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Looking for help with your Paxman Diesel Engine?

If you own a Paxman engine, or you support someone who does, why not tap into our 50 years of specialist experience to reduce your headaches and help keep your engine running smoothly?

At Bartech, we understand how good Paxman diesel engines can be; after all, Gerald Barnett created Bartech with the primary purpose of supporting them back in 1987. Having worked with these engines since beginning his apprenticeship at Paxman in 1965, he has accumulated a wealth of experience.

We also appreciate the operational problems you can face resulting from undocumented design changes, engine variations and limited spares availability. These issues particularly affect the older RPH, YJ (Ventura), YH and Y3J (Valenta, RP200) Paxman engines.

With production of those engines ceasing over 25 years ago, access to the parts and technical support needed to keep them running smoothly is a whole lot harder to find, and with downtime more costly than ever before, keeping your engines working hard or available is becoming a lot more difficult.

That’s where we come in. As we mentioned, the sole reason we formed in the first place was to meet the servicing needs of hundreds of Paxman engine owners, and consequently our engineers are experienced on the intricacies of Paxman engines.

Andy working on a Paxman engine

Our chief engineer Andy has a rich history in the world of Paxman having worked there in the 1970s and 1980s before joining our team. There’s a good chance that Andy actually built your engine in the first place!

Whether you need technical support, an engine health check or a complete overhaul, we can help, so give us a call on 01206 673101 and let us know how we can help.


If you’re looking for our most up-to-date price guide, fill in the red form to the right and we’ll send it straight out to you.

We can help you with any of the following:

Paxman 6YJ
Paxman 8YJ
Paxman 12YJ
Paxman 16YJ
Paxman YJ
Paxman 4RPH
Paxman 6RPH
Paxman 8RPH
Paxman 12RPH
Paxman YH
Paxman RP200
Paxman Valenta
Paxman Ventura
Paxman Y3J
Paxman YL
Paxman SE
Paxman Vega


Need some assistance with your Paxman engine? Here’s just a few things we can do:

  • Engine Breakdown Response – Getting you back on-line and reducing lost income

    We know that for your business to be as productive and profitable as you want it to be, your engines need to be up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re there for you to help you get back on-line, whatever the time of the day or night. Call +44 1206 673101, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and one of our Paxman experts will do everything they can to help.

  • Supply of spares – Whatever you’re after, we’ve probably got it

    Whatever spare part you need, we can help. With both genuine Paxman spares and brand new parts fully compatible with Paxman engines in our stores, we’ve got your needs covered. We supply a number of blue chips with these parts on a regular basis, so we understand how important it is to source the right part and get it out to you without delay.

  • Reconditioned Assemblies – Say goodbye to hours of costly downtime

    We understand that when your engine is down, it could well need repairing ASAP to reduce the costly effects of downtime. Our reconditioned assemblies give you a faster return on-line for your engines, with a fixed cost. We always have a wide selection of main assemblies available, including cylinder heads, turbos, governors, fuel pumps, injectors, water pumps and more. All reconditioned items will come with 12-month warranty and test certification.

  • Engine Maintenance and Overhauls – Keeping your operation smooth, safe and profitable

    Whether you need a relatively simple engine health check or a major overhaul, our experienced engineers are fully equipped to carry out the work you need to keep your operation running smoothly, safely and profitably.

  • Technical Support – Whatever you need, whenever you need it

    With Paxman engines still being used in fire pumps, marine propulsion units, generators and to drive locomotives, we know how vital it is they are available when you need them. Whatever support you need, you’ll find it at Bartech. After all, our engineers worked on the development of these engines in the first place, so what they don’t know isn’t worth knowing.

  • Complete Engines – If worst comes to worst, all is not lost

    Unfortunately there are times when these engines do experience such significant damage that the only option is to replace the complete unit. If this was the case for you, we have complete engines in stock and keep major assemblies to build them to meet your spec.

  • Improvements and Upgrades – Making sure your engine keeps up with your business

    As these engines are using technology that’s up to 40 years old, there are many new developments which can give you better safety, reliability and confidence with these engines.

