VTC254 Replacement for Locomotive Application

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As the supplier of one of Iran’s largest Rail Transport Engineering companies operating in all domains of the rail industry, our client approached us with an enquiry for 4 off VTC254 Turbochargers to be installed on the 16V280ZJA diesel-electric prime mover.

With over 220 years accumulated experience and knowledge in Oil Rigs, Workover Rigs, EMD & GE Locomotive Parts, we were keen to begin supporting such an established company.


Having been previously disappointed with the quality/performance of Chinese ABB alternatives, particularly the short lifetime of roller bearings, our client was looking for a European solution that met the criteria of the end-user.

Due to undocumented modifications, we noticed that the existing turbochargers differed from the original build specification, so this also had to be considered.


  • 100% interchangeable with current set up
  • Matched existing turbocharger build specification
  • Rectified short life time of roller bearing
  • Capable of running in desert climate
  • European Origin


The first step was to address the bearings. As we would be replacing complete turbochargers, we were able to include the newer LA62 design in our builds; a
much more reliable and efficient bearing.

After the existing turbochargers were dismantled we established that the impeller had been replaced with a 1 piece design (usually 2 pieces) for an improved boost to the engine and better fuel efficiency. We had impellers manufactured to match exactly.

Once all the correct specification components had been manufactured and thoroughly inspected, we then assembled the turbochargers in our modern workshop in the UK to the correct casing arrangement to ensure interchangeability.

The turbochargers were painted in the requested colour, stamped with their Bartech Serial Number and accredited with UK Certificate of Origin.

“The first 2 Turbochargers were received on time after successfully obtaining the export license. The units were run on trial for 2 weeks to assess quality and performance. Almost immediately we noticed a vast improvement and were highly impressed with the level of engineering. We have since placed an order for a further 4 Turbochargers and 2 Cartridges.”

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