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CAV Fuel Injection and CAV Fuel Pump Parts Stock List

If you’re looking for CAV Fuel Injector or CAV Fuel Pump parts, then you’re in the right place.

In addition to the work we do servicing, overhauling and repairing CAV Fuel Injectors and CAV Fuel Pumps, we also provide an extensive selection of CAV Fuel Injector and CAV Fuel Pump parts.

You can see a selection of the kind of CAV Fuel Injector and CAV Fuel Pump parts we provide below, but if you don’t see your part on there, the chances are we can still get it for you, or we’ll know someone who can.

To talk to us about your CAV Fuel Injector and CAV Fuel Pump parts needs, email your enquiry to info@bartechmarine.com, or call us on +44 (0)1206 673101.

CAV 7029/219A 11mm Fuel Pump Element
CAV 7008/36 Adjusting Screw
CAV 7097-512D Air/V Parts
CAV NA1/10 Banjo
CAV NA1/2 Banjo
CAV NA1-5 Banjo
CAV 7022/19 Banjo Bolt
CAV 7111/308 Banjo Screw
CAV 7008/188 Banjo Screw
CAV 7029/15. Banjo Screw
CAV NJ305E Bearing
CAV NC6/5 Bearing
CAV 7005119 Belts (3 per set)
CAV 7008/116 Body
CAV NS50-50Z1 Bolt
CAV 7034/879 Breather
CAV 7092/39 B-Seat
CAV 7029/289 Bush
CAV 7029-4. Bush for Roller
CAV 7028-21 Camshaft
CAV NU7-46Y1 Camshaft Nut
CAV 7008-20 Cap
CAV 7008-925C Cap
CAV 7008-951C Cap
CAV 7024/190 Cap Nozzle Holder
CAV 7008/198C Cap Nut
CAV 7008/429 Cap Nut
CAV 7008/454 Cap Nut
CAV 7008/902 Cap Nut
CAV 7008-35. Cap Nut
CAV 7024/161 Cap Nut
CAV 7024/95A Cap Nut
CAV 6/255 Circlip
CAV 7029/138 Circlip
CAV NW1/1 Cirlcip
CAV 7024/58G Connecters
CAV 7008-456B Connection
CAV 7024-58E Connection
CAV 6/421 Control Rod
CAV 7029/30 Control Rod
CAV 7029-327 Control Rod
CAV 7035/58 Control Rod
CAV 6/266 Control Sleeve
CAV 7029-27 Control Sleeve
CAV 7028/47 Cover Plate
CAV 7028-51 Cover Plate
CAV 6/244F Del Valve & Seat Assy
CAV 7029/17 Delivery Valve
CAV 7029/17A Delivery Valve
CAV 7022/176B Delivery Valve Holder
CAV 6/243C Delivery Valve Seat Assy
CAV 7008/428A Dowel
CAV 7008/428B Dowel
CAV 7008-428 Dowel
CAV 7079/81P Drain plug
CAV 7024/57 Edge Filter
CAV 6/534C Element
CAV 7010-562N Element
CAV 7029/46B Element
CAV 7029/46C Element
CAV 7035/186 Element
CAV 7035/186D Element
CAV 7097-404D Element
CAV 7029-46 Element
CAV 7029/61 Endplate
CAV 7027/181 Filter
CAV 789/248 Flexible Pipe
CAV 789/249 Flexible Pipe
CAV 806/134 Fuel Pump
CAV 7029/44 Fuel Pump Element
CAV 7008-148 G Nut
CAV 7010/417 Gasket
CAV 7029/151 Gasket
CAV 7029/196 Gasket
CAV 7029/318 Gasket
CAV 7035/124 Gasket
CAV 7035/156 Gasket
CAV 7035/157 Gasket
CAV 7035/158 Gasket
CAV 7135-40 Guide
CAV 7027/23 Guide for tappet
CAV 7044-35 Holder
CAV 760/36 Injector
CAV 760/42 Injector
CAV 858/3 Injector
CAV R5228795 Injector
CAV 5260602 Injector
CAV 5457601 Injector
CAV R5228900 Injector Assy
CAV NTD0B150H0531 Injector Body
CAV BKBL97S5334 Injector Holder
CAV 740/37 Insert Exhaust
CAV 740/37 Insert Exhaust
CAV 740/36 Insert Inlet
CAV NW5/43W4 Joint
CAV NW5/63W4 Joint
CAV NW5-30 Joint
CAV 7003/24 Joint
CAV 7022-85A Joint
CAV 7028-44 Joint
CAV 7029-28 Joint