    We’ve designed and installed improved gauge panels, control systems, pre-heat systems, starter ring design, rocker brackets to make engines safer and perform better, so if you’re looking to improve your engine, we can definitely help.

    We’re passionate about helping your Paxman engine perform as you need it to for as long as possible, so whatever you need, just pick up the phone and give us a call on 01206 673101 – we’d love to hear from you.

    As an independent specialist of Paxman engines, Bartech has no connection or association with the original engine manufacturer for Paxman, MAN Diesel Limited or any of its group companies (together, “MAN”). What we do have is members of our engineering team who completed apprenticeships at Paxman and have worked with these engines for over 40 years. We also have flexibility and desire to find the right solution for you.

Examples of past successes include:

  • Supply and installation of RPH engines for Tanzanian Railways
  • Supply of spares packages used in US Coastguard vessels
  • Carryout health checks, complete routine overhauls and upgrades for 12YH engine used in a fire pump application for Shell
  • Build and install 12YJ engine for fire pump application for TAQA Britani
  • Complete overhauls for 12RP200 engine for Centrica
  • Supply of spares kits and assemblies for RPH engines used in Department of Defence, Cork
  • Build and install 12YH engine for fire pump application for Talisman-Sinopec
  • Supply and install 6YJ engine for Tenderton Railways

Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about our work:

Peter Walker - Rotating Equipment Engineer
Peter Walker - Rotating Equipment Engineer TAQA Britani

Bartech helped maintain & achieve our recovery plan in a safe manner & also implementing the improvements required to prevent similar incidents. From the outset, Bartech were very adaptable to our urgent requirements and used all of their resources possible to expedite the safe return of P-7230 fire water pump.

Bartech meet and exceeded our expectations during this intervention. We are hopeful that this level of service can be maintained & look forward to working with Bartech in the future.

Matthew McSorley - Maintenance Focal Point
Matthew McSorley - Maintenance Focal Point Wood Group PSN on behalf of Shell

Bartech professionally delivered on all promised work within schedule. By utilising the experience and expertise of the Bartech engineers we were able to simultaneously liquidate a number of jobs.

The engineer’s problem-solving ability meant that long-standing issues were corrected. The technical expertise on this particular fire pump was first class. Bartech were also able to source and provide materials at short notice for the service of the engine.


See videos below showing a 12YJCM engine on test after a complete overhaul and rebuild by Bartech as well as a 6YJ engine built and installed in rail application. Click here for more information on our history with Paxman.

Bartech was formed on supporting Paxman 12YJ and 6YJ engines, of which we have years of technical experience, supported by manuals, technical information and over 25,000 different stock items available from our stores.

We currently support oil companies offshore, supplying and maintaining Paxman 12YJ engines to the highest possible level.

Complete Paxman Engines and Overhauls

The core of Bartech has been in supporting clients with their medium speed diesel engines such as RPH, YH, YJ and Y3J (RP200) models.

We can support you with spares, fault finding, overhauls, service exchange assemblies or complete engines as well as consultancy and project services to match your exact requirements.

Working from 18,000 square feet of excellent, modern facilities supported by fully maintained and calibrated equipment means our overhauls will be completed to the highest standards complete with our guarantee and in line with the procedures set out as part of our ISO9001 Quality Management System.

The high levels of mechanical excellence extend beyond the engineering, as this same philosophy is used in the planning and organisation stage with the use of Gantt charts and Action plans to ensure all areas are considered and dealt with.

We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery so, like you, we do not want any unforeseen surprises!!

Spares for Paxman Engines

For the older engines such as RPH, YH and Y3J (RP200) which are poorly supported by OEMs we are able to provide the help you need including manufacturing some rare items ourselves.

The in-house controls and abilities have been recognised by OEMs as we have manufactured and supplied items to them direct.

We also have an approved supply chain, including companies that make spares for the engine manufacturers, so you can have peace of mind on the quality and dependability backed with our 27 years of business, test documentation and guarantee.

If you’re after a trustworthy Paxman engine specialist with an excellent track record for your job, email us info@bartechmarine.com or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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