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Caterpillar 3516 Engine Overhaul – Case Study


Caterpillar 3516 engine used as offshore fire pump package


North Sea Oil Producer


Because the engine is used as part of a fire pump on a north sea oil platform it needs to be maintained inline with the recommended service intervals. This engine was due a top end overhaul.


Overhaul included change of cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, liners, fuel injectors, water pump, oil pump, fuel transfer pump and turbochargers. During the overhaul, inspections were carried out on the crankshaft, camshaft, followers and bearings.


The Caterpillar 3516 engine overhaul was completed on-time and within budget, using 2 engineers on days and 2 on nights to enable 24 hour working. In supplying the spares, Bartech carried out additional inspections, ensuring there were no problems with the assemblies before they were despatched. The old assemblies were overhauled on return to Bartech ready for the next engine overhaul.

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