blanking Plate
Paxman MISC 65OM469P12 Gasket
Paxman MISC 65OM469P18 Impeller
Paxman MISC 65OM469P4 Valve
Paxman MISC 65OM469P55 Plug
Paxman MISC 65OM469P56 Valve Seat
Paxman MISC 65OM469P57 Gasket
Paxman MISC 65OM496P10 Cover
Paxman MISC 65OM540P05 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC 65SY699P1 Vent Pipe
Paxman MISC 65SY760 Bracket
Paxman MISC 660M1089P38C Valves
Paxman MISC 66-12020 Joint
Paxman MISC 66-12070 Joint
Paxman MISC 66-12100 Joint
Paxman MISC 66-12170 Joint
Paxman MISC 66G82 Ind Knob
Paxman MISC 66MY930 Pulley
Paxman MISC 66OG5116 Relay Switch
Paxman MISC 66OG5462/07 Switch
Paxman MISC 66OM1089P33C Ring
Paxman MISC 66OM1089P33E O-Ring
Paxman MISC 66OM189P38A Ball Bearings
Paxman MISC 66OM903P11 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 66SX641 Bellow
Paxman MISC 66SY362P06 Pipe
Paxman MISC 66SY362P08 L.O. Pipe
Paxman MISC 67G43 Collar
Paxman MISC 67OG5045 Bearing
Paxman MISC 67OG5297 Capacitor
Paxman MISC 67OM867P11 Stud
Paxman MISC 67OM972 Thermometer
Paxman MISC 67OS1204 Bellows
Paxman MISC 67OS926P17 Joint
Paxman MISC 67OS928P18 Joint
Paxman MISC 68.M.557 Pipe Oil Inlet
Paxman MISC 6839079 Joint Seal
Paxman MISC 68MZ1276 Extension
Paxman MISC 68OG5004/06 Fuse
Paxman MISC 68OG5148 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 68OM362 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 68OS153 Hours Recorder
Paxman MISC 68SX475 Water Pump Inlet Branch
Paxman MISC 69203 Seal
Paxman MISC 69DZ2 Plug
Paxman MISC 69MY900P02 Fuel Pipe
Paxman MISC 69MZ743 Lock Plate
Paxman MISC 69MZ778 Shaft Driving
Paxman MISC 69MZ946 Joint
Paxman MISC 69OG5265P1 Seal
Paxman MISC 69OG5498 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC 69OM341P12 Bearing
Paxman MISC 69OS236P2 Radiator Relief Valve
Paxman MISC 69OS929 L.O.Thermometer
Paxman MISC 69SY105P15 Hose
Paxman MISC 70OA121P14 Seal
Paxman MISC 70OG344 Rubber Diaphragm
Paxman MISC 70OG5074 Seal
Paxman MISC 70OG5171 Microswitch
Paxman MISC 70OM311P12 Disk
Paxman MISC 70OM372P15 Circlip
Paxman MISC 70OM908P.28 Oil Pump
Paxman MISC 70OM908P11A Seal Ring
Paxman MISC 70OM908P11K Seal Ring
Paxman MISC 70OS267P11 Brushes
Paxman MISC 70OT904P12 Intercooler Gasket
Paxman MISC 71 OS 616 Switch
Paxman MISC 710G5168P2 Holder
Paxman MISC 71DY109 Sleeve
Paxman MISC 71MY1005 Pulley
Paxman MISC 71MZ1170 Driving Boss
Paxman MISC 71MZ1171 Driving Hub.
Paxman MISC 71MZ395 Plate
Paxman MISC 71OG5168P1 Brush
Paxman MISC 71OG5176 Bush
Paxman MISC 71OG5405 Coupling
Paxman MISC 71OM42P16 Gasket
Paxman MISC 71OM42P19 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 71OM42P22 Seal Ring
Paxman MISC 71OS641 Switch, High Water Temp/Low Oil Pressure
Paxman MISC 71OS669P13 Brush Set
Paxman MISC 71OS684 Hours Counter
Paxman MISC 72OA494 Indicator
Paxman MISC 72OG5407 O-Ring
Paxman MISC 72TX59P2 Pipe 1/101
Paxman MISC 73DZ195 Cam Follower
Paxman MISC 73G206 Block
Paxman MISC 73MZ660 Bolt
Paxman MISC 73OA271P17 Bush
Paxman MISC 73SY364P1 Pipe
Paxman MISC 73SZ366 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 74MZ862 Banjo
Paxman MISC 74OA128P14 Washer
Paxman MISC 74OA128P21 Bolt
Paxman MISC 74OA209 Gauge Pressure
Paxman MISC 74OA425 Gauge
Paxman MISC 74OA67 Heater Thermostat
Paxman MISC 74OA67 Heater Thermostat
Paxman MISC 74OG5147 Bush
Paxman MISC 74OG5228/01 V Seal
Paxman MISC 750/A277P11 Bearing
Paxman MISC 750A117 Pipe Coupling
Paxman MISC 75DZ122 Adaptor
Paxman MISC 75DZ127 Angle Drive
Paxman MISC 76OA134P11 Brushes
Paxman MISC 76OA181P3 Mount
Paxman MISC 76OA22-01 Coupling Inserts
Paxman MISC 76TX11P1 Pipe
Paxman MISC 76TX11P2 Pipe
Paxman MISC 76TX11P3 Pipe
Paxman MISC 76TX11P4 Pipe
Paxman MISC 76TX11P5 Pipe
Paxman MISC 76TX11P6 Pipe
Paxman MISC 76TX11P7 Pipe
Paxman MISC 76TX11P8 Pipe
Paxman MISC 77OG5222/01 Relay Delay
Paxman MISC 77OG5224/01 Relay Switch
Paxman MISC 77SZ131 Locking Plate
Paxman MISC 78MZ74 Locking Plate
Paxman MISC 78OA03P2 Relay for Motor
Paxman MISC 78OA304P11 Element
Paxman MISC 78OA347P15 Kit
Paxman MISC 78OA347P19 Key
Paxman MISC 78OG5189P09 Relay
Paxman MISC 79MZ247 Spindle
Paxman MISC 79MZ354 Pocket
Paxman MISC 79OA121P14 Joint
Paxman MISC 79OA121P15 Drain Plug
Paxman MISC 79OA211P11 Impeller
Paxman MISC 79OA211P13 Washer
Paxman MISC 79OA211P14 Diffuser
Paxman MISC 79OA211P15 Shaft
Paxman MISC 79OA211P17 Valve Housing
Paxman MISC 79SY88 Joint
Paxman MISC 79SZ47 Locking Plate
Paxman MISC OD10028 Drive for tacho
Paxman MISC OD10110P04 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD10110P05 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD10645P36 Plug
Paxman MISC OD10646P15 Spring
Paxman MISC OD10698 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD10829A. Filter Assy
Paxman MISC OD10829P08 Element
Paxman MISC OD10878B Gauge
Paxman MISC OD10878G Temp Gauge
Paxman MISC OD10966P12 Plug
Paxman MISC OD10970 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD11286 Flex Pipe
Paxman MISC OD11451P05 Joint
Paxman MISC OD11451P14A Element
Paxman MISC OD11451P15 Pads
Paxman MISC OD11451P16 Joint
Paxman MISC OD11559 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD11714 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD12126 O-Seal
Paxman MISC OD12169 Roller Bush
Paxman MISC OD12378A Coupling
Paxman MISC OD12378AP04 Clamp Plate
Paxman MISC OD12378AP05 Insert
Paxman MISC OD12378P01 Flange
Paxman MISC OD12378P02 Dog Flange
Paxman MISC OD12378P03 Drive Flange
Paxman MISC OD12378P06 Dowel Screw
Paxman MISC OD12378P8 Bolt
Paxman MISC OD12481 O-Seal
Paxman MISC OD12483A Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD12535A Fuel Gauge
Paxman MISC OD12545 Ball Bearing
Paxman MISC OD12568P19 Spring
Paxman MISC OD12568P26 Pin
Paxman MISC OD12751A Coupling
Paxman MISC OD12751P01 Flange
Paxman MISC OD12916 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD12931P49 Pin
Paxman MISC OD13110 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD13170 Coupling
Paxman MISC OD13354 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC OD13403P09 Bolt
Paxman MISC OD13403P13 Wing Nut
Paxman MISC OD13403P21 Felt Pads
Paxman MISC OD13403P26 Bottom Cap Assy
Paxman MISC OD13458P18 Drain Plug
Paxman MISC OD13472 Washer
Paxman MISC OD13928 Aux Pump
Paxman MISC OD13941 Indicator
Paxman MISC OD14393P02 Main Shaft for Pump
Paxman MISC OD14393P11 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD14393P28 Suction Valve
Paxman MISC OD14393P32 Drain plug washer
Paxman MISC OD14393P33 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD14393P35 Impeller
Paxman MISC OD14393P58 Anchor Plate
Paxman MISC OD14393P70C O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD14409P10 O-Ring
Paxman MISC od14409p4 Rotor Assy
Paxman MISC OD14429 Coupling
Paxman MISC OD14560A Start Pilot Unit
Paxman MISC OD14728A Starter Pilot
Paxman MISC OD14800P14 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC OD14800P19 Washer
Paxman MISC OD14800P21 Washer
Paxman MISC OD14849 Spring
Paxman MISC OD15117P9 Main Return Spring
Paxman MISC OD15203 Filter Complete
Paxman MISC OD15204P02 Joint
Paxman MISC OD15413 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD15753 Pump, Inlet & Outlet
Paxman MISC OD15842P19 Chain Wheel
Paxman MISC OD15933. Filter Assy.
Paxman MISC OD15933P02 Washer
Paxman MISC OD15933P06 Top Cap
Paxman MISC OD15933P07 Pads
Paxman MISC OD15933P08 Inner Perf Tube
Paxman MISC OD15933P09A Filter Element
Paxman MISC OD15933P10 Tube
Paxman MISC OD15933P12 Bottom Cap
Paxman MISC OD15933P13 Washer
Paxman MISC OD15933P14 Knurled Nut
Paxman MISC OD15933P19 Plug
Paxman MISC OD15933P22 Joint
Paxman MISC OD16059 Bush
Paxman MISC OD16155 Cap Screw
Paxman MISC OD16156 Bolts
Paxman MISC OD16217 Hose
Paxman MISC OD16329P03 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD16329P07 Tube
Paxman MISC OD16329P08 Retainer
Paxman MISC OD16329P09 Gauze Strainer
Paxman MISC OD16329P13 Bolt
Paxman MISC OD16329P20 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD16421 Solenoid Valve
Paxman MISC OD16797P50 L.O.Element
Paxman MISC OD16798P8 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD16798P9 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD16825P3 Washer
Paxman MISC OD16828P32 Bearing Housing
Paxman MISC OD17027 Water Temp Gauge
Paxman MISC OD17137C Thermostatic Switch
Paxman MISC OD17239 Cap
Paxman MISC OD17496 Joint
Paxman MISC OD17502P05 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD17503P12 Blade (Set of 4)
Paxman MISC OD17503P13 Shaft Locknut
Paxman MISC OD17503P15 Locknut
Paxman MISC OD17503P23 Lock Ring for Pinion
Paxman MISC OD17543D Element
Paxman MISC OD17582 Joint
Paxman MISC OD17609 Uniball Joint
Paxman MISC OD17748 Bush
Paxman MISC OD17796 Gauge
Paxman MISC OD17796B Water Temp Gauge
Paxman MISC OD17867 Bellows
Paxman MISC OD18012 Joint
Paxman MISC OD18012 Joint
Paxman MISC OD18335 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD18336 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD18394 Thrust Washer
Paxman MISC OD18394 Thrust Washer
Paxman MISC OD18395 Thrust Washer
Paxman MISC OD18441 Seal
Paxman MISC OD18490 Bellows
Paxman MISC OD18506 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD18513 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD18528 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD18569 Washer
Paxman MISC OD18590 Needle Bearing
Paxman MISC OD18604 Lock Washer
Paxman MISC OD18605 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD18634 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD18874P18 Stud
Paxman MISC OD18874P19 Nut
Paxman MISC OD18874P32 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC OD18878P37 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC OD18880P07 Filler Plug Washer
Paxman MISC OD18880P12 Flinger
Paxman MISC OD18880P13 Dust Cap
Paxman MISC OD18880P23 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD18880P31 Shaft
Paxman MISC OD18880P33 Setscrew
Paxman MISC OD18880P34 Diffuser
Paxman MISC OD18880P39 Shim
Paxman MISC OD18880P46 Lower Weight
Paxman MISC OD18880P47 Upper Weight
Paxman MISC OD18880P48 Nut
Paxman MISC OD18880P49 Bolt
Paxman MISC OD18880P50 Plug
Paxman MISC OD18880P51 Taper Plug
Paxman MISC OD18884P24 Blanking Plate
Paxman MISC OD18884P35 Impeller
Paxman MISC OD18884P49 Bolt
Paxman MISC OD18886P23 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD18886P32 Washer
Paxman MISC OD18951 Thrust Washer
Paxman MISC OD18955 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD19211 Bush
Paxman MISC OD19232P60 1″ BSP Union
Paxman MISC OD19232P61 Cone Ring
Paxman MISC OD19232P62 Union nut
Paxman MISC OD19232P63 Transfer pipe
Paxman MISC OD19233P13 Joint
Paxman MISC OD19233P14 Joint
Paxman MISC OD19266 Bellows
Paxman MISC OD19310 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC OD19365 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD19422 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD19425 Washer
Paxman MISC OD19456P13 Washer
Paxman MISC OD19456P6 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD19485B Solenoid
Paxman MISC OD19566P14 Plunger
Paxman MISC OD19566P15 Spring For Plunger
Paxman MISC OD19566P16 Knob
Paxman MISC OD19566P25 Plug
Paxman MISC OD19573 Valve
Paxman MISC OD19668 Screw
Paxman MISC OD19722 Nozzle Holder
Paxman MISC OD19906P01 Shield, external
Paxman MISC OD19906P02 Setscrew
Paxman MISC OD19906P03 Lock Plate
Paxman MISC OD19906P04 Nozzle Ring
Paxman MISC OD19906P05 Shield
Paxman MISC OD19906P06 Back Plate
Paxman MISC OD19906P07 Snap Ring
Paxman MISC OD19906P08 Retaining Ring
Paxman MISC OD19906P09 Ring
Paxman MISC OD19906P11 Thrust Washer
Paxman MISC OD19906P12 Bearing
Paxman MISC OD19906P15 Lockplate
Paxman MISC OD19906P16 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD19906P17 Lock Ring
Paxman MISC OD19906P18 Cover Compressor
Paxman MISC OD19906P21 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD19906P22 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD19906P23 Thrust Bearing
Paxman MISC OD19906P24 Thrust Bearing
Paxman MISC OD19906P25 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC OD19906P26 Piston Ring
Paxman MISC OD19906P28 Shim
Paxman MISC OD19906P29 Shim
Paxman MISC OD19906P30 Shim
Paxman MISC OD19906P37 Washer
Paxman MISC OD19906P38 capscrew
Paxman MISC OD19906P57 Turbine Housing
Paxman MISC OD20023 Thrust Washer
Paxman MISC OD20118 Nut
Paxman MISC OD20178P3 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD20460 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD20524P19 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD20570 U Seal
Paxman MISC OD20678 Bush
Paxman MISC OD20741 Spring Plunger
Paxman MISC OD20750 Pump
Paxman MISC OD20861P23 Pinion
Paxman MISC OD20861P41 Screw
Paxman MISC OD20861P44 Screw
Paxman MISC OD20933 Uniball Joint
Paxman MISC OD21137 Starter Motor
Paxman MISC OD21332P02 Element
Paxman MISC OD21495 P3 Pilot Air Valve
Paxman MISC OD21500P05 Ball Click
Paxman MISC OD21500P19 Spigot Plate
Paxman MISC OD21500P21 Taper Pin
Paxman MISC OD21500P23 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC OD21500P27 Circlips
Paxman MISC OD21500P28 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD21500P41 Stud
