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Dorman Parts Stock List

If you’re looking for Dorman parts, then you’re in the right place.

In addition to the work we do servicing, overhauling and repairing Dorman engines, we also provide an extensive selection of Dorman parts.

You can see a selection of the kind of Dorman parts we provide below, but if you don’t see your part on there, the chances are we can still get it for you. We can help you with the following engines:

Dorman ST
Dorman QT
Dorman PTCW
Dorman Q
Dorman LD
Dorman LE
Dorman J
Dorman LDT

To talk to us about your Dorman parts needs, just give us a call on 01206 673101 or email through to info@bartechmarine.com

Dorman parts availible in stock from our warehouse.

Dorman 418SM229 Adaptor
Dorman Q80C/2 Adaptor Plate
Dorman L551D/4 Air Filter Element
Dorman 12QV663E Auxiliary Joint Set
Dorman LS11 Ball Bearing
Dorman LS9 Ball Bearing
Dorman QV1A/1 Bare Cylinder Head
Dorman JV90 Bare Piston
Dorman 374/952 Bearing
Dorman Q574M/010 Bearing Sleeve
Dorman 30/283 Bolt
Dorman 30/284 Bolt
Dorman 30/285 Bolt
Dorman 30/458 Bolt
Dorman 30/459 Bolt
Dorman 30/781 Bolt
Dorman EB00049 Bolt
Dorman UFB107/14S Bolt
Dorman 374/1124 Bush
Dorman 374/1125 Bush
Dorman 374/875 Bush
Dorman 374/889 Bush
Dorman 374/890 Bush
Dorman 377/273 Bush
Dorman 374/915 Bushing Sleeve
Dorman Q110/2 Cap
Dorman Q145/26 Carrier
Dorman 496/29 Circlip
Dorman 496/45 Circlip
Dorman 496/47 Circlip
Dorman 496/34 Circlip A
Dorman 525/27 Clip
Dorman 525/50 Clip
Dorman HW7B/18 Collet
Dorman Q145/18 Coupling
Dorman Q80D/1 Coupling Drive End
Dorman Q145A/8 Cover for Water Pump
Dorman QV50A/30 Crankcase Inspection Plate
Dorman 6Q528B/1 CSD Cover
Dorman QV1R Cylinder Head
Dorman QV1R Cylinder Head
Dorman EB000639 Drive Gear
Dorman Q116B/9 Drive Gear And Shaft
Dorman Q418E Drive Shaft
Dorman EB01062A Exhaust Manifold
Dorman EB01063A Exhaust Manifold
Dorman L7L/20 Exhaust Valve Assy
Dorman 554/110 F.E Crankshaft Oil Seal
Dorman 554/85 F.E Crankshaft Oil Seal
Dorman 347/388 Ferrule
Dorman 374/962 Ferrule
Dorman 374/963 Ferrule
Dorman 374/977 Ferrule
Dorman Q145A/18 Flex Coupling
Dorman Q258L/1 Flywheel Housing
Dorman SV659/1 Front C/shaft Gear
Dorman EB000229 Fuel Distribution Pipe
Dorman JV429B Fuel Filter Assy
Dorman JV429/4 Fuel Filter Element
Dorman 282/190 Gasket
Dorman 863/77 Gasket
Dorman Q105 Gear
Dorman Q96a Gear
Dorman Q188/10 Gear Spur
Dorman Q188N/10 Gear Spur
Dorman Q145/12 Gland Assy
Dorman JV89 Gudgeon Pin
Dorman Q89 Gudgeon Pin
Dorman Q97A/1 Helical Gear
Dorman 419/210 Hose
Dorman 419/246 Hose
Dorman 419/331 Hose
Dorman 419/47 Hose
Dorman 419/90 Hose
Dorman 419/143 Hose Connection
Dorman Q516/6 Housing
Dorman QV659A/2 Idler Gear
Dorman 99/433 Injector
Dorman Q1/12 Injector Bushes
Dorman Q1/12 Injector Bushes
Dorman 99/488 Injector Copper Washer
Dorman 277/75 Injector Seal/Gasket
Dorman SE7J/14 Inlet Valve
Dorman L7K/20 Inlet Valve Assy
Dorman HW7C/15 Inlet Valve Spring Retainer
Dorman 365/457 Inner Valve Spring
Dorman SE777B Intercooler
Dorman 12QV70A Joint
Dorman 273/281 Joint
Dorman 278/217 Joint
Dorman 278/230 Joint
Dorman 278/313 Joint
Dorman 278/332 Joint
Dorman 278/333 Joint
Dorman 278/344 Joint
Dorman 280/20 Joint
Dorman 280/24 Joint
Dorman 282/117 Joint
Dorman 282/144 Joint
Dorman 283/59 Joint
Dorman 331/121 Joint