CAV 7033-24 Joint
CAV 7035/96 Joint
CAV 7095/35 Joint
CAV 7029-147 Joint Inspection
CAV NW5/49W4 Joint Ring/Washer
CAV 7035/18. Key, for hub
CAV 7029-199 Leaf Spring
CAV 7111/768 Non return valve
CAV 726/40 Nozzle
CAV 726/44 Nozzle
CAV NU7/20Y1 Nut
CAV NU7/41Y1 Nut
CAV NU7-11Y1 Nut
CAV 7027/41 Nut
CAV 7022-143 Nut Special
CAV 7029/238 Oil Seal
CAV 7029-21. Oil Thrower
CAV 7097/268 Peg
CAV 7029/6. Pin
CAV 7035-249 Pin
CAV 7035-252 Pin
CAV 7027/25 Pin for roller
CAV 7029/10 Plate
CAV 7029/13 Plate
CAV 6/350 Plate Control Rod
CAV 7023-99H Plug
CAV 7029-48 Plug
CAV 7034/166 Plug
CAV 7027-103 Plunger
CAV 7111/333 Pressure Relief Valve
CAV 7035/27 Quadrant
CAV 7029/19 Quadrant, Regulating
CAV 7024-96 Regulating Screw
CAV 7097/512D Relief Valve Assy
CAV 6/264 Ring
CAV 7029-3 Roller
CAV 7035/101 Roller
CAV 6/509 Roller Pin
CAV 7035/105 Roller Pin
CAV NS16/10 Screw
CAV NS302-7Z1 Screw
CAV NS7/11Y1 Screw
CAV NS77-12Y1 Screw
CAV 6/269 Screw
CAV 7008/599c Screw
CAV 7022/22C Screw
CAV 7029-238A Screw
CAV 7029-7 Screw
CAV 7035/23 Screw
CAV 7060-15B Screw
CAV 7060-15J Screw
CAV 7111-256 Seal
CAV 7113/73 Seal
CAV 781/8 Seal
CAV 7029-202 Seal
CAV 7035/39 Seal
CAV 7097236 Sealing Collars
CAV NS10/185Z1 Setscrew
CAV 6/351A Shim
CAV 6/351B Shim
CAV 6/351C Shim
CAV 6/351D Shim
CAV 6/351E Shim
CAV 6/351F Shim
CAV NW2-213 Shim 0.2mm
CAV NW2-214 Shim 0.4mm
CAV 7044/118 Spanner/Injector Nozzle
CAV 6/272 Spill Plug
CAV 7008/49K Spindle
CAV 7027-147 Spindle for plunger
CAV 7028/48C Spragg Shaft
CAV 7035/153 Spragg Shaft
CAV 6/257 Spring
CAV 7008/253 Spring
CAV 7008/7 Spring
CAV 7008-73 Spring
CAV 7022/8A Spring
CAV 7022/9 Spring
CAV 7023-244 Spring
CAV 7027-19 Spring
CAV 7029/209 Spring
CAV 7029/26 Spring
CAV 7035/172 Spring
CAV 7035/199 Spring
CAV 7027/27 Spring for Valve
CAV 6/270 Spring Plunger
CAV 6/256 Spring Upper Plate
CAV NW5/5 Steel Washer
CAV 6/422 Stop Plate
CAV 7137/13A Stud
CAV 7027/13 Stud
CAV 7035/135 Taper Bearing
CAV 7029/5 Tapper Guide
CAV 6/265 Tappet
CAV 7029/208 Tappet
CAV 7029-8B Tappet
CAV 7027/24 Tappet Roller
CAV 7029/124 Tapwasher
CAV 7029-201 Trigger
CAV 7035/200 Trigger
CAV 7008-382B Union
CAV 7097/47 Union Nut
CAV 7027/171 Valve
CAV 7035/171A Valve
CAV 7092/256A Valve
CAV 7029/57. Valve Holder
CAV 7029/57A Valve Holder
CAV 7010/296 Vent Screw
CAV 7185/815E Washer
CAV 7185-815H Washer
CAV 85/4 Washer
CAV 85/9 Washer
CAV NW2/32 Washer
CAV NW2/85 Washer
CAV NW5/17W4 Washer
CAV NW5/27W4 Washer
CAV NW5/30W4 Washer
CAV NW5/36W4 Washer
CAV NW5/59 Washer
CAV NW5/60 Washer
CAV NW5-15W4 Washer
CAV NW5-71 Washer
CAV 7035/173A Washer
CAV NW5/34W4 Washer

If you’re after a specific CAV Fuel Injector or CAV Fuel Pump part and you see it on the list, ordering it is as simple as emailing your enquiry to info@bartechmarine.com, or calling us on +44 (0)1206 673101.

However, the list is just a selection, so if the part you’re looking for isn’t on this list, don’t worry, we’ll probably still be able to help – give us a call on +44 (0)1206 673101.

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