Paxman MISC OD21500P46 Plain Nut
Paxman MISC OD21500P47 Screw
Paxman MISC OD21581P05 Centre Bolt
Paxman MISC OD21581P06 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD21581P08 Washer
Paxman MISC OD21581P6 Seal
Paxman MISC OD21593 Fuel Lift Pump
Paxman MISC OD22136 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD22139 Bellows
Paxman MISC OD22152 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD22328P15 Vent Plug
Paxman MISC OD22328P2 F.O.Element
Paxman MISC OD22334 Top Cover
Paxman MISC OD22417P03 Carbon Brushes
Paxman MISC OD22479 Oil Filter
Paxman MISC OD22514P35 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD22537P02 Bearing Housing
Paxman MISC OD22537P03 Compressor Extension
Paxman MISC OD22537P04 Joint
Paxman MISC OD22537P40 Holset 6″ Turbo Overhaul Kit
Paxman MISC OD22537P7 Turbine Housing
Paxman MISC OD22538P7 Holset 6″ Turbocharger Exhaust Housing
Paxman MISC OD22847P09 Felt Ring
Paxman MISC OD22932 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD23038P22 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD23269 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC OD23270 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC OD23271 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC OD23280P08 Washer
Paxman MISC OD23280P09 Washer
Paxman MISC OD23304 Gauge
Paxman MISC OD23390 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD23607 Washer
Paxman MISC OD23613 Cannon Plug
Paxman MISC OD23633P02 Ring
Paxman MISC OD23633P1 Coupling Nut
Paxman MISC OD23648 Oil Cooler A Bank
Paxman MISC OD23649. Oil Cooler B Bank
Paxman MISC OD23649P05 Leakage Ring
Paxman MISC OD23649P7 Plug
Paxman MISC OD23649P8 Washer
Paxman MISC OD23716. Starter Motor
Paxman MISC OD23755P02 Hose
Paxman MISC OD23856 Thermometer
Paxman MISC OD23934 Washer
Paxman MISC OD23935. Thermostat
Paxman MISC OD23935P02 Element
Paxman MISC OD23939P14 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD23948 Coupling
Paxman MISC OD23951 Joint
Paxman MISC OD24114 Thermostat Assembly
Paxman MISC OD24114P02 Element
Paxman MISC OD24114P03 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD24114P04 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD24134P04 Joint
Paxman MISC OD24156 Grubscrew
Paxman MISC OD2421. Banjo
Paxman MISC OD24216P05 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD24216P07 Element
Paxman MISC OD24249 Seal
Paxman MISC OD24251 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD2426 Shroud
Paxman MISC OD24267 Joint
Paxman MISC OD24392P18 Anchor Plate
Paxman MISC OD24487P07 Seal  Ring
Paxman MISC OD24557 Plug Cannon
Paxman MISC OD24561 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD24564 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD2457 Non-Return Valve
Paxman MISC OD24621 Bush
Paxman MISC OD24641 Bush
Paxman MISC OD24748 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD24834 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD24835P10 Spring
Paxman MISC OD24848P50 L.O.Element
Paxman MISC OD24883 Joint Rings
Paxman MISC OD25321 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD25328 Bearing
Paxman MISC OD25510P32 Lubricator
Paxman MISC OD25510P36 Filler Plug
Paxman MISC OD25510P45 Label
Paxman MISC OD25510P61 Capscrew
Paxman MISC OD25536 Elbow
Paxman MISC OD25729 Bush
Paxman MISC OD26026 Damper
Paxman MISC OD26033P08 Seal
Paxman MISC OD26033P8 Seal
Paxman MISC OD26096 Screw
Paxman MISC OD26133 V-Belt
Paxman MISC OD26191 Screw
Paxman MISC OD26241 Joint
Paxman MISC OD26243 Bursting Disc
Paxman MISC OD26256P16 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD26256P17 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD26257P04 Plunger
Paxman MISC OD26257P05 Shroud
Paxman MISC OD26257P06 Screw
Paxman MISC OD26284P01 Rotor Assy
Paxman MISC OD26290P01 Bearing Housing 
Paxman MISC OD26290P09 Comp.Hsg.Assy.
Paxman MISC OD26305P3 Blades
Paxman MISC OD26417 Flexible Pipe
Paxman MISC OD26451P11 Plug Air Release
Paxman MISC OD26455 Exhaust Pyrometer
Paxman MISC OD26456 Thermocouple
Paxman MISC OD26457 Cable
Paxman MISC OD26577 Governor
Paxman MISC OD26580 Governor
Paxman MISC OD26765 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD26768 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD26805 Pyrometer
Paxman MISC OD26806 Pyrometer
Paxman MISC OD26881 Spring
Paxman MISC OD26889 Filter Assy.
Paxman MISC OD26889P14 Element
Paxman MISC OD26949L Flex Pipe
Paxman MISC OD27014 Tacho Generator
Paxman MISC OD27055 Pressure Indicator
Paxman MISC OD27068P14 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD27071P13 Leakage Ring
Paxman MISC OD27128 Uniball Joint
Paxman MISC OD27136 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD27153 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD27240 Oil Cap
Paxman MISC OD27243 Flex Element
Paxman MISC OD27284P12 Diffuser
Paxman MISC OD27284P14 Impeller
Paxman MISC OD27288P13 Tie Rod
Paxman MISC OD27297 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD27356 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD27366 Washer
Paxman MISC OD27439 Joint
Paxman MISC OD27441 Uniball Joint
Paxman MISC OD27464A Outer Damper
Paxman MISC OD27470 Uniball Joint
Paxman MISC OD27474 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD27474 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD27474 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD27475 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD27475 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD27475 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD27481P2 Fuel Filter Element
Paxman MISC OD27482 Uniball Joint
Paxman MISC OD27483 Uniball
Paxman MISC OD27493 Tacho Generator
Paxman MISC OD27494 Flex Drive
Paxman MISC OD27528 Plug
Paxman MISC OD27572P11 Joint
Paxman MISC OD27572P18 Washer
Paxman MISC OD27582 Door Linings
Paxman MISC OD27592 Thermocouple
Paxman MISC OD27605P02 Mounting
Paxman MISC OD27606 Grommet
Paxman MISC OD27607 Grommet
Paxman MISC OD27636 Uniball Joint
Paxman MISC OD27644 Gauge
Paxman MISC OD27658 Angle Drive
Paxman MISC OD27689P13 Seal Plate
Paxman MISC OD27694 Damper
Paxman MISC OD27735. Turbocharger
Paxman MISC OD27735P01 Compressor Ext.Hsg.
Paxman MISC OD27735P02 Comp.Housing
Paxman MISC OD27745 Nozzle
Paxman MISC OD27746 Injector
Paxman MISC OD27748 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD27750 Spring Inc.wth last item
Paxman MISC OD27760P11 Flinger
Paxman MISC OD27760P13 Grease Seal
Paxman MISC OD27760P14 Plug
Paxman MISC OD27760P20 Grease Cap
Paxman MISC OD27760P21 Chain
Paxman MISC OD27760P23 Bearing
Paxman MISC OD27760P25 Rivet
Paxman MISC OD27765 Joint
Paxman MISC OD27781 Element
Paxman MISC OD27814 Intercooler
Paxman MISC OD27814P15 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD27825P12 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD27830 Injector Assy.
Paxman MISC OD27854P11 Air Vent Plug
Paxman MISC OD27856 Seal
Paxman MISC OD27911P11 Tube Stack
Paxman MISC OD27959P13 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD27968 Pump
Paxman MISC OD27968P12 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD27968P15 Key
Paxman MISC OD27968P16 Impeller Nut
Paxman MISC OD27968P19 Setscrew
Paxman MISC OD27968P23 Flinger
Paxman MISC od27968p29 Stud
Paxman MISC OD27968P30 Nut
Paxman MISC OD27968P70 Seal Assy
Paxman MISC OD27978 Turbocharger
Paxman MISC OD27978 Turbocharger
Paxman MISC OD27978P11 Rotor Assy
Paxman MISC OD27978P3 Compressor Extention
Paxman MISC OD28057 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28058 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28061 Screw
Paxman MISC OD28065 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD28066 Rod End
Paxman MISC OD28076 Speed Switch
Paxman MISC OD28076/1.5/9 Speed Switch
Paxman MISC OD28086 Bush
Paxman MISC OD28087 U Seal
Paxman MISC OD28093 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28094 Bush
Paxman MISC OD28107 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD28119 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28127P16 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC OD28148 Injector Assy
Paxman MISC OD28158 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28159 O-Seal
Paxman MISC OD28224 Clamp
Paxman MISC OD28245 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC OD28253 Tacho Head
Paxman MISC OD28254 Tacho Head
Paxman MISC OD28255 Tachometer
Paxman MISC OD28278 Fuel Pump A Bank
Paxman MISC OD28279 Fuel Pump B Bank
Paxman MISC OD28280 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD28280 Fuel Pump
Paxman MISC OD28281 Fuel Pump B Bank
Paxman MISC OD28281 Fuel Pump B Bank
Paxman MISC OD28328P12 50 Centre Papers
Paxman MISC OD28328P13 Seal
Paxman MISC OD28328P19 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28354 Vee Seal
Paxman MISC OD28408 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD28409 Spring
Paxman MISC OD28479P11 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28479P12 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28479P16 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD28479P17 Head Casting
Paxman MISC OD28479P19 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28479P20 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28479P21 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD28479P23 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28479P24 Bypass Valve
Paxman MISC OD28479P25 Washer
Paxman MISC OD28479P27 Joint
Paxman MISC OD28479P28 Washer
Paxman MISC OD28479P29 Spring
Paxman MISC OD28481 Indicator
Paxman MISC OD28482 Filter Assy
Paxman MISC OD28502P12 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD28512P19 Plug
Paxman MISC OD28599. Heat Exchanger
Paxman MISC OD28599P15 Stud
Paxman MISC OD28599P16 Nut
Paxman MISC OD28599P18 Protector Rod
Paxman MISC OD28611 U Ring Seal
Paxman MISC OD28620E Tachometer
Paxman MISC OD28620P03 Flex Drive
Paxman MISC OD28620P04 Flex Cable
Paxman MISC OD28624 Injector Assembly
Paxman MISC OD28625 Nozzle
Paxman MISC OD28643P15E O-Ring
Paxman MISC od28662 Nozzle
Paxman MISC OD28787 Intercooler
Paxman MISC OD28835P12 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28835P13 Indicator
Paxman MISC OD28835P26 Bolt
Paxman MISC OD28835P27 Nut
Paxman MISC OD28848 Washer
Paxman MISC OD28861 Ball Joint
Paxman MISC OD28867P13 Joint
Paxman MISC OD28886 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28887 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28904 Filter
Paxman MISC OD28906 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD28916 Washer
Paxman MISC OD28919 Injector
Paxman MISC OD28919-OH Fuel Injector Standard Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD28919-OH Fuel Injector Standard Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD28922P12 Joint
Paxman MISC OD28967 Flexible Element
Paxman MISC OD28987P12 Joint Casing
Paxman MISC OD29030P11A Gasket
Paxman MISC OD29030P14 Spring Washer
Paxman MISC OD29040P14 Leakage Ring
Paxman MISC OD29051P12 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD29057 Coupling
Paxman MISC OD29194 Tacho Generator
Paxman MISC OD29227 Angle Drive
Paxman MISC OD29263 Pocket
Paxman MISC OD29419 Starter Motor
Paxman MISC OD29611P12 Ring Seal
Paxman MISC OD2965/P43 Perforated Tube
Paxman MISC OD29664 Rod End
Paxman MISC OD29696 Joint
Paxman MISC OD29697P13 Joint
Paxman MISC OD29702 Filter Assy
Paxman MISC OD29702P13 Washer
Paxman MISC OD29702P15 Spring
Paxman MISC OD29732 Coupling
Paxman MISC OD29736 Nozzle Holder
Paxman MISC OD29804-OH Turbocharger – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD29860 Joint
Paxman MISC OD30032 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30096 U Seal
Paxman MISC OD30139P15 Gasket
Paxman MISC OD30139P17 Circlip
Paxman MISC OD30139P19 Washer
Paxman MISC OD30139P23 Washer
Paxman MISC OD30139P25 Washer
Paxman MISC OD30165 Flexible Disc
Paxman MISC OD30254/13 Key
Paxman MISC OD30254/9 Woodruff Key
Paxman MISC OD30267 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD30381 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30427 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30447 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30451 Spacer
Paxman MISC OD30452 Oil Seal
Paxman MISC OD30490 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30493 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30496 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30497 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30629 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30780 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD30781 Metaflex Joint
Paxman MISC OD30791 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30794 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD30915 Filter
Paxman MISC OD30945P104 Joint
Paxman MISC OD30945P105 Joint
Paxman MISC OD31182 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD31443 Injector Nozzle
Paxman MISC OD31633 Bend
Paxman MISC OD31666 Joint
Paxman MISC OD31704 Sealing Ring
Paxman MISC OD31716 Metaflex Gasket
Paxman MISC OD32021P01 Cap
Paxman MISC OD32438 O-Ring
Paxman MISC OD3965P19A Element
