Paxman 12YJ Engine Overhaul & Offshore Installation

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This offshore client turned to Bartech after a major failure caused the connecting rod to pierce the crankcase on a fire pump (Paxman 12YJ engine).

The safety matrix prevented any “hot work” being carried out offshore until the engine was replaced.

Paxman 12YJ Damage


Bartech sourced a low hours Paxman 12YJ Engine standby unit that was then fully dismantled, cleaned, and inspected with all relevant test documentation including Lloyds to witness test the crankshaft.  The engine was then rebuilt using new consumable and fully load bank tested to the client’s satisfaction.

Overhauled Paxman 12YJ on test


The Paxman 12YJ engine was built to the specification matched to the application, fully tested and then installed by Bartech engineers on the platform to the satisfaction of the client.

A performance review was logged with FPAL

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