Napier Parts Stock List

If you’re looking for Napier parts, then you’re in the right place.

In addition to the work we do servicing, overhauling and repairing Napier Turbochargers, we also provide an extensive selection of Napier parts.

You can see a selection of the kind of Napier parts we provide below, but if you don’t see your part on there, the chances are we can still get it for you, or we’ll know someone who can.

To talk to us about your Napier parts needs, just give us a call on 01206 673101 or email through to

Vast range of Napier Parts at Bartech’s warehouse

Napier BJ2627 Adj Plate CE
Napier BS/A25/9C Bolt
Napier BSA25/9C Bolt
Napier FB/104/7T Bolt
Napier FB104/6T Bolt
Napier FB104/7R Bolt
Napier FB106/6R Bolt
Napier BJ2310 Joint
Napier SL514/115 Joint
Napier BL1045 Joint Washer
Napier SL514/114 Joint Washer
Napier SL514/132 Joint Washer
Napier BL07J038 Laminated Shim
Napier BS/A24/EP Nut
Napier BS/A24/GP Nut
Napier BS/A24/JP Nut
Napier BS/A24/LP Nut
Napier BSA24/EP Nut
Napier BSA24/GP Nut
Napier BSA24/JP Nut
Napier BL4899 Nut Shaft End
Napier BS/SP13/G Plain Washer
Napier BS/SP13/J Plain Washer
Napier AND552181 Pump Assy
Napier FS/105/8P Screw
Napier SL499/008 Screw
Napier BJ2640 Shim
Napier SL567/001 Stud
Napier SL567/045 Stud
Napier SL567/054 Stud
Napier SL567/080 Stud
Napier SL567/082 Stud
Napier SL567/083 Stud
Napier SL567/152 Stud
Napier SL567/162 Stud
Napier SL567/20 Stud
Napier SL567/27 Stud
Napier SL567/35 Stud
Napier SL567/50 Stud
Napier SL567/83 Stud
Napier SL804/47 Stud
Napier SL618/3 Tab Washer
Napier SL683/26 Tab Washer
Napier BS/SP41/C Tabwasher
Napier BS/SP43/E Tabwasher
Napier BS/SP44/G Tabwasher
Napier SL261/16 Tabwasher
Napier SL617/001 Tabwasher
Napier SL620/7 Tabwasher
Napier SL683/026 Tabwasher
Napier SL683/027 Tabwasher
Napier SL683/028 Tabwasher
Napier A133400341F Turbocharger
Napier SL514/60 Washer
Napier SL514/75 Washer
Napier SL617/1 Washer

If you’re after a specific Napier part and you see it on the list, ordering it is as simple as picking up the phone and giving us a call on 01206 673101 or emailing us at

However, the list is just a selection, so if the part you’re looking for isn’t on this list, don’t worry, we’ll probably still be able to help – give us a call on 01206 673101 now.

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