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Holset Parts Stock List

If you’re looking for Holset parts, then you’re in the right place. 

In addition to the work we do servicing, overhauling and repairing all types of marine engines and assemblies, we also provide an extensive selection of Holset parts.

You can see a selection of the kind of Holset parts we provide below, but if you don’t see your part on there, the chances are we can still get it for you, or we’ll know someone who can.

To talk to us about your Holset parts needs, just give us a call on 01206 673101 or email through to info@bartechmarine.com

Holset Turbocharger air inlet casing during overhaul by Bartech. Contact us for your Holset parts or work requirements.

Holset 9923 Nozzle Ring
Holset 9924 Nozzle Ring
Holset 9927 Nozzle Ring Assy
Holset 9928 Nozzle Ring
Holset 9983 Comp Wheel
Holset FH2611 Element
Holset 12472 Rotor Assy
Holset 18421 Compressor Wheel
Holset 23872 Housing
Holset 23981 Housing (Turbo)
Holset 3503305 Compressor Wheel
Holset 3503456 Compressor Wheel
Holset 350370 Compression Wheel
Holset 3504220 Bearing Housing
Holset 3504294 Overhaul Kit
Holset 3519535 Locknut
Holset 3519763 Gasket
Holset 3519764 Gasket
Holset 3523507 Bearing Housing
Holset 3524773 Heat Shield
Holset 3524886 Compressor Wheel
Holset 352614 Circlip
Holset 3527176 Turbo Shaft & Impellor
Holset 352750 Circlip
Holset 3529372 Locknut
Holset 3529816 Compressor Wheel
Holset 3545502 Overhaul Kit
Holset 3545503 Overhaul Kit
Holset 3545542 Overhaul Kit
Holset 3545575 Gasket Kit
Holset 3545653 Overhaul Kit
Holset 3545655 Overhaul Kit
Holset 3545660 Overhaul Kit
Holset 3545663 Overhaul Kit
Holset 3545674 Overhaul kit
Holset 3545678 Overhaul Kit
Holset 3594083 Holset Turbocharger
Holset 51073 Compressor Wheel
Holset 51703 Compressor Wheel
Holset 51753 Thrust Ring
Holset 5229649 Service Kit
Holset 52951 Piston Ring
Holset 52980 O Ring
Holset 55851 Nozzle Ring
Holset 55882 Turbine Wheel & Shaft
Holset 56005 Nozzle Ring
Holset 9517 Piston Ring
Holset 9526 Clamp
Holset 9536 Lockwasher
Holset 9543 Flange Cover
Holset 9544 Oil Flange Cover
Holset 9565 Nozzle Ring
Holset 9628 Compressor Wheel
Holset 9630 Compressor Wheel
Holset 9642 Compressor Extension
Holset 9645 Compressor Extension
Holset 9724 Label
Holset 9725 Label
Holset 9764 Piston ring
Holset 9779 Lock Washer

If you’re after a specific Holset part and you see it on the list, ordering it is as simple as picking up the phone and giving us a call on 01206 673101 or emailing us at info@bartechmarine.com


However, the list is just a selection, so if the part you’re looking for isn’t on this list, don’t worry, we’ll probably still be able to help – give us a call on 01206 673101 now.

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