Paxman MISC OD3965P43 Perforated Tube Inner
Paxman MISC OD4040 Bush
Paxman MISC OD4449P02 Seal
Paxman MISC OD4614P19 Seal
Paxman MISC OD5098 Bush
Paxman MISC OD5148P3 Tacho Drive
Paxman MISC OD52334 Oil Filter
Paxman MISC OD5298 Compressor Ring
Paxman MISC OD5364 Sprocket Wheel
Paxman MISC OD5375 Chain Link
Paxman MISC OD6305P02 Rotor & Shaft Assy
Paxman MISC OD6305P06 Key
Paxman MISC OD6305P15A Spring
Paxman MISC OD6305P21 Locknut
Paxman MISC OD6305P26 Spring
Paxman MISC OD6305P28 Spring Attachment
Paxman MISC OD6305P31 Spring Clip
Paxman MISC OD7093P35 Guard
Paxman MISC OD7375 Control Valve
Paxman MISC OD8453 Flexible Drive
Paxman MISC OD8722/3 Ring
Paxman MISC OD8791 Union
Paxman MISC OD9274 Tappet Lever Roller Bush
Paxman MISC OD9277P04 Chain Link
Paxman MISC OD9277P07 Chain Link
Paxman MISC OD9731P34 Filter
Paxman MISC OD9731P41 Joint Ring
Paxman MISC OD9731P42 Washer
Paxman MISC OD9732P49 Joint
Paxman MISC OD9926P04 Link
Paxman MISC OD9926P07 Chain Link
Paxman MISC YK12055A Joint
Paxman MISC YK12057A Seal
Paxman MISC YK45163A Body
Paxman MISC YK45164 Valve
Paxman MISC YK45165 Spring
Paxman MISC YK78064 Coupling
Paxman MISC 79OA85-OH L.O Priming Pump – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD18275-OH Heat Exchanger – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD23648-OH Oil Cooler A Bank – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD23649-OH Oil Cooler B Bank – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD24114-OH Thermostat Assy – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD27014-OH Tacho Generator – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD28278-OH Fuel Pump A Bank – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD28279-OH Fuel Pump B Bank – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD28624-OH Injector Assy – Overhaul
Paxman MISC OD29702-OH Filter Assy – Overhaul
Paxman MISC 310043Z Bolt
Paxman MISC 310064 Bolt
Paxman MISC 310067 Bolt
Paxman MISC 310068 Bolt
Paxman MISC 310069 Bolt
Paxman MISC 310077 Bolt
Paxman MISC 310091 Bolt
Paxman MISC 310170 Bolt
Paxman MISC 312051Z Setscrew
Paxman MISC 312053 Hex Screw
Paxman MISC 312065 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 312079 Setscrew
Paxman MISC 31244-1003 Leakage Ring
Paxman MISC 314029 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 314041 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 314044 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 314058 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 314074 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 314087 Capscrew
Paxman MISC 31431881 Valve Poppet
Paxman MISC 314433 Grubscrew
Paxman MISC 314445 Screw
Paxman MISC 314548 Screw
Paxman MISC 315015 M4 x 20 mm Cheesehead Screw
Paxman MISC 3155/211 Impeller
Paxman MISC 316059 Stud
Paxman MISC 316061 Stud
Paxman MISC 316081 Stud
Paxman MISC 316085 Stud
Paxman MISC 316466 Stud
Paxman MISC 316480 Stud
Paxman MISC 316481 Stud
Paxman MISC 316482 Stud
Paxman MISC 316499 Stud
Paxman MISC 316500 Stud
Paxman MISC 317012Z Nut
Paxman MISC 317013Z Nut
Paxman MISC 317018 Nut
Paxman MISC 317020 Nut
Paxman MISC 317411 Nut
Paxman MISC 317412 Nut
Paxman MISC 317414 Nut
Paxman MISC 317441 Nut
Paxman MISC 317442 Nut
Paxman MISC 318007 Washer
Paxman MISC 318009Z Washer
Paxman MISC 318011Z Washer
Paxman MISC 318012Z Washer
Paxman MISC 318013Z Washer
Paxman MISC 318019 Washer
Paxman MISC 318208Z Washer
Paxman MISC 318210Z Washer
Paxman MISC 318211Z Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 318213Z Spring Washer
Paxman MISC 318306 Tab Washer
Paxman MISC 318308 Tabwasher
Paxman MISC 319/102 Hexagon Nut
Paxman MISC 319017 Inserts
Paxman MISC 319018 Insert
Paxman MISC 319030 Insert
Paxman MISC 319035 Insert
Paxman MISC 335400 Pipe Adaptor
Paxman MISC 337152 Hose clip
Paxman MISC 337153 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337156 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337157 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337159 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337160 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337161 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337162 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337163 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337164 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337165 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337166 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337167 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337168 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 337169 Hose Clip
Paxman MISC 339547 Split Pin
Paxman MISC 354438 Dowel
Paxman MISC 354451 Dowel
Paxman MISC 354452 Dowel
Paxman MISC 354464 Dowel
Paxman MISC 354470 Dowel
Paxman MISC 354490 Dowel
Paxman Y3J 6Y3J22645 Joint
Paxman Y3J 80MZ137 Jockey Pully
Paxman Y3J 80OA122 Mounting
Paxman Y3J 80OA177P12 O-Ring
Paxman Y3J 80OA190 Pressure Gauge
Paxman Y3J 80OA202P02 Perception Head
Paxman Y3J 80OA269P67 Spring Washer
Paxman Y3J 81OA112P23 Oil Seal
Paxman Y3J 82DZ174 Clip
Paxman Y3J 8340000 Filter Element
Paxman Y3J 84MZ200 Adaptor
Paxman Y3J 84MZ453 Connector Bar
Paxman Y3J 84MZ546 Joint
Paxman Y3J 84OA168P09 Joint
Paxman Y3J 84OA321P11 Bearing Housing
Paxman Y3J 84OA6Z Element
Paxman Y3J 84OG5201/11 Gauge
Paxman Y3J 85DY395 Bolt
Paxman Y3J 85OA45P35 O-Ring
Paxman Y3J 86OA12 Switch
Paxman Y3J 86OA146 Valve
Paxman Y3J 86OA16P06 Joint
Paxman Y3J 87MZ11 Lever
Paxman Y3J 900G5042 Clip
Paxman Y3J 90MZ230 Adaptor
Paxman Y3J 90MZ240 Special Bolt
Paxman Y3J 90OA71 Switch (2 part fitting)
Paxman Y3J 90OG5042 Clip
Paxman Y3J 92my44 Gasket
Paxman Y3J 92MZ45 Joint
Paxman Y3J 92MZ66 Joint
Paxman Y3J 92MZ67 Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J10018 Valve Guide
Paxman Y3J Y3J10019. Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J10019A Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J10019B Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J10019C Ring
Paxman Y3J Y3J10019D Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J10019E Copper Ring
Paxman Y3J Y3J10026 Valve Seat
Paxman Y3J Y3J10029B Injector Housing
Paxman Y3J Y3J10112 Cover
Paxman Y3J Y3J10113 Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J10113B Gasket
Paxman Y3J Y3J10114B Gasket
Paxman Y3J Y3J10219B Tappet Screws
Paxman Y3J Y3J10221C Bush
Paxman Y3J Y3J10312B Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J10312C Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J10313C Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J10316 Cotter (2 halves)
Paxman Y3J Y3J10317 Inlet Valve
Paxman Y3J Y3J10317A Inlet Valve
Paxman Y3J Y3J10318 Exhaust Valve
Paxman Y3J Y3J10818 Stud
Paxman Y3J Y3J10826 Tabwasher
Paxman Y3J Y3J12055 Ferrule Rubber
Paxman Y3J Y3J12057 Rubber Ferrule
Paxman Y3J Y3J12066 Tabwasher
Paxman Y3J Y3J12073 Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J12073A Gasket
Paxman Y3J Y3J12083D Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J12178 Lockplate
Paxman Y3J Y3J12219 Bolt
Paxman Y3J Y3J12272 Washer
Paxman Y3J Y3J12574 Ferrule
Paxman Y3J Y3J12715. Gasket
Paxman Y3J Y3J12715B Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J12775 Cover
Paxman Y3J Y3J12811P02 Ring
Paxman Y3J Y3J12913 Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J12913A Gasket
Paxman Y3J Y3J12918B Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J12918C Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J13385 Shim
Paxman Y3J Y3J138570 Distance Piece
Paxman Y3J Y3J13857A Pin
Paxman Y3J Y3J13864 Tabwasher
Paxman Y3J Y3J13867 Ferrule
Paxman Y3J Y3J13936A Distance Piece
Paxman Y3J Y3J14016D Piston Ring
Paxman Y3J Y3J14123 L.E. Bolt
Paxman Y3J Y3J14137A Nut
Paxman Y3J Y3J14151 Bearing Shell
Paxman Y3J Y3J14152 L.E. Bearing Shell
Paxman Y3J Y3J14198 Bearing Shell
Paxman Y3J Y3J14199 Bearing Shell
Paxman Y3J Y3J15027A Plate
Paxman Y3J Y3J15419A Tappet Pin
Paxman Y3J Y3J15433 Plate
Paxman Y3J Y3J15439C Key
Paxman Y3J Y3J16035B Locking Plate
Paxman Y3J Y3J17038 Dowel
Paxman Y3J Y3J17084A Bolt
Paxman Y3J Y3J17229 Locking Plate
Paxman Y3J Y3J17514 Starter Ring
Paxman Y3J Y3J17864A Bearing Half
Paxman Y3J Y3J17984 Brg Locator
Paxman Y3J Y3J20017 Shim
Paxman Y3J Y3J20223 Tabwasher
Paxman Y3J Y3J202644 Driving Bevel Gear
Paxman Y3J Y3J20319B Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J20345A Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J20375A Spindle
Paxman Y3J Y3J20396 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J20399 Clip
Paxman Y3J Y3J20692 Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J20694A Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J20694B Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J20699A Gear
Paxman Y3J Y3J20711C Housing
Paxman Y3J Y3J20712C Cover/F.F. Pump
Paxman Y3J Y3J20720D Fuel Feed Pump Assy
Paxman Y3J Y3J20726 Shim
Paxman Y3J Y3J20732A Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J20749A Body F/F Pump Drive
Paxman Y3J Y3J20749B Body
Paxman Y3J Y3J20751A Bevel Gear Pinion Feed Pump
Paxman Y3J Y3J20756A Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J20756B Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J20787A Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J20787B Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J20788A Cover
Paxman Y3J Y3J20789a Driving sleeve
Paxman Y3J Y3J20791 Thrust Piece
Paxman Y3J Y3J20826 Bolt
Paxman Y3J Y3J21177AP2 Pivot (adjustable)
Paxman Y3J Y3J21403D Gear
Paxman Y3J Y3J21414 Washer
Paxman Y3J Y3J21418B Shaft
Paxman Y3J Y3J21451 Plate
Paxman Y3J Y3J21615 Bracket
Paxman Y3J Y3J21675 Lever
Paxman Y3J Y3J21722B Scale
Paxman Y3J Y3J22058 Screw
Paxman Y3J Y3J22066C Pipe
Paxman Y3J Y3J22066E Pipe
Paxman Y3J Y3J22082C Grommet
Paxman Y3J Y3J22082D Grommet
Paxman Y3J Y3J22363D Pipe Clips
Paxman Y3J Y3J22366A Clip, Fuel Piece
Paxman Y3J Y3J22378 Clamp
Paxman Y3J Y3J22406 Clip
Paxman Y3J Y3J22497 Bracket
Paxman Y3J Y3J22645A Joint – Asbestos
Paxman Y3J Y3J22645C Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J22659 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J22673 Shim
Paxman Y3J Y3J22674 Shim
Paxman Y3J Y3J22933A Clip
Paxman Y3J Y3J22978C Fuel Pipe
Paxman Y3J Y3J23026A Ferrule
Paxman Y3J Y3J23432 Clip
Paxman Y3J Y3J23433 Clip
Paxman Y3J Y3J24231 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J26033 Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J26718A Bush
Paxman Y3J Y3J26719 Bush
Paxman Y3J Y3J26733 Eyebolt
Paxman Y3J Y3J26801 Ferrule
Paxman Y3J Y3J26805 Cover Assy
Paxman Y3J Y3J26822B Cover
Paxman Y3J Y3J26828A Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J26829 Cover Plate
Paxman Y3J Y3J26831A Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J26841 Key
Paxman Y3J Y3J27135 Lever
Paxman Y3J Y3J27136 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J27137 Washer
Paxman Y3J Y3J27138 Adj Screw
Paxman Y3J Y3J27147B Bracket
Paxman Y3J Y3J27614B Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J27616B Housing
Paxman Y3J Y3J27616C Housing For Control Valve
Paxman Y3J Y3J27622A Damper (door)
Paxman Y3J Y3J27623 Seal
Paxman Y3J Y3J27624B Spindle
Paxman Y3J Y3J27625A Housing
Paxman Y3J Y3J27628 Seal
Paxman Y3J Y3J27629 Dump Valve
Paxman Y3J Y3J27631 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J27631A Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J27632A Knob
Paxman Y3J Y3J27633 Eyebolt
Paxman Y3J Y3J27634A Lever
Paxman Y3J Y3J27644 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J30015. Rotor
Paxman Y3J Y3J30016A Bush
Paxman Y3J Y3J30019 Spindle
Paxman Y3J Y3J30023 Locking Plate
Paxman Y3J Y3J31113A Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J31339 Spindle Idler
Paxman Y3J Y3J31341 Tabwasher
Paxman Y3J Y3J32038A Ferrule
Paxman Y3J Y3J32385B Fuel Pipe Template
Paxman Y3J Y3J32431 Joint 
Paxman Y3J Y3J32431A Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J32856 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J34166D Pipe
Paxman Y3J Y3J34186 Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J34248A Drain
Paxman Y3J Y3J34549 Spring Carrier
Paxman Y3J Y3J34551 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y3J40319B Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J42027 Tab Washer
Paxman Y3J Y3J42094 Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J42639A Locking Plate
Paxman Y3J Y3J42648C Spindle
Paxman Y3J Y3J45018A Gasket
Paxman Y3J Y3J45018C Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J45183A Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J45337B Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J45388 Bolt
Paxman Y3J Y3J46095B Exh. Bellows
Paxman Y3J Y3J46118 Clamp Segment
Paxman Y3J Y3J46917A Stud
Paxman Y3J Y3J46918 Plug – Water Inlet/Outlet Manifold
Paxman Y3J Y3J46919 Plates x 1 Casing
Paxman Y3J Y3J46941 Pipe
Paxman Y3J Y3J587516 Nut
Paxman Y3J Y3J70072 Feeler Gauge
Paxman Y3J Y3J70084 Lifting Eye
Paxman Y3J Y3J70304A Tool
Paxman Y3J Y3J70602 Clamp
Paxman Y3J Y3J70804A Dummy Injector
Paxman Y3J Y3J70842 Tool
Paxman Y3J Y3J70962A Tool
Paxman Y3J Y3J70963 Locating pin
Paxman Y3J Y3J72812 Adaptor Ass.