Dorman 331/152 Joint
Dorman 331/153 Joint
Dorman 331/154 Joint
Dorman 331/175 Joint
Dorman 331/206 Joint
Dorman 331/227 Joint
Dorman 341/104 Joint
Dorman 341/111 Joint
Dorman 341/112 Joint
Dorman 341/116 Joint
Dorman 341/121 Joint
Dorman 341/125 Joint
Dorman 494/66 Joint
Dorman 863/111 Joint
Dorman 863/12 Joint
Dorman 863/126 Joint
Dorman 863/127 Joint
Dorman 863/14 Joint
Dorman 863/186 Joint
Dorman 863/72 Joint
Dorman DA7/3 Joint
Dorman L1/38 joint
Dorman L116/5 Joint
Dorman L419/2 Joint
Dorman L419a/2 Joint
Dorman L478 Joint
Dorman Q152/26 Joint
Dorman Q478A Joint
Dorman QV116/5 Joint
Dorman QV70 Joint
Dorman SV175A/32 Joint
Dorman SV659/7 Joint
Dorman 341/113 Joint
Dorman QV478 Joint Rocker Cover
Dorman QV910J/10 Kit, Con Rod
Dorman 428/504 Lever
Dorman 410/10 Locknut
Dorman 320/26 Locknut (Pack 20)
Dorman Q574MX Main Bearing
Dorman Q15H/6 Mounting Bracket
Dorman 418SM231 Nut
Dorman UFN107A Nut
Dorman 372/13 O Ring
Dorman 372/19 O Ring
Dorman 576/165 O Ring
Dorman 576/25 O Ring
Dorman 576/32 O Ring
Dorman 576/49 O Ring
Dorman 576/58 O Ring
Dorman 576/61 O Ring
Dorman 576/69 O Ring
Dorman 582/33 Oil Cooler
Dorman 592/25 Oil Pressure Gauge
Dorman 554/11 Oil Seal
Dorman 554/11 Oil Seal
Dorman 554/127 Oil Seal
Dorman 554/42 Oil Seal
Dorman 554/52 Oil Seal
Dorman 554/62 Oil Seal
Dorman 554/74 Oil Seal
Dorman 554/80 Oil Seal
Dorman 576/54 Oil Seal
Dorman 554/1 Oil Seal Restriction
Dorman Q94A Oil Thrower
Dorman 576/48 O-Ring
Dorman 365/456 Outer Valve Spring
Dorman EB000490B Outlet Elbow A Bank
Dorman EB000493B Outlet Elbow B Bank
Dorman 552/29 Pin
Dorman Q901S Piston Assembly
Dorman 359/452 Piston Ring
Dorman 359/453 Piston Ring
Dorman 359/454 Piston Ring
Dorman 359/487 Piston Ring Set
Dorman Q9015 Piston
Dorman Q80B/2 Plate
Dorman 710/42 Pyrometer
Dorman L323C/22 Radiator Cap
Dorman EB000435 Raw Water Pump
Dorman Y92/00039 Repair kit for Turbo
Dorman Q152A/3 Rocker
Dorman Q152B/1 Rocker Cover
Dorman Q188A/99 Rubber Gaiter
Dorman SEV750/17 Sandwich Plate
Dorman 554/71 Seal
Dorman 554/71 Seal
Dorman 576/47 Seal
Dorman Y89/00071 Seal Collar
Dorman JV145/12 Seal Kit
Dorman 576/146 Seal Ring
Dorman L145F/9 Shaft
Dorman Q145A/9 Shaft
Dorman Y89/00084 Shaft
Dorman L91A/7M Small End Bush
Dorman 459/314 Spacer
Dorman 365/472 Spring
Dorman 365/472 Spring
Dorman 701/121 Starter Motor
Dorman SV659/9 Stubshaft
Dorman UF006/34A Stud
Dorman Q573M/2 Therm housing
Dorman 710B/35 Thermometer
Dorman 6Q60 Thrust Bearing
Dorman 262/120/120A Thrust Washer (Pair)
Dorman 3L663D Top Gasket Set
Dorman 12QV663P Top Joint Set
Dorman H1147 Tubestack
Dorman Q652 Turbocharger
Dorman SE652B Turbocharger
Dorman SE7H/14 Valve
Dorman Q7D/14 Valve Exhaust
Dorman 392/20 Valve guide
Dorman 392/20 Valve guide
Dorman Q7H/14 Valve Inlet
Dorman Q7U/14 Valve Inlet
Dorman 277/95 Washer Copper
Dorman l145d/29 Water Pump Body
Dorman Q145B/8 Water Pump Cover

If you’re after a specific Dorman part and you see it on the list, ordering it is as simple as emailing your enquiry to info@bartechmarine.com or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

However, the list is just a selection, so if the part you’re looking for isn’t on this list, don’t worry, we’ll probably still be able to help – give us a call on +44 (0)1206 673101.

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