Colchester Ambassadors

Bartech’s MD Paul Bleck is a member of Colchester Ambassadors, a group of business leaders who believe passionately about the opportunities that Colchester presents to inward investors and relocating businesses as well as to existing organisations within the town.

With one of the fastest growing populations and economies in the UK, Colchester has a highly educated and skilled workforce and a pro-active, forward-thinking outlook.

The Colchester Ambassadors have identified four key opportunities that together make the town an unbeatable proposition: 

Creating capital in Colchester

A world-class knowledge borough

Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit

No better place to live and work

During an interview, with the Ambassadors, Paul was asked;

What are the advantages of being a Colchester-based business?

“Companies like Paxman Diesels and Colchester Lathes have ensured a very strong engineering heritage in Colchester, which has continued with many ex-army engineers in the area. This army history has also given an underlying strength of respect, discipline and community.

As a location, Colchester provides easy access to engines in use as standby generators in London as well as many marine applications around the East Anglian coastline.”

To see the full interview and find out more about Colchester Ambassadors, click here.

A few words from Paul as to what makes Colchester the perfect place for a business headquarters…