Paxman Y3J Y3J74515 Spindle
Paxman Y3J Y3J78042A Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J78114 Shim
Paxman Y3J Y3J78134 Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J87027A Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J87027B Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J87031B Joint
Paxman Y3J Y3J87315 Set Bolt (Special)
Paxman Y3J Y3J91037 Clamp
Paxman Y3J Y4JC45813A Diverter Valve Body
Paxman Y3J Y4JC45821B Diaphragm
Paxman Y3J Y4JC45825 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y4JC45826 Spring
Paxman Y3J Y4JC45833B Cover
Paxman Y3J Y4JC45839 Bushing
Paxman YH 12A2H15379A Joint
Paxman YH 12A2H31110A Relief Valve Assy
Paxman YH 12A4H15339 Joint
Paxman YH 12A4H15376 Joint
Paxman YH 12A4H15376A Joint
Paxman YH 12A4H15379 Joint
Paxman YH 12A4H15385 Joint
Paxman YH 12A4H15397 Joint
Paxman YH 12A4H15397A Joint
Paxman YH 12A4H20212 Gear
Paxman YH 12A4H20213 Bolt
Paxman YH 12A4H20227 Half Coupling
Paxman YH 12A4H20249 Thrust Plate
Paxman YH 12A4H20257A Joint, Fuel Pump Drive Housing
Paxman YH 12A4H20298 Joint
Paxman YH 12A4H20298A Joint
Paxman YH 12A4H20310D Con Rod & Guide Assy
Paxman YH 12A4H20310E Con Rod & Guide Assy
Paxman YH 12A4H20316G Connecting Rod
Paxman YH 12A4H20325 Lever
Paxman YH 12A4H20345A Spring
Paxman YH 12A4H20353. Housing Fulcrum & Brg
Paxman YH 12A4H20354 Fulcrum Pin
Paxman YH 12A4H20357 Lever Fulcrum Pin
Paxman YH 12A4H20614B Housing
Paxman YH 12A4H20616A Spring
Paxman YH 12A4H20642 Spring
Paxman YH 12A4H20642A Spring
Paxman YH 12A4H20649 Spindle
Paxman YH 12A4H20653A Holding Lever
Paxman YH 12A4H20676B Lever
Paxman YH 12A4H20821 Retaining Plate
Paxman YH 12A4H20821 Retaining Plate
Paxman YH 12A4H20836 Bolt
Paxman YH 12A4H20837A Coupling
Paxman YH 12A4H20841 Bolt
Paxman YH 12A4H20843B Flange
Paxman YH 12A4H21635B Bush & Spring
Paxman YH 12A4H21639 Tabwasher
Paxman YH 12A4H22020B Fuel Pipe Set
Paxman YH 12A4H22318 Injector Drain Pipe
Paxman YH 12A4H22319 Pipe Injector Drain
Paxman YH 12A4H22373 Clamp
Paxman YH 12A4H22651 Bush
Paxman YH 12A4H22652 Bush
Paxman YH 12A4H22977A Clamp Plate
Paxman YH 12A4H26359 Forked Link
Paxman YH 12A4H26621B Bracket
Paxman YH 12A4H32199 Banjo
Paxman YH 12A4H78122 Loc Piece Ball Brg
Paxman YH 12A5H20224A Coupling
Paxman YH 12A5H20224A Coupling
Paxman YH 12A5H20251 Flange
Paxman YH 12A6H12211 Cylinder Block
Paxman YH 12A6H12211 Cylinder Block
Paxman YH 12A6H17813C Brg Shell std (pairs)
Paxman YH 12A6HM12611A Sump
Paxman YH 12A6HM12645 Joint
Paxman YH 12A6HM12645A Joint
Paxman YH 12A6HM12656 Joint
Paxman YH 12A6HM12657 Joint Suction Bend
Paxman YH 12AH15011AP1 Camshaft
Paxman YH 12AH15339B Joint
Paxman YH 12AH20316 Control Rod
Paxman YH 12AH24112B Fuel Filter Drip Tray
Paxman YH 12AH32057B Pipe
Paxman YH 12AH32154B Pipe
Paxman YH 12AHM20290 O.S.T. Assy
Paxman YH 12AHM40122 Gasket
Paxman YH 12C4H45195A Joint
Paxman YH 12C4H45195B Joint
Paxman YH 12C4H45196B Joint
Paxman YH 12C6H45149 Casing Air Cooler Outlet
Paxman YH 12C6H45185 Joint
Paxman YH 12C6H45185A Joint
Paxman YH 12X2H45126 Joint
Paxman YH 12X2H46087 Exhaust Manifold
Paxman YH 12X4H32263A Drain Pipe
Paxman YH 12X4H46062 Joint 
Paxman YH 12X4H46062A Joint
Paxman YH 12X4H87011A Bracket
Paxman YH 12X4H87012A Bracket
Paxman YH 12X4H87027 Joint
Paxman YH 12X4H87051A Flange
Paxman YH 12X4H87051B Blanking Flange
Paxman YH 12X4H87052 Joint
Paxman YH 12X4H87053 Joint 
Paxman YH 12X4H87053A Joint 
Paxman YH 12X4H87053C Joint
Paxman YH 12X4H87073 Joint
Paxman YH 12X4H87073A Joint
Paxman YH 12X6H20327 Lever
Paxman YH 12X6H45011A Air Inlet Manifold
Paxman YH 12X6H45014 Joint
Paxman YH 12X6H45333 Turbo Bracket
Paxman YH 12X6H46028 Exhaust Pipe
Paxman YH 12X6H48189 Joint
Paxman YH 12XH15011AP2 Camshaft
Paxman YH 12XH15011EP1 Camshaft
Paxman YH 12XH45002A Inlet Bend
Paxman YH 12XHM45122 Joint
Paxman YH 16AH12715A Joint
Paxman YH 16AH15327 Thrust Bearing
Paxman YH 16AH15378 Joint
Paxman YH 16XH45036 Joint
Paxman YH 16XH46062 Joint
Paxman YH 6A2H12612 Sump Joint
Paxman YH 6A2H17221A Damper Bolt
Paxman YH 6A2H31110 L.O.Relief Valve
Paxman YH 6AH32132 Pipe
Paxman YH A2H10219B Screw
Paxman YH A2H10223 Tappet Pad
Paxman YH A2H10248 Fulcrum
Paxman YH A2H12236A Ferrule
Paxman YH A2H12237A Ferrule
Paxman YH A2H13313 Joint
Paxman YH A2H13322 Joint
Paxman YH A2H13347 Joint
Paxman YH A2H13348 Joint
Paxman YH A2H15348A Joint
Paxman YH A2H15379 Joint
Paxman YH A2H15379A Joint
Paxman YH A2H15414 Tappet Lever
Paxman YH A2H18052 Joint
Paxman YH A2H18053 Joint
Paxman YH A2H20342 Bracket
Paxman YH A2H20384 Bush
Paxman YH A2H20642 Trip Lever
Paxman YH A2H20687 Pin Long
Paxman YH A2H20688 Pin Short
Paxman YH A2H20915 Tappet Lever
Paxman YH A2H20966 Pin
Paxman YH A2H21154C Bevel Gear
Paxman YH A2H21226 Joint
Paxman YH A2H21227 Joint
Paxman YH A2H21227A Joint
Paxman YH A2H21228 Joint
Paxman YH A2H21416C Bevel Gear
Paxman YH A2H21613 Stub Spindle
Paxman YH A2H22021 Clip, Drain rail
Paxman YH A2H22325A Rubber Insert
Paxman YH A2H30020 Oil Pump
Paxman YH A2H30031A Joint
Paxman YH A2H30031B Joint
Paxman YH A2H30033 Joint
Paxman YH A2H30033B Joint
Paxman YH A2H30820B Pump Assy
Paxman YH A2H31111B Body
Paxman YH A2H31114 Cap Nut
Paxman YH A2H31123D Joint
Paxman YH A2H31126A Joint
Paxman YH A2H31126C Joint
Paxman YH A2H31133C Cover Plate
Paxman YH A2H32012A Pipe
Paxman YH A2H32161 Elbow Inlet
Paxman YH A2H32161A Elbow
Paxman YH A2H42011B Pump Casing
Paxman YH A2H42032 Joint
Paxman YH A2H42036A Suction Cover
Paxman YH A3H10018 Valve Guide
Paxman YH A3H10026A Valve Seat
Paxman YH A3H10046 Tube Water Inlet
Paxman YH A3H10211 Rocker Bracket
Paxman YH A3H12212A Stud
Paxman YH A3H12813 Joint Ring
Paxman YH A3H13215A Joint
Paxman YH A3H13215B Joint
Paxman YH A3H13239 Retaining Plate (pairs)
Paxman YH A3H13316B Joint
Paxman YH A4H10111/2 Intermediate Cover
Paxman YH A4H21154A Bevel Pinion
Paxman YH A4H24220 Reservoir Assy
Paxman YH A4HW42010D Water Pump
Paxman YH A4HW4201D Water Pump
Paxman YH A61505 Flange
Paxman YH A61511 Flange
Paxman YH A6H10025 Valve Seat
Paxman YH A6H10040 Cylinder Head
Paxman YH A6H10040 Cylinder Head
Paxman YH A6H10040 Cylinder Head
Paxman YH A6H10138A Stud
Paxman YH A6H10213 Stud
Paxman YH A6H10317 Valve
Paxman YH A6H10318 Valve
Paxman YH A6H12813 Joint Ring
Paxman YH A6H30012 Cover
Paxman YH A6H30016 Bush
Paxman YH A6H30018 Bush
Paxman YH A6H30020A Lub Oil Pump Assy
Paxman YH A6H30020A-OH Lub Oil Pump Assembly Overhaul
Paxman YH A6H31000 Relief Valve
Paxman YH A6H31000 Relief Valve
Paxman YH A6H31100 Relief Valve for Lub Oil
Paxman YH A6H31121 Adj Screw
Paxman YH A6H31200 Reducing Valve Assy
Paxman YH A6H40013 Pipe
Paxman YH A6H40014 Pipe
Paxman YH A6H45018A Joint Inlet Bend to Cylinder Head
Paxman YH AH10019 Joint Ring
Paxman YH AH10019A Joint Ring
Paxman YH AH10019B Joint Ring
Paxman YH AH10019D Joint Ring
Paxman YH AH10036B Clamp Injector
Paxman YH AH10047 Joint
Paxman YH AH10047A Joint
Paxman YH AH10048 Screwed Ring
Paxman YH AH10052A Setscrew
Paxman YH AH10057 Securing Ring
Paxman YH AH10059 Washer
Paxman YH AH10113A Joint
Paxman YH AH10115 Hand Nut
Paxman YH AH10219B Adj Screw
Paxman YH AH10228 Pad
Paxman YH AH10229 Screw
Paxman YH AH102291 Adj. Screw
Paxman YH AH10231A Stud
Paxman YH AH10245 Washer
Paxman YH AH10413B Sleeve
Paxman YH AH10414 Spring
Paxman YH AH10415C Spring Carrier
Paxman YH AH10420A Push Rod Assy
Paxman YH AH10426A Adaptor
Paxman YH AH12127 Stud
Paxman YH AH12212 Stud
Paxman YH AH12218 Bolt
Paxman YH AH12238A Cork Joint
Paxman YH AH12238B Joint Ring
Paxman YH AH12239A Ring
Paxman YH AH12239A Ring
Paxman YH AH12239B Joint
Paxman YH AH12255 Lifting Button
Paxman YH AH12727 Plate
Paxman YH AH12734 Flange
Paxman YH AH12919A Joint
Paxman YH AH12919B Joint
Paxman YH AH13202B Top Cover
Paxman YH AH13233A Joint
Paxman YH AH14011A Piston Body
Paxman YH AH15022 Bolt
Paxman YH AH15023 Bolt
Paxman YH AH15024 Bolt
Paxman YH AH15317 Fulcrum
Paxman YH AH15327A Bearing
Paxman YH AH15333A Oil Distributor
Paxman YH AH15340B Tappet Assy
Paxman YH AH15346B Joint
Paxman YH AH15366 Adaptor
Paxman YH AH15366 Adaptor
Paxman YH AH17012 Chain Wheel
Paxman YH AH17031 Oil Thrower
Paxman YH AH17056 Peg
Paxman YH AH18002C Water Pump Drive – B Bank
Paxman YH AH18004 Auxiliary Drive
Paxman YH AH18012 Casing
Paxman YH AH18016 Setscrew
Paxman YH AH18032 Key
Paxman YH AH20213 Bolt
Paxman YH AH20243 Washer
Paxman YH AH20312B Forked End
Paxman YH AH20317 Spring Plunger
Paxman YH AH20720 Fuel Feed Pump
Paxman YH AH21102B Piston & Valve
Paxman YH AH21103A Dashpot Piston Valve
Paxman YH AH21104 Valve
Paxman YH AH21105 Spindle
Paxman YH AH21145 Screw
Paxman YH AH22058 Screw
Paxman YH AH22061 Nut
Paxman YH AH23038 Washer
Paxman YH AH23039A Sleeve
Paxman YH AH23041 Washer Copper
Paxman YH AH42015D Spindle
Paxman YH AH42025B Impeller
Paxman YH AH42025E Impeller
Paxman YH AH42025F Impeller
Paxman YH AH42027 Washer
Paxman YH AH42036B Suction Cover
Paxman YH AH42046 Counterface
Paxman YH AH45013 Joint
Paxman YH AH45014 Joint
Paxman YH AH46017A Joint
Paxman YH AH46135 Plug Adaptor
Paxman YH AH70331A Removing Tool
Paxman YH AHM13416A Joint
Paxman YH AHM40015 Plug
Paxman YH V6AH17319A Weight
Paxman YH X2H23010A Injector
Paxman YH X2H46115 Setscrew
Paxman YH X2H46118A Clamp
Paxman YH X2H46188 Lock Washer
Paxman YH X53699100057 Hydraulic Cylinder
Paxman YH X6H14011A Piston
Paxman YH X6H45012 Air Inlet Bend
Paxman YH X6H45013 Joint Bend to Manifold
Paxman YH X6H48156 Clamp
Paxman YH XH150T26H696P4 Nozzle
Paxman YH XH150T28K696P4 Nozzle
Paxman YH XH45013 Joint
Paxman YH XH45014 Joint
Paxman YH XH46116A Plate
Paxman YH XH48115 Dome Nut
Paxman YH XHL150T36L549P4 Nozzle
Paxman YH XHL150T38L642P4 Nozzle
Paxman YH XHL160T36L773P4 Nozzle
Paxman YH ZH10018 Valve Guide
Paxman YH ZH10025A Valve Seat
Paxman YH ZH13314C Gasket
Paxman YH ZH14019 Circlip
Paxman YH ZH14112 Bolt
Paxman YH ZH20642 Spring
Paxman YH ZH22625 Washer
Paxman YH ZH22636A Washer
Paxman YH ZH24114 Drip Tray
Paxman YH ZH26666 Bush
Paxman YH ZH37033 Joint
Paxman YH ZH37033A Gasket
Paxman YJ 12Y3JC45112 Joint
Paxman YJ 12Y3JC45122J Gasket
Paxman YJ 12YJ12059 Seal Ring
Paxman YJ 12YJ12076. Joint
Paxman YJ 12YJ12076A Joint
Paxman YJ 12YJ12076A Joint
Paxman YJ 12YJ12139 Locking Plate
Paxman YJ 12YJ13311C Free End Cover
Paxman YJ 12YJ13812 Lifting Plate L/H
Paxman YJ 12YJ13813 Lifting Plate R/H
Paxman YJ 12YJ22373A 6 Pipe Clip
Paxman YJ 12YJ30015B Gear
Paxman YJ 12YJ30623 Oil Pump End Cover
Paxman YJ 12YJ34034L Pipe
Paxman YJ 12YJ40042C Water Manifold
Paxman YJ 12YJ40043C Water Manifold
Paxman YJ 12YJ40091B Water Outlet Branch
Paxman YJ 12YJ41011B Water Manifold
Paxman YJ 12YJ41013 Water Manifold
Paxman YJ 12YJ41014 Water Manifold
Paxman YJ 12YJ41016A Water Outlet Manifold B5 – B6
Paxman YJ 12YJ42025A Impeller
Paxman YJ 12YJ42025C Impeller
Paxman YJ 12YJ43010A Water Pump
Paxman YJ 12YJ45358 Fixed Baffle
Paxman YJ 12YJ72150A Top Overhaul Joint Kit
Paxman YJ 12YJ87013B Intercooler Bracket
Paxman YJ 12YJC45113 Pipe
Paxman YJ 12YJC45114 Pipe
Paxman YJ 12YJC45121 Hose
Paxman YJ 12YJC45149A Casing Air Outlet from Intercooler
Paxman YJ 12YJC45152 Pipe
Paxman YJ 12YJC45185 Joint
Paxman YJ 12yjc45185b Joint
Paxman YJ 12YJL30616A Suction Pipe
Paxman YJ 12YJL30625A Oil Strainer Pipe
Paxman YJ 12YJX15011A Camshaft
Paxman YJ 12YJX40213 Pipe
Paxman YJ 12YJX40214 Pipe
Paxman YJ 12YJX40254C Pipe – Water Inlet To Turbine Inlet Casing
Paxman YJ 12YJX40278 Pipe
Paxman YJ 12YJX45045B Air Manifold A Bank
Paxman YJ 12YJX45046B Air Manifold B Bank
Paxman YJ 12YJX45046B Air Manifold B Bank
Paxman YJ 12YJX45142 Hose
Paxman YJ 12YJX46062 Joint
Paxman YJ 12YJX46118A Clamp
Paxman YJ 12YJX46118B Clamp
Paxman YJ 12YJX46121A Exhaust Bellow
Paxman YJ 12YJX87011 Turbo Bracket
Paxman YJ 16Y3J13410K Dipstick
Paxman YJ 16Y3J13410L Dipstick
Paxman YJ 16Y3J27613B Cover
Paxman YJ 16Y3J27614 Joint
Paxman YJ 16Y3J27614A Joint
Paxman YJ 16Y3J27614B Joint
Paxman YJ 16Y3J27622B Valve
Paxman YJ 16Y3J27623 Joint Ring
Paxman YJ 16Y3J27626A Spindle
Paxman YJ 16Y3J27628 Joint Ring, Dump Valve
Paxman YJ 16Y3J27636 Cover
Paxman YJ 16Y3J30011 Body
Paxman YJ 16Y3J46933 Hose
Paxman YJ 16Y3JC45112D Joint, Adaptor
Paxman YJ 16Y3JC45122 Joint
Paxman YJ 16Y3JX46212 Joint
Paxman YJ 16Y3JX46911A Stud
Paxman YJ 16Y3JX87027 Joint
Paxman YJ 16Y3JX87375 Adaptor Flange
Paxman YJ 16Y3JZ13936A Distance Piece
Paxman YJ 16YJ12076D Joint
Paxman YJ 16YJ12627 Joint
Paxman YJ 16YJ13314B Joint
Paxman YJ 16YJ15765B Joint
Paxman YJ 16YJ20867C Hub
Paxman YJ 16YJ20868C Hub
Paxman YJ 16YJ30011E Body Lub Oil Pump
Paxman YJ 16YJ30019A Spindle
Paxman YJ 16YJ30616A Cover
Paxman YJ 16YJ34322 Pipe
Paxman YJ 16YJ40043C Manifold
Paxman YJ 16YJ40819 Bend
Paxman YJ 16YJ42645A Housing
Paxman YJ 16YJ42646A Spindle
Paxman YJ 16YJC22016 Fuel Pipe
Paxman YJ 16YJC45615 Bolt Special
Paxman YJ 16YJX45183A Joint
Paxman YJ 16YJX46095A Exhaust Bellow
Paxman YJ 16YJX46095C Bellows
Paxman YJ 16yjx76095c Bellows
Paxman YJ 18Y3JC45122 Joint
Paxman YJ 18Y3JC45122A Joint, Intercooler
Paxman YJ 18Y3JC45672 Clip
Paxman YJ 6YJ13813 Lifting Plate R/H
Paxman YJ 6YJ15443A Tappet Housing
Paxman YJ 6YJ15444A Tappet Housing
Paxman YJ 6YJ17078 Gear
Paxman YJ 6YJ17311B Spindle
Paxman YJ 6YJ17314A Gearwheel
Paxman YJ 6YJ17315A Spindle
Paxman YJ 6YJ17388E Bush
Paxman YJ 6YJ22056 Clip
Paxman YJ 6YJ40189 Bend
Paxman YJ 6YJ45122A Joint
Paxman YJ 6YJ45183 Joint
Paxman YJ 6YJX46095A Bellows
Paxman YJ 6YJX87018 Joint
Paxman YJ 6YJXL41166 Hose Conn
Paxman YJ 8Y3JX87385 Flange
Paxman YJ 8YJ12139 Locking Plate
Paxman YJ 8YJ17307F Balance Gear Assy.
Paxman YJ 8YJ17311D Spindle
Paxman YJ 8YJ17315 Spindle
Paxman YJ 8YJ17336 Lockplate
Paxman YJ 8YJ17340 Spindle
Paxman YJ 8YJ17367 Lockwasher
Paxman YJ 8YJ17412E Gear & Weight
Paxman YJ 8YJ18043 Spindle
Paxman YJ 8YJ20859A Spindle
Paxman YJ 8YJ30019A Spindle
Paxman YJ 8YJ30020B Oil Pump
Paxman YJ 8YJ30020B Oil Pump
Paxman YJ 8YJ31301 Gear wheel
Paxman YJ 8YJ40346 Pipe
Paxman YJ 8YJ42025A Impeller
Paxman YJ 8YJ42025B Impeller
Paxman YJ 8YJ42036 Suction Casing
Paxman YJ 8YJ42086 Thrust Ring
Paxman YJ 8YJC45014 Joint
Paxman YJ 8YJC45624 Joint
Paxman YJ 8YJC45627 Joint
Paxman YJ W51 Cotter (pairs)
Paxman YJ W53 Spring
Paxman YJ YJ10018B Valve Guide
Paxman YJ YJ10018C Valve Guide
Paxman YJ YJ10019D Joint Ring
Paxman YJ YJ10025E Valve Seat
Paxman YJ YJ10026E Valve Seat
Paxman YJ YJ10029H Housing
Paxman YJ YJ10036B Clamp
Paxman YJ YJ10059 Washer
Paxman YJ YJ10092B Joint
Paxman YJ YJ10092D Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Paxman YJ YJ10111D Cover
Paxman YJ YJ10112C Cover
Paxman YJ YJ10113B Joint
Paxman YJ YJ10114 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ10114B Joint
Paxman YJ YJ10204D Rocker Lever
Paxman YJ YJ10214 Adjusting Screw
Paxman YJ YJ10215A Distance Piece
Paxman YJ YJ10219A Screw
Paxman YJ YJ10221B Bush
Paxman YJ YJ10227F Bridge Piece
Paxman YJ YJ10234B Rocker Bracket
Paxman YJ YJ10235A Rocker Bracket
Paxman YJ YJ10248A Fulcrum
Paxman YJ YJ10266D Guide
Paxman YJ YJ10283C Bridge Piece
Paxman YJ YJ10312 Valve Spring
Paxman YJ YJ10313 Valve Spring
Paxman YJ YJ10317E Valve
Paxman YJ YJ10317H Inlet Valve
Paxman YJ YJ10317K Inlet Valve
Paxman YJ YJ10318B Valve
Paxman YJ YJ10319B Carrier
Paxman YJ YJ10319C Spring Carrier
Paxman YJ YJ10400 Push Rod
Paxman YJ YJ10811E Ferrule
Paxman YJ YJ10815B Joint
Paxman YJ YJ10815C Joint
Paxman YJ YJ10815D Joint Ring
Paxman YJ YJ10816A Stud
Paxman YJ YJ10817 Post Support, Injector Clamp
Paxman YJ YJ10818A Stud
Paxman YJ YJ10818D Stud
Paxman YJ YJ10825F Bolt Special
Paxman YJ YJ10826 Tabwasher
Paxman YJ YJ10838 Spring Carrier
Paxman YJ YJ10840F Cylinder Head Assembly
Paxman YJ YJ10840F Cylinder Head Assembly
Paxman YJ YJ10857A Ferrule
Paxman YJ YJ12013 Stud
Paxman YJ YJ12045 Stud
Paxman YJ YJ12045A Stud
Paxman YJ YJ12052 Bridge Piece Block
Paxman YJ YJ12053 Washer
Paxman YJ YJ12055E Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12056B Ferrule
Paxman YJ YJ12057 O-Ring
Paxman YJ YJ12057E Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12059A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12062A Set Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ12069J Union
Paxman YJ YJ12072 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12073 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12073A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12079 Stud
Paxman YJ YJ12082 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12082A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12083B Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12083D Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12098 Locknut
Paxman YJ YJ12116 Washer
Paxman YJ YJ12117A Capscrew
Paxman YJ YJ12124A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ12124B Joint Free End Cover
Paxman YJ YJ12139A Washer
Paxman YJ YJ12237 Ferrule
Paxman YJ YJ12637 Tabwasher
Paxman YJ YJ12714J Crankcase Door
Paxman YJ YJ12714K Crankcase Door
Paxman YJ yj12730D Explosion Door Assy
Paxman YJ YJ12738D Hand Nut
Paxman YJ YJ12753C Spring
Paxman YJ YJ12775C Explosion Door
Paxman YJ YJ12777 Ring
Paxman YJ YJ12778D Spindle
Paxman YJ YJ12811G Cylinder Liner
Paxman YJ YJ12811G Cylinder Liner
Paxman YJ YJ12812 Joint Ring
Paxman YJ YJ12928A Adaptor
Paxman YJ YJ13155 Set Bolt & Stud
Paxman YJ YJ13165 Ferrule
Paxman YJ YJ13212B D.E.Cover
Paxman YJ YJ13212B D.E.Cover
Paxman YJ YJ13212B D.E.Cover
Paxman YJ YJ13424B Top for Dipstick
Paxman YJ YJ13713D Clamp Bar
Paxman YJ YJ13714F Spindle
Paxman YJ YJ13716B Joint Ring
Paxman YJ YJ13716C Joint
Paxman YJ YJ13716D Crankcase Door Joint Ring
Paxman YJ YJ13735 Pin
Paxman YJ YJ13746 Reducer
Paxman YJ YJ13826A Dowel
Paxman YJ YJ13844 Sleeve
Paxman YJ YJ13865 Spring
Paxman YJ YJ14016C Piston Ring
Paxman YJ YJ14016D Piston Ring
Paxman YJ YJ14017. Piston Ring
Paxman YJ YJ14017A Piston Ring
Paxman YJ YJ14018AP1 Piston Ring
Paxman YJ YJ14018AP2 Piston Ring
Paxman YJ YJ14019 Circlip
Paxman YJ YJ14021A Piston Ring
Paxman YJ YJ14112A Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ14112E Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ14112F Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ14114N Bearing Block
Paxman YJ YJ14114P Bearing Block
Paxman YJ YJ14114Q Bearing Block
Paxman YJ YJ14114Q Bearing Block
Paxman YJ YJ14114S Brg Block Bare
Paxman YJ YJ14115A S.E.Bush
Paxman YJ YJ14118 Tabwasher
Paxman YJ YJ14123K Conrod Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ14123K Conrod Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ14127A Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ14131A Dowel
Paxman YJ YJ14137C Nut
Paxman YJ YJ14137C Nut
Paxman YJ YJ14140H Fork Rod
Paxman YJ YJ14154 Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ14182 Tabwasher
Paxman YJ YJ14198A Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ14199A Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ15012 Bearing
Paxman YJ YJ15012 Bearing
Paxman YJ YJ15025C Gearwheel
Paxman YJ YJ15025E Camshaft Gear
Paxman YJ YJ15025F Gearwheel
Paxman YJ YJ15025G Gearwheel
Paxman YJ YJ15071D Thrust Collar
Paxman YJ YJ15085A Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ15085A Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ15097B Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ15097B Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ15411B Tappet Housing
Paxman YJ YJ15411B Tappet Housing
Paxman YJ YJ15419 Pin
Paxman YJ YJ15421 Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ15443A Tappet Housing
Paxman YJ YJ15444A Tappet Housing
Paxman YJ YJ16024 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ16024 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ17071 Driving Dowel
Paxman YJ YJ17075A Oil Thrower
Paxman YJ YJ17084 Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ17127B Seal
Paxman YJ YJ17127B Seal
Paxman YJ YJ17131 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ17131A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ17139 Plate
Paxman YJ YJ17141 Plate
Paxman YJ YJ17144 Capscrew
Paxman YJ YJ17514B Starter Ring
Paxman YJ YJ17555 Tabwasher
Paxman YJ YJ17881A Locating Washer Pair
Paxman YJ YJ17895A Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ17895D Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ17896B Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ17896E Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ17897A Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ17898. Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ17898B Brg Shell
Paxman YJ YJ17898E Bearing Shell
Paxman YJ YJ18041C Bush
Paxman YJ YJ18042 Gear Idler
Paxman YJ YJ18043C Spindle
Paxman YJ YJ18063 Gear
Paxman YJ YJ18064B Hub
Paxman YJ YJ20211B Drive Spindle
Paxman YJ YJ20212 Gear
Paxman YJ YJ20219C Housing Fuel Pump Drive
Paxman YJ YJ20235A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ20235B Joint
Paxman YJ YJ20241B Bush
Paxman YJ YJ20241C Bush
Paxman YJ YJ20249A Plate
Paxman YJ YJ20256A End Cover Fuel Pump Drive B Bank
Paxman YJ YJ20271B End Cover Fuel Pump Drive A Bank
Paxman YJ YJ20293 Bevel Gear
Paxman YJ YJ20293B Bevel Wheel
Paxman YJ YJ20298 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ20298A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ20373 Pivot Pin
Paxman YJ YJ20373A Setscrew
Paxman YJ YJ20384 Bush
Paxman YJ YJ20397A Bellows
Paxman YJ YJ20610B Overspeed Cylinder
Paxman YJ YJ20629D Plunger
Paxman YJ YJ20637F Cyl O/S Shutdown
Paxman YJ YJ20637G Cylinder
Paxman YJ YJ20638 Return Spring
Paxman YJ YJ20670 Coupling O.S.T.
Paxman YJ YJ20670F Coupling
Paxman YJ YJ20690D Overspeed Trip Drive Assy
Paxman YJ YJ20699D Bevel Pinion
Paxman YJ YJ20711D Body
Paxman YJ YJ20712 Pump Cover
Paxman YJ YJ20732A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ20732C Gasket
Paxman YJ YJ20745 Pump Adaptor Fuel Feed Pump
Paxman YJ YJ20759A Hub
Paxman YJ YJ20806B Idler Gearwheel
Paxman YJ YJ20851C Hub
Paxman YJ YJ20855C Housing Fuel Pump Drive
Paxman YJ YJ20856A Dowel
Paxman YJ YJ20857B Gearwheel
Paxman YJ YJ20857C Gearwheel
Paxman YJ YJ20858B Gear
Paxman YJ YJ20861B Spindle
Paxman YJ YJ20865A Shaft
Paxman YJ YJ20866A Shaft
Paxman YJ YJ20869C Backplate
Paxman YJ YJ20874 Tab Washer
Paxman YJ YJ21403B Spur Gear
Paxman YJ YJ21403B Spur Gear
Paxman YJ YJ21403B Spur Gear
Paxman YJ YJ21404C Gearwheel
Paxman YJ YJ21411B Housing
Paxman YJ YJ21411B Housing
Paxman YJ YJ21413A Spindle
Paxman YJ YJ21413B Spindle
Paxman YJ YJ21415P2 Gear
Paxman YJ YJ21418B Shaft
Paxman YJ YJ21418C Shaft
Paxman YJ YJ21418C Shaft
Paxman YJ YJ21418D Shaft
Paxman YJ YJ21421C Cover
Paxman YJ YJ21428A Stub Shaft
Paxman YJ YJ21428A Stub Shaft
Paxman YJ YJ21431 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ21431A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ21431C Joint
Paxman YJ YJ21436 Bush
Paxman YJ YJ21436 Bush
Paxman YJ YJ21437A Guide Tube
Paxman YJ YJ21443 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ21445 Thrust Plate
Paxman YJ YJ21446 Shim
Paxman YJ YJ21649 Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ21672A Lever, Centre, Fuel Pump Control
Paxman YJ YJ21674B Lever
Paxman YJ YJ21674B Lever
Paxman YJ YJ21675B Lever
Paxman YJ YJ21675B Lever
Paxman YJ YJ21676A Lever
Paxman YJ YJ21676A Lever
Paxman YJ YJ21677A Bracket
Paxman YJ YJ21677A Bracket
Paxman YJ YJ21678A Bracket
Paxman YJ YJ21684D Sprag Lever
Paxman YJ YJ22056 3 Pipe Clip
Paxman YJ YJ22059A 2 Pipe Clip
Paxman YJ YJ22081A Clip (pairs)
Paxman YJ YJ22082 Grommet
Paxman YJ YJ22082C Grommet
Paxman YJ YJ22373A Clip
Paxman YJ YJ22397A Pipe
Paxman YJ YJ22632 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ22632A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ23045A Gasket
Paxman YJ YJ24113A Adaptor
Paxman YJ YJ24225A Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ24225B Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ26353 Adaptor
Paxman YJ YJ26354 Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ26355 Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ26362A. Dust Cover
Paxman YJ YJ26364A Carrier
Paxman YJ YJ26674C Plug
Paxman YJ YJ26674D Plug
Paxman YJ YJ27114 Non-Return Valve
Paxman YJ YJ27116 Adaptor
Paxman YJ YJ28967 Flexible Disc
Paxman YJ YJ30015A Driving Rotor
Paxman YJ YJ30016A Bush
Paxman YJ YJ30023 Tabwasher
Paxman YJ YJ30033E Joint
Paxman YJ YJ30047 Gear Wheel
Paxman YJ YJ30066. Joint
Paxman YJ YJ30066A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ30066B Joint
Paxman YJ YJ30712B Cover
Paxman YJ YJ31010G Valve
Paxman YJ YJ31012B Plunger
Paxman YJ YJ31133D Cover
Paxman YJ YJ31148 Spring
Paxman YJ YJ31149 Spring
Paxman YJ YJ31217 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ31311 Gear
Paxman YJ YJ31341 Washer
Paxman YJ YJ32194 Pipe Clip
Paxman YJ YJ32418E Spindle
Paxman YJ YJ32424 Lub Oil Filler Door Hinge
Paxman YJ YJ32425 Bend
Paxman YJ YJ32431 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ34027 Rubber Joint
Paxman YJ YJ34313 Pipe
Paxman YJ YJ40059A Water Inlet Manifold
Paxman YJ YJ40061A Water Inlet Manifold
Paxman YJ YJ40061B Water Inlet Manifold
Paxman YJ YJ40272 Vent Pipe
Paxman YJ YJ40273 Pipe
Paxman YJ YJ40356 Stud Thermostat To Water Outlet Branch
Paxman YJ YJ41136A Pipe Water Pump To Cooler A Bank
Paxman YJ YJ41136C Waterpump Outlet Bend
Paxman YJ YJ41137C Water Manifold
Paxman YJ YJ41166A Hose
Paxman YJ YJ42015A Spindle
Paxman YJ YJ42016 Nut
Paxman YJ YJ42086 Thrust Washer
Paxman YJ YJ42615 Gear Wheel
Paxman YJ YJ42616B Housing
Paxman YJ YJ42639 Retaining Plate
Paxman YJ YJ42648A Water Pump Drive
Paxman YJ YJ43049A Carrier
Paxman YJ YJ45014 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ45018 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ45018A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ45018C Joint
Paxman YJ YJ45033B Air Manifold End Cover
Paxman YJ YJ45312 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ46118A Exhaust Clamp
Paxman YJ YJ46135A Adaptor
Paxman YJ YJ46165A Tabwasher
Paxman YJ YJ46267 Bolt Special
Paxman YJ YJ46267A Bolt
Paxman YJ YJ501530 Nut
Paxman YJ YJ53083 Shim
Paxman YJ YJ53146A Shim
Paxman YJ YJ70072A Feeler Gauge
Paxman YJ YJ70592 Sleeve
Paxman YJ YJ70638A Plate
Paxman YJ YJ70649B Clamp
Paxman YJ YJ70804 Dummy Injector
Paxman YJ YJ76334A Bracket
Paxman YJ YJ78042 Joint
Paxman YJ YJ78042A Joint
Paxman YJ YJ78101E Coupling
Paxman YJ YJ78119A Tacho Generator Joint
Paxman YJ YJ78119C Tacho Generator Joint
Paxman YJ YJ78125B Adaptor
Paxman YJ YJ87027B Joint Turbo Outlet
Paxman YJ YJ87343 Grommet
Paxman YJ YJC45146 Bracket
Paxman YJ YJC45146A Bracket For Air Pipe
Paxman YJ YJC45836A Joint
Paxman YJ YJM87016 Bracket
Paxman YJ YJM87342 Clips
Paxman YJ YJM87344 Clips
Paxman YJ YJX46047A Bolt Special
Paxman YJ YJX46188. Lockwasher
Paxman YJ YJX46188A Lockwasher
Paxman YJ 12YJX46086B-OH Exhaust Manifold – Overhaul
Paxman YJ 12YJX46087B-OH Exhaust Manifold – Overhaul
Paxman YJ 16YJ24220-OH Fuel Reservoir – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJ10400-OH Push Rod – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJ10840F-OH Cylinder Head Assy – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJ12714J-OH Crankcase Door – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJ12714K-OH Crankcase Door – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJ12775C-OH Explosion Door – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJ12811G-OH Cylinder Liner – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJ14130R-OH Bearing Block – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJ20610B-OH Overspeed Trip – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJ32410F-OH Lub Oil Filler Door – Overhaul
Paxman YJ YJX14011B-OH Piston – Overhaul
Paxman YL AL10025 Valve
Paxman YL AL10026 Valve Seat
Paxman YL AL10026A Valve Seat
Paxman YL AL10035A Guide Column
Paxman YL AL10036A Clamp
Paxman YL AL10059 Washer
Paxman YL AL10076 Adaptor
Paxman YL AL10113A Joint
Paxman YL AL10113B Joint
Paxman YL AL10142 Rubber Block
Paxman YL AL10201B Rocker Lever
Paxman YL AL10223A Pad
Paxman YL AL10322 Spring Carrier
Paxman YL AL10323 Collet
Paxman YL AL10324 Spring Carrier
Paxman YL AL10510B Valve Assy
Paxman YL AL10511A Valve Body
Paxman YL AL12012 Stud
Paxman YL AL12022 Joint
Paxman YL AL12443 Joint
Paxman YL AL12445 Joint
Paxman YL AL12465 Joint
Paxman YL AL12916 Crankcase Breather Body Lower
Paxman YL AL12918A Joint
Paxman YL AL12918B Joint
Paxman YL AL12928 Adaptor
Paxman YL Al13342a Plate
Paxman YL AL13367 Retaining Plate
Paxman YL AL13517B Ferrule
Paxman YL AL13519B Ferrule
Paxman YL AL13855 Tube
Paxman YL AL14130E Bearing Block
Paxman YL AL14136B Nut Special
Paxman YL AL14138C Bush
Paxman YL AL14140K Connecting Rod
Paxman YL AL15049 Key
Paxman YL AL15051 Key
Paxman YL AL15213B Sprocket
Paxman YL AL15357A Spindle
Paxman YL AL15358A Spindle
Paxman YL AL15373 Cup
Paxman YL AL15523 Joint
Paxman YL AL17032 Carrier
Paxman YL AL17115 Spring
Paxman YL AL18321 Chain Wheel
Paxman YL AL20225B Coupling
Paxman YL AL20227A Half Coupling
Paxman YL AL20249 Ring
Paxman YL AL20252A Plate
Paxman YL AL20253A Bracket
Paxman YL AL20262 Joint
Paxman YL AL20277B Nut
Paxman YL AL20331C Pin
Paxman YL AL20364A Forked Link
Paxman YL AL20367B Pin
Paxman YL AL20371 Stud
Paxman YL AL20397 Gaiter
Paxman YL AL20615A O.S.T. Plunger
Paxman YL AL20616B Spring
Paxman YL AL20628 Joint
Paxman YL AL20636 Pins
Paxman YL AL20913B Screw
Paxman YL AL20933 Bearing
Paxman YL AL21128 Lever
Paxman YL AL21154F Bevel Pinion
Paxman YL AL22059E Inj Pipe Clip
Paxman YL AL22059F Inj Pipe Clip
Paxman YL AL22066B Fuel Pipe
Paxman YL AL30014G Spindle
Paxman YL AL30015B Rotor
Paxman YL AL30016A Bush
Paxman YL AL30816 Bush Short
Paxman YL AL30820A Pump
Paxman YL AL30842 Washer
Paxman YL AL30843 Flex Disc
Paxman YL AL31153 Spring
Paxman YL AL31311 Gear Wheel
Paxman YL AL31317D Tab Washer
Paxman YL AL31319 Gear Wheel
Paxman YL AL40033LP1 Bend
Paxman YL AL40051 Joint
Paxman YL AL40819 Joint
Paxman YL AL42005B Impeller
Paxman YL AL42015C Spindle
Paxman YL AL42041 Placing Ring
Paxman YL AL42045 Key
Paxman YL AL43014 Nut
Paxman YL AL45014 Joint
Paxman YL AL45014C Joint
Paxman YL AL45014D Gasket
Paxman YL AL45163A Body
Paxman YL AL45164 Valve
Paxman YL AL45614 Pin
Paxman YL AL46012 Joint
Paxman YL AL46118 Exhaust Clamp
Paxman YL AL46119B Joint
Paxman YL AL46164 Distance Piece
Paxman YL AL51110A A/S Valve Assy
Paxman YL AL51111 Body
Paxman YL AL51113A Valve
Paxman YL AL51117 Spring
Paxman YL AL51123 Valve Stop
Paxman YL AL51339B Pipe
Paxman YL AL52313A Gasket
Paxman YL AL70030 Extractor
Paxman YL AL77074 Ferrule
Paxman YL AL78037 Driving Block
Paxman RPH 12RPH10031A Cyl Head Gasket
Paxman RPH 12RPH10031B Cyl Head Gasket
Paxman RPH 12RPH10031J Cyl Head Gasket – 0.045″
Paxman RPH 12RPH10031K Cyl Head Gasket – 0.054″
Paxman RPH 12RPH10040D Cylinder Head Assy
Paxman RPH 12RPH10098 Joint
Paxman RPH 12RPH10138 Stud
Paxman RPH 12RPH10172 Cover
Paxman RPH 12RPH10204A Lever
Paxman RPH 12RPH10211 Rocker Bracket
Paxman RPH 12RPH12220A Cylinder Block
Paxman RPH 12RPH12612A Joint
Paxman RPH 12RPH15343 Oil Drain
Paxman RPH 12RPH15727 Drain Ferrule
Paxman RPH 12RPH17011A Crankshaft
Paxman RPH 12RPH17011A Crankshaft
Paxman RPH 12RPH20200 Fuel Pump drive & Overspeed Trip Assy.
Paxman RPH 12RPH20251 Coupling
Paxman RPH 12RPH20353A Bracket
Paxman RPH 12RPH20627 Collar
Paxman RPH 12RPH20647 Backplate
Paxman RPH 12RPH20657 Lever
Paxman RPH 12RPH20821 Make Up Piece
Paxman RPH 12RPH20828 Coupling
Paxman RPH 12RPH20836 Bolt
Paxman RPH 12RPH20844 Carden Shaft
Paxman RPH 12RPH22373A Clamps
Paxman RPH 12RPH26626A Lever
Paxman RPH 12RPH2858D Crankshaft
Paxman RPH 12RPH42076B Impeller
Paxman RPH 12RPH45625 Heat Detector
Paxman RPH 12RPH72130 Joint Set Main
Paxman RPH 12RPHC40007 Water Inlet manifold A Bank Free End
Paxman RPH 12RPHC40008 Water Inlet manifold B Bank Free End
Paxman RPH 12RPHC46028A Exhaust Pipe
Paxman RPH 4RPH10031E Gasket
Paxman RPH 4RPH10031G Gasket
Paxman RPH 4RPH10031H Gasket
Paxman RPH 4RPH10031S Gasket
Paxman RPH 4RPH10031X Cyl.Hd.Gasket
Paxman RPH 4RPH10112C Cover
Paxman RPH 4RPH10113D Joint
Paxman RPH 4RPH10114B Joint
Paxman RPH 4RPH10943B Head Gasket
Paxman RPH 4RPH12223A Door
Paxman RPH 4RPH17323A Gear Wheel
Paxman RPH 4RPH17344A Distance Piece
Paxman RPH 4RPH17349 Tabwasher
Paxman RPH 4RPH17359 Split Collar
Paxman RPH 4RPH20275 Joint
Paxman RPH 4RPH22043DP4 Pipe Clip
Paxman RPH 4RPH40012C Manifold
Paxman RPH 4RPH76016B Bracket for Panel
Paxman RPH 62DZ833 Flange
Paxman RPH 62MY603 Bend
Paxman RPH 6RPH10011C Cylinder Head
Paxman RPH 6RPH10011C Cylinder Head
Paxman RPH 6RPH10031E Cyl Hd Gasket
Paxman RPH 6RPH10031W Cyl Head Gasket
Paxman RPH 6RPH10112C Top Cover
Paxman RPH 6RPH10113E Gasket
Paxman RPH 6RPH10114B Joint
Paxman RPH 6RPH10222C Cover
Paxman RPH 6RPH12124C Joint
Paxman RPH 6RPH12211C Cyl Block
Paxman RPH 6RPH12220C Cyl Block Complete
Paxman RPH 6RPH12220C Cyl Block Complete
Paxman RPH 6RPH12226B Joint
Paxman RPH 6RPH12612E Sump Joint
Paxman RPH 6RPH12943 Seat Diaphram
Paxman RPH 6RPH12944 Stud
Paxman RPH 6RPH15011A Camshaft
Paxman RPH 6RPH17311 Shaft
Paxman RPH 6RPH17318 Weight
Paxman RPH 6RPH17319 Balance Weight
Paxman RPH 6RPH18005E Gearwheel Assy.
Paxman RPH 6RPH51001F Body
Paxman RPH 6RPH51020K Air Distributor
Paxman RPH 6RPH72160B Joint Kit
Paxman RPH 6RPH72160C Joint Set
Paxman RPH 6RPH87075 Joint
Paxman RPH 6RPHC32395B Oil Pipe T/C
Paxman RPH 6RPHC87075 Joint
Paxman RPH 6RPHX46522 Flex Pipe
Paxman RPH 6RPHX46524 Joint *6RPHX46524A*
Paxman RPH 6RPHX46524A Joint
Paxman RPH 6RPHX87076 Joint
Paxman RPH 8RPH10143A Adaptor
Paxman RPH 8RPH15011A Camshaft
Paxman RPH 8RPH17324B Balance Weight
Paxman RPH 8RPH17351B Stub Shaft
Paxman RPH 8RPH18055 Hub
Paxman RPH 8RPH18056A Flange
Paxman RPH 8RPH20028A End Cover
Paxman RPH 8RPH20034B Lever
Paxman RPH 8RPH20035A Backplate
Paxman RPH 8RPH20340F Fulcrum Assy
Paxman RPH 8RPH20647A Backplate
Paxman RPH 8RPH20672C Bearing
Paxman RPH 8RPH22439C Pipe 56
Paxman RPH 8RPH30720B Lub Oil Pump
Paxman RPH 8RPH31519 Rotor Driving
Paxman RPH 8RPH46079 Y Piece
Paxman RPH 8RPH51001K Body
Paxman RPH 8RPHC87044 Distance Piece
Paxman RPH 8RPHX32258C Pipe
Paxman RPH 8RPHX87074 Joint
Paxman RPH OZ1337Z Joint
Paxman RPH OZ5401 Clip
Paxman RPH RPH026931-1699 Ball Bearing
Paxman RPH RPH10002B Hot Plug Assy
Paxman RPH RPH10022B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH10025A Valve Seat
Paxman RPH RPH10026A Valve Seat
Paxman RPH RPH10036 Flange
Paxman RPH RPH10046AP1 Flange
Paxman RPH RPH10064A Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH10064AP1 Flange
Paxman RPH RPH10066A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH10079 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1008B Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH1012A Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH1012B Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH1013A Bearing
Paxman RPH RPH1014A Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH1020. Sprocket
Paxman RPH RPH10203A Rocker Lever
Paxman RPH RPH1021 Flange
Paxman RPH RPH10211 Rocker Bracket
Paxman RPH RPH1022 Gear Wheel
Paxman RPH RPH10224 Nut
Paxman RPH RPH10234 Rocker Bracket R.H.
Paxman RPH RPH10235 Rocker Bracket L.H.
Paxman RPH RPH10240A Rocker Lever
Paxman RPH RPH10241A Rocker Lever
Paxman RPH RPH10242A Rocker Lever
Paxman RPH RPH10244 Nut
Paxman RPH RPH10293 Dowel
Paxman RPH RPH1029A Bush
Paxman RPH RPH10328 Inlet Valve
Paxman RPH RPH10328A Inlet Valve
Paxman RPH RPH10329 Valve
Paxman RPH RPH10329B Exhaust Valve
Paxman RPH RPH10420A Push Rod Assy
Paxman RPH RPH10426 Sleeve
Paxman RPH RPH1047 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1049A Lever
Paxman RPH RPH1052 Fulcrum
Paxman RPH RPH1053 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH1054 Washer
Paxman RPH RPH1064 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1064B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1065A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1065B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1066 Top Cover
Paxman RPH RPH1067A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1068 Flange
Paxman RPH RPH1069 Connection
Paxman RPH RPH1070 Connection
Paxman RPH RPH1071 Support Piece
Paxman RPH RPH1084A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH10899 Hot Plug
Paxman RPH RPH10899/6 Insert
Paxman RPH RPH1090B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1091B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1091C Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1092 Gear
Paxman RPH RPH10933 Valve Seat
Paxman RPH RPH1094A Dowel
Paxman RPH RPH1097 Gear
Paxman RPH RPH1098 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH1100 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH1101 Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH1109B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1121 Nut
Paxman RPH RPH1141B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1145 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1148 Joint
Paxman RPH rph1151b Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1152B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1156A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1156B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1157B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1160A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1160B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1164 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1166 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1195 Push Rod
Paxman RPH RPH1207 Shim
Paxman RPH RPH12112A Bearing Cap
Paxman RPH RPH12113A Bearing Cap
Paxman RPH RPH12114A Bearing Cap
Paxman RPH RPH12115 Stud
Paxman RPH RPH12116 Tab Washer
Paxman RPH RPH12118A Stud
Paxman RPH RPH12118B Stud
Paxman RPH RPH1212 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH12122 Dowel for Cap
Paxman RPH RPH12123 Dowel
Paxman RPH RPH12128B Stub Shaft
Paxman RPH RPH12128D Stub Shaft
Paxman RPH RPH1214A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1214B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH12179 Stud
Paxman RPH RPH12186 Plug
Paxman RPH RPH12188 Dowel
Paxman RPH RPH12193 Deflector Plate
Paxman RPH RPH1221 Tab Washer
Paxman RPH RPH12212B Stud Short
Paxman RPH RPH12212C Stud,Short
Paxman RPH RPH12215A Lifting Button
Paxman RPH RPH12231 Tappet Locating
Paxman RPH RPH12231A Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH12233 Plug
Paxman RPH RPH12237 Large Steel Ferrule
Paxman RPH RPH12237A Small Steel Ferrule
Paxman RPH RPH12238B Large Rubber Ferrule
Paxman RPH RPH12238C Small Rubber Ferrule
Paxman RPH RPH12247 Stud, Long
Paxman RPH RPH12247A Stud, Long
Paxman RPH RPH12247A Stud, Long
Paxman RPH RPH12274 Washer
Paxman RPH RPH1230 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1249 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1249A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1249B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1249C Gasket
Paxman RPH RPH12623 Setscrew
Paxman RPH RPH12644 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH12644A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1266A Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH12715C Joint
Paxman RPH RPH12742C Cover
Paxman RPH RPH12742D Cover
Paxman RPH RPH12763A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH12801 Collar
Paxman RPH RPH1291. Saddle Union
Paxman RPH RPH12915 Inner Member
Paxman RPH RPH12932 Shim
Paxman RPH RPH13111B Dipstick
Paxman RPH RPH13119 Dowel
Paxman RPH RPH13213B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13214A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13214B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13215C Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13224A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13233A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13322A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13322C Joint Paxman
Paxman RPH RPH13342A Cover
Paxman RPH RPH13354A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13354B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13355A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13362 Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH13367 Oil Baffle
Paxman RPH RPH13383A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13412 Dipstick Guide
Paxman RPH RPH13416B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13416C Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1344 Bevel Pinion
Paxman RPH RPH1345 Flange
Paxman RPH RPH1347 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1348A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH13752 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1376 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1386 Bevel Pinion
Paxman RPH RPH1386 Bevel Pinion
Paxman RPH RPH1393A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1393A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1395A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1395B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH14011G Piston
Paxman RPH RPH14011M Piston
Paxman RPH RPH14011N Piston
Paxman RPH RPH14012 Gudgeon Pin
Paxman RPH RPH1401A Bearing
Paxman RPH RPH14034 Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH14034A Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH14042B Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH14042C Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH14069A Piston Ring + Spring
Paxman RPH RPH14069C Piston Ring + Spring
Paxman RPH RPH14069E Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH14114D Bearing Block
Paxman RPH RPH14115A Bush
Paxman RPH RPH14119B Fork Rods
Paxman RPH RPH14119C Forked Connecting Rod
Paxman RPH RPH14119D Forked Connecting Rod
Paxman RPH rph14119f Fork Rods
Paxman RPH rph14119f Fork Rods
Paxman RPH RPH14119G Forked Conn Rod
Paxman RPH RPH14119H Forked Connecting Rod
Paxman RPH RPH14119J Forked Connecting Rods
Paxman RPH RPH14122A Conn Rod
Paxman RPH RPH14122E Conn Rod
Paxman RPH RPH14122F Centre Conn Rod
Paxman RPH RPH14123C Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH14123D Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH14123E Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH14124 Dowel
Paxman RPH RPH14133 Jet
Paxman RPH RPH14135B Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH14135D Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH14135E Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH14135F Conn Rod Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH14136A Nut plain
Paxman RPH RPH14137 Nut
Paxman RPH RPH14137A Nut Knurled
Paxman RPH RPH14151B Brg Shell Std
Paxman RPH RPH14154C Brg Shell 0.020″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH14155C Brg Shell 0.030″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH14156C Brg Shell 0.040″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH14178A Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH1423AP1 Camshaft
Paxman RPH RPH1423AP2 Camshaft
Paxman RPH RPH14347B Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH14374C Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH14386C Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH14388A Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH1465A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1465B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1467B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1504B Joint Ring
Paxman RPH RPH15111A Gearwheel
Paxman RPH RPH15112C Gearwheel
Paxman RPH RPH15114 Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH15410A Tappet Assy
Paxman RPH RPH15414A Tappet
Paxman RPH RPH15418 Tappet Roller
Paxman RPH RPH15432 Cup Insert
Paxman RPH RPH1561B O Ring
Paxman RPH RPH1583 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1679 Gearwheel
Paxman RPH RPH1680 Gearwheel
Paxman RPH RPH1682 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH1683A Bearing
Paxman RPH RPH17028A Gearwheel
Paxman RPH RPH17031A Oil Thrower
Paxman RPH RPH17034A Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH17058 Bolt Flywheel
Paxman RPH RPH17075B Oil Thrower F.E.
Paxman RPH RPH17323A Gear
Paxman RPH RPH17338 Balance Shaft Bracket
Paxman RPH RPH17346 Washer
Paxman RPH RPH17348 Washer
Paxman RPH RPH17349 RPH17349
Paxman RPH RPH17365A Stud
Paxman RPH RPH17366A Stud
Paxman RPH RPH17367 Tabwasher
Paxman RPH RPH17368 Lock Washer
Paxman RPH RPH17369 Sleeve
Paxman RPH RPH17371 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH17372 Dowel
Paxman RPH RPH17373 Distance Piece
Paxman RPH RPH1743 Nipple
Paxman RPH RPH17533 Stud
Paxman RPH RPH17553A Locking Plate
Paxman RPH RPH1756 Screw
Paxman RPH RPH17812 Thrust Washer Pr
Paxman RPH RPH17812A Thrust Washer
Paxman RPH RPH17813 Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH17814 Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH17814B Brg Shell, Std
Paxman RPH RPH17814B Brg Shell, Std
Paxman RPH RPH17815 Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH17815B Brg Shell std
Paxman RPH RPH17831A Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH17831B Brg Shell 0.020″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17832A Brg Shell 0.030″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17832B Brg Shell 0.030″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17833B Brg Shell 0.040″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17833B Brg Shell 0.040″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17838 Bearing
Paxman RPH RPH17839 Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH17851B Brg Shell 0.020″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17852B Brg Shell 0.030″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17852B Brg Shell 0.030″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17853B Brg Shell 0.040″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17853B Brg Shell 0.040″ u/s
Paxman RPH RPH17973A Bearing Shell 0.060″ U/S
Paxman RPH RPH18006C Gear Assembly
Paxman RPH RPH18017D Gearwheel
Paxman RPH RPH18017J Gearwheel
Paxman RPH RPH18023A Driving Piece
Paxman RPH RPH18035G Stub Shaft
Paxman RPH RPH18036A Coupling W/P Drive
Paxman RPH RPH18047A Thrust Plate
Paxman RPH RPH18047C Thrust Plate
Paxman RPH RPH18047D Thrust Plate
Paxman RPH RPH18047E Plate Thrust
Paxman RPH RPH1851A Valve
Paxman RPH RPH1851B Inlet Valve
Paxman RPH RPH1852B Exhaust Valve
Paxman RPH RPH1855 Carrier
Paxman RPH RPH1856 Valve Spring
Paxman RPH RPH1877 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1880A Ferrule
Paxman RPH RPH1881A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1883A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1916A Joint Ring
Paxman RPH RPH1927 Guide
Paxman RPH RPH1928 Roller
Paxman RPH RPH1929. Pin
Paxman RPH RPH1929A Pin
Paxman RPH RPH1935 Camshaft Gearwheel
Paxman RPH RPH1939 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1952B Valve Guide
Paxman RPH RPH1959A Half Cover Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1959B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH1967 Carrier
Paxman RPH RPH1976 Dowel
Paxman RPH RPH1977A Bush
Paxman RPH RPH1986B Washer
Paxman RPH RPH20013C Coupling
Paxman RPH RPH20226 Coupling
Paxman RPH RPH2024 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH20243 Washer
Paxman RPH RPH20247C Intermediate Shaft
Paxman RPH RPH2025 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH20263A Gear Driver
Paxman RPH RPH20264C Gear Driven
Paxman RPH RPH20268C Shaft
Paxman RPH RPH20272 Thrust Washer
Paxman RPH RPH20272B Thrust Washer
Paxman RPH RPH20272D Thrust Washer
Paxman RPH RPH20272G Thrust Washer
Paxman RPH RPH20273B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH20274B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH20275A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH20275B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH20282B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH20289 Shaft
Paxman RPH RPH20292B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH20293A Bevel Gear
Paxman RPH RPH20294 Distance Piece
Paxman RPH RPH20296 Shim
Paxman RPH RPH20309 Link Coupling
Paxman RPH RPH20314A Pin Special
Paxman RPH RPH20318A Handpiece
Paxman RPH RPH20319B Outer Spring
Paxman RPH RPH20320A Elastic Link
Paxman RPH RPH20320B Shaft
Paxman RPH RPH20320H Elastic Link 3/7
Paxman RPH RPH20321CP1 Forked End
Paxman RPH RPH20321F Link
Paxman RPH RPH20321G Link Coupling
Paxman RPH RPH20325F Lever
Paxman RPH RPH20374. Bracket
Paxman RPH RPH20374G Bracket
Paxman RPH RPH203760 Spindle Fulcrum
Paxman RPH RPH20376J Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH20377A Cylinder
Paxman RPH RPH20382 Lever
Paxman RPH RPH20421 Cover 64
Paxman RPH RPH20614B Housing
Paxman RPH RPH20614E Housing
Paxman RPH RPH20615D Plunger
Paxman RPH RPH20619B Lever
Paxman RPH RPH20619D Trip Lever
Paxman RPH RPH20634B Spragging Lever
Paxman RPH RPH20641 Screw Stop
Paxman RPH RPH20643B Casting Spring Drive
Paxman RPH RPH20645A Casing
Paxman RPH RPH20648B Cover
Paxman RPH RPH20648D Cover O.S.T
Paxman RPH RPH20651 Pin
Paxman RPH RPH20672D Bearing
Paxman RPH RPH20674A Cover
Paxman RPH RPH2072A Camshaft
Paxman RPH RPH20808A Gear Assy
Paxman RPH RPH20819A RPH20819A
Paxman RPH RPH20823 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH20882 Spring
Paxman RPH RPH20883C Hub
Paxman RPH RPH20888 Shim
Paxman RPH RPH20899A Connection
Paxman RPH RPH2109 Gudgeon Pin
Paxman RPH RPH2109 Gudgeon Pin
Paxman RPH RPH2154 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH21617 Washer
Paxman RPH RPH21637 Make Up Piece
Paxman RPH RPH21643 Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH21644 Washer 3/11
Paxman RPH RPH21649 Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH21651 Gaiter
Paxman RPH RPH21652 Washer
Paxman RPH RPH2198 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH22004S Pipe, Inlet
Paxman RPH RPH22009G Fuel Drain
Paxman RPH RPH22009H Fuel Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22042 Nut
Paxman RPH RPH22056 Clip
Paxman RPH RPH22059A Clamping Block
Paxman RPH RPH22059B Clamping Block
Paxman RPH RPH22064E Bracket
Paxman RPH RPH22090 Corr Fuel Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22098 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH22314N Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22314Q Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22317A Stud Connection
Paxman RPH RPH22328 Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22328A Pipe Inj Drain
Paxman RPH RPH22328B Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22328C Pipe Inj Drain
Paxman RPH RPH22329A Inj Drain
Paxman RPH RPH22329B Drain Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22361 Connecting Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22373 Clip
Paxman RPH RPH2238A Bearing
Paxman RPH RPH22436B Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22437 Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22442 Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH22442B Pipe F.O. System 61
Paxman RPH RPH2247 Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH22651 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH22765 Collar
Paxman RPH RPH22766 Collar
Paxman RPH RPH23020A Inj Assy
Paxman RPH RPH23031A Nut Injector
Paxman RPH RPH23333 Fulcrum Pin
Paxman RPH RPH24213B Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH2539 Rocker Adjustment Indicator
Paxman RPH RPH26313 Plug
Paxman RPH RPH26356 Support Piece
Paxman RPH RPH26387 Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH26388 Nut
Paxman RPH RPH26389 Dust Cover
Paxman RPH RPH26515 Plug
Paxman RPH RPH26611A Hsg Plunger
Paxman RPH RPH26626A Lever
Paxman RPH RPH26628 Screw
Paxman RPH RPH27 Spindle Driving Gear
Paxman RPH RPH2762 Stud
Paxman RPH RPH2763 Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH2765 Side Plate
Paxman RPH RPH2774 Housing
Paxman RPH RPH2782 Stud
Paxman RPH RPH2782A Stud
Paxman RPH RPH2786 Setscrew
Paxman RPH RPH2787 Collar
Paxman RPH RPH2788 Rocker Bracket
Paxman RPH RPH2790B Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH2791 Nut
Paxman RPH RPH2796B Quill Shaft
Paxman RPH RPH2800A Rotor
Paxman RPH RPH2803 Bolt
Paxman RPH RPH2807 Setscrew
Paxman RPH RPH2809 Hub
Paxman RPH RPH2811 Setscrew
Paxman RPH RPH2813A Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH2833 Locknut 62
Paxman RPH RPH2834 Spring Carrier
Paxman RPH RPH2856 Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH2858D Crankshaft
Paxman RPH RPH2882. Liner
Paxman RPH RPH2882A Liner
Paxman RPH RPH2901 Stud
Paxman RPH RPH2936 Casing
Paxman RPH RPH2937A Suction Cover
Paxman RPH RPH2954 Timing Gauge
Paxman RPH RPH2966A Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH2967 Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH2970B Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH2972 Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH2973 Bracket
Paxman RPH RPH2989 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH2996 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH30726 Fixed Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH30732A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH30738D Joint
Paxman RPH RPH30738F Joint, Relief Valve To Pressure Pump
Paxman RPH RPH30746 Key
Paxman RPH RPH30768 Plate
Paxman RPH RPH30782A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH30782B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH30785A Suction Bend
Paxman RPH RPH30786B Bend
Paxman RPH RPH30796A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH30796B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH31111B Body, Relief V/V
Paxman RPH RPH31112 Plunger
Paxman RPH RPH3112 Tube
Paxman RPH RPH31326 Centre Piece
Paxman RPH RPH31326A Centre Piece
Paxman RPH RPH31328 Driving Piece
Paxman RPH RPH31329 Screw
Paxman RPH RPH31535 Driving Rotor
Paxman RPH RPH31536 Driven Rotor
Paxman RPH RPH31612A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH31612B Joint, Relief Valve
Paxman RPH RPH32078C Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH32083 Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH32211 Sleeve
Paxman RPH RPH32228 Banjo Screw
Paxman RPH RPH32229 Oil Jet
Paxman RPH RPH32258 Oil Drain Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH32419 Oil Strainer
Paxman RPH RPH32419B Strainer
Paxman RPH RPH3515 Shield
Paxman RPH RPH3576B Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH3577 Clip
Paxman RPH RPH3578A Nut
Paxman RPH RPH3580 Brg Shell std
Paxman RPH RPH3593 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH3594 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH3601 Gasket
Paxman RPH RPH3624A Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH3625 Extractor
Paxman RPH RPH3632 Dowel
Paxman RPH RPH3684A Nut
Paxman RPH RPH37117A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH37117B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH3739A Gasket
Paxman RPH RPH3748A Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH3748B Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH3748C Piston Ring
Paxman RPH RPH3802 Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH3804 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH3870A Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH3874 Tool
Paxman RPH RPH3876B Casing
Paxman RPH RPH3877 Fulcrum Bracket
Paxman RPH RPH3881 Roller
Paxman RPH RPH3882 Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH3892 Bush
Paxman RPH rph3894 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH3895 Thrust Collar
Paxman RPH RPH3895A Thrust Collar
Paxman RPH RPH3907 Spindle Fuel Pump
Paxman RPH RPH3911 Stop Screw
Paxman RPH RPH3912 Washer
Paxman RPH RPH3914 Trip Lever
Paxman RPH RPH3916 Plunger
Paxman RPH RPH3917 Screw
Paxman RPH RPH3921 Stop Plunger
Paxman RPH RPH3922 Pin Driving
Paxman RPH RPH3923 Pin Driven
Paxman RPH RPH3939 Fulcrum Centre
Paxman RPH RPH3942A Bracket
Paxman RPH RPH3946 Relief Valve
Paxman RPH RPH3947 Nut Special
Paxman RPH RPH3949 Carrier
Paxman RPH RPH3953 Spring
Paxman RPH RPH3961 Body
Paxman RPH RPH3961C Cover
Paxman RPH RPH3962B Bush
Paxman RPH RPH3975 Spring
Paxman RPH RPH3979A Bearing
Paxman RPH RPH40013B Bend
Paxman RPH RPH40027A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH40064K Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH40091 Coupling
Paxman RPH RPH4068 Injector Flange
Paxman RPH RPH42005 Impeller Assy.
Paxman RPH RPH42011B Casing
Paxman RPH RPH42011D Casing
Paxman RPH RPH42015B Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH42025A Impeller
Paxman RPH RPH42027B Lockwasher
Paxman RPH RPH42028B Screw
Paxman RPH RPH42032B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH42033B Joint, Driving Cover
Paxman RPH RPH42037D Cover
Paxman RPH RPH42046 Water Pump Counterface
Paxman RPH RPH42048 Wear Ring
Paxman RPH RPH42049 Gland Ring
Paxman RPH RPH42068B Hat Rubber
Paxman RPH RPH42072 Spring
Paxman RPH RPH42075B Casing
Paxman RPH RPH42076 Impeller
Paxman RPH RPH42076A Impeller
Paxman RPH RPH42096 Thrust Flange
Paxman RPH RPH4262 Pinion
Paxman RPH RPH4265A Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH4266B Extn Piece
Paxman RPH RPH4267B Housing
Paxman RPH RPH4298 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH43018 Impeller Key
Paxman RPH RPH43021 Lockplate
Paxman RPH RPH43055 Carbon Ring
Paxman RPH RPH4356 Spring
Paxman RPH RPH4405 Adaptor Bush
Paxman RPH RPH4406 Spindle
Paxman RPH RPH4420A Collar Dipstick
Paxman RPH RPH4434A Drain Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH4435A Drain Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH4438A Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH4442A Pipe
Paxman RPH RPH45014 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH45016 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH46117A Stud
Paxman RPH RPH46118 Exhaust Clamp
Paxman RPH RPH46121A Bellows
Paxman RPH RPH46132A Stud
Paxman RPH RPH51016E Disc Valve
Paxman RPH RPH51018D Joint
Paxman RPH RPH51029C Coupling
Paxman RPH RPH51029D Coupling
Paxman RPH RPH51034A Adj Screw
Paxman RPH RPH51043 Screw
Paxman RPH RPH51045 Plunger
Paxman RPH RPH51048A Cover Blank
Paxman RPH RPH51049 Spacer
Paxman RPH RPH51057 Cover
Paxman RPH RPH51058A Cap
Paxman RPH RPH51062 Flame Guard
Paxman RPH RPH51110B Air Valve Assy
Paxman RPH RPH51111 Body
Paxman RPH RPH51113A Air Valve
Paxman RPH RPH51128A Cap Nut
Paxman RPH RPH53062A Shim
Paxman RPH RPH53146A Plate
Paxman RPH RPH569 Banjo Screw
Paxman RPH RPH574 Hot Plug
Paxman RPH RPH653 Bush
Paxman RPH RPH698 C/Case Door Joint
Paxman RPH RPH70099 Spanner
Paxman RPH RPH70353 Spanner
Paxman RPH RPH70586 Socket
Paxman RPH RPH70599 Nut
Paxman RPH RPH70681 Spanner (Special)
Paxman RPH RPH755 Locating Ring
Paxman RPH RPH758 Spring
Paxman RPH RPH76333A Adaptor Ring
Paxman RPH RPH76333B Adaptor Ring
Paxman RPH RPH768A Joint
Paxman RPH RPH768B Joint
Paxman RPH RPH8047A Plate
Paxman RPH RPH819A Blade Rod Bolts
Paxman RPH RPH829B Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH829B Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH829B Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH877 Gear
Paxman RPH RPH88096 Joint
Paxman RPH RPH8856 C Type Conn Rod
Paxman RPH RPH939 Bearing Shell
Paxman RPH RPH969 Bearing Block
Paxman RPH RPH969 Bearing Block
Paxman RPH RPH974/4 Valve
Paxman RPH RPHC45116 Pipe
Paxman RPH RPHC45148 Joint
Paxman RPH RPHC87339A Gasket
Paxman RPH RPHC88039 Pad Intercooler
Paxman RPH SPL100B/RW Joint Kit
Paxman RPH SPL11A/RPH Relief Valve
Paxman RPH SPL18C/RPH Rocker Gear Assy Complete
Paxman RPH SPL25E/2RPH Injector
Paxman RPH TP/799 Lifting Piston
Paxman RPH TP1024 Joint
Paxman RPH TP1026 Joint
Paxman RPH TP1035 Three Way Cock
Paxman RPH TP1037 3 Way Cock
Paxman RPH TP1039 Adaptor
Paxman RPH TP109R74 Joint
Paxman RPH TP134 Joint
Paxman RPH TP146 Stud
Paxman RPH TP1501 Switch
Paxman RPH TP152 Locating Plate
Paxman RPH TP156 Joint
Paxman RPH TP156A Joint
Paxman RPH TP157 Joint
Paxman RPH TP158 Joint
Paxman RPH TP161 Joint
Paxman RPH TP162 Joint
Paxman RPH TP166 Joint
Paxman RPH TP16842 Joint
Paxman RPH TP17 Dowel
Paxman RPH TP172 Plunger For Reducing Valve
Paxman RPH TP173 Union
Paxman RPH TP1765 Pin
Paxman RPH TP1774 Relief Valve
Paxman RPH TP1781 Valve
Paxman RPH TP1809A Joint
Paxman RPH TP1834 Joint
Paxman RPH TP193 Gear
Paxman RPH TP2020 Nozzle
Paxman RPH TP2099 Del Valve Spring
Paxman RPH TP2108 Spring
Paxman RPH TP2208 Nut
Paxman RPH TP2209 Nut
Paxman RPH TP222504 Oil Seal
Paxman RPH TP2232 Bush
Paxman RPH TP2250 Pressure Gauge
Paxman RPH TP2283 Joint
Paxman RPH TP2284 Joint
Paxman RPH TP2285 Joint
Paxman RPH TP2286 Washer
Paxman RPH TP2286 Washer
Paxman RPH TP2308 Joint for Element
Paxman RPH TP2315 Strainer
Paxman RPH TP2320 Joint
Paxman RPH TP2321 Joint
Paxman RPH TP236 Bypass Valve
Paxman RPH TP2403 Spring
Paxman RPH TP2428 Spring
Paxman RPH TP244 Screw
Paxman RPH TP2443 Bush
Paxman RPH TP245 Spring
Paxman RPH TP246 Locknut
Paxman RPH TP248 Cap Nut
Paxman RPH TP249 Joint
Paxman RPH TP256 Joint
Paxman RPH TP26 Tab Washer
Paxman RPH TP265 Joint
Paxman RPH TP27 Bolt
Paxman RPH TP2840 Joint
Paxman RPH TP2852 Joint
Paxman RPH TP2874 Locknut
Paxman RPH TP2876 Seal
Paxman RPH TP2881 Locating Washer
Paxman RPH TP2882 Rod
Paxman RPH TP2893 Key
Paxman RPH TP2895 Joint
Paxman RPH TP291 Shim
Paxman RPH TP313A Core Plug
Paxman RPH TP315 Tabwasher
Paxman RPH TP336 Tabwasher
Paxman RPH TP352 Spring Carrier
Paxman RPH TP353 Split Cotter
Paxman RPH TP356 Screwed Ring
Paxman RPH TP357 Spring
Paxman RPH TP360A Valve Guide
Paxman RPH TP387 Washer
Paxman RPH TP403 Shim
Paxman RPH TP414 Joint
Paxman RPH TP429 Joint
Paxman RPH TP447 Joint
Paxman RPH TP449 Joint
Paxman RPH TP45001 Joint
Paxman RPH TP45004 Joint Plug
Paxman RPH TP45005 Joint Ring
Paxman RPH TP45007 Joint
Paxman RPH TP45008 Joint Oil Conn
Paxman RPH TP454 Joint
Paxman RPH TP461 Spindle
Paxman RPH TP464 Joint
Paxman RPH TP483 Joint
Paxman RPH TP499 Pipe
Paxman RPH TP503 Dowel
Paxman RPH TP527 Collar
Paxman RPH TP544 Tab Washer
Paxman RPH TP550 Joint
Paxman RPH TP613 Joint
Paxman RPH TP643 Joint
Paxman RPH TP662 Core Plug
Paxman RPH TP665 Dowel
Paxman RPH TP666 Dowel
Paxman RPH TP667 Spring Clip
Paxman RPH TP668 Spring Clip
Paxman RPH TP676 Joint
Paxman RPH TP708 Joint
Paxman RPH TP709 Spring
Paxman RPH TP716 Joint
Paxman RPH TP797 Piston Band
Paxman RPH TP823 Operating Lever
Paxman RPH TP824 Spring
Paxman RPH TP86 Joint
Paxman RPH TP908A Bush
Paxman RPH TP937A Joint
Paxman RPH TP968 Sleeve
Paxman RPH TP970C Housing Assy 58
Paxman RPH TP973A Pin
Paxman RPH TP975 Circlip 55
Paxman RPH TP976 Spring
Paxman RPH TP979 Lockwasher
Paxman RPH VR1004 Piston Ring
Paxman RPH VR1027 Plunger
Paxman RPH VR1060 BOLT
Paxman RPH VR1063 Bolt
Paxman RPH VR1095 Banjo Screw
Paxman RPH VR1106 Tabwasher
Paxman RPH VR139 Spring
Paxman RPH VR245 Nut
Paxman RPH VR249 Key
Paxman RPH VR282 Valve Spring
Paxman RPH VR283 Spring
Paxman RPH VR3205C Bearing
Paxman RPH VR519 Special Washer
Paxman RPH VR53 Valve Guide
Paxman RPH VR75 Washer
Paxman RPH VR922 Key
Paxman RPH VR954 Lever
Paxman RPH VR984 Tappet Lever


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