Detroit 8V-71 BMSN1496 Fully dismantle, clean and inspect the torque converter

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We were sent a torque converter from an offshore platform’s Detroit 8V-71 engine due to an oil leak inside the bell housing.

The unit was fully dismantled with a full visual inspection carried out to determine if any damage had been sustained to the item.

Upon arrival at the workshop, the unit was placed on a transport stand for an initial inspection to be conducted prior to dismantling. Rust deposits were found to be contaminating the output shaft due to no inhibitor having been placed on the exposed surfaces. This had also caused pitting damage.


The torque converter was fully dismantled and all internal components were thoroughly inspected. The following faults were found during this process:

  • Damage to the drive disc/plate (Figure 3). This may have occurred when the unit was disconnected from the engine
  • The edge of the sealing o ring on the spigot plate was feathered
  • The oil seal on the outer turbine housing was split and feathered
  • Upon dismantling of the oil pump, internal damage to the oil seal was found. Some chips were also found on the casting (Figures 5 & 6). One of the chips was liquid metal bonded so as to rectify the issue. The other chip found has no detrimental effect on the pump

In order to lift the cover to expose the inner stator, special extended lifting eye studs were manufactured. No signs of wear or damage were found to the stator. The oil that had still remained within the unit was clean.

All of the internal components were thoroughly cleaned and inspected. No other issues or faults were identified.


Work carried out:

  • Castings chemically cleaned in order to remove any dirt ingression and rust deposits
  • The unit fully rebuilt using all genuine parts as per the standard overhaul procedure
  • The following items were replaced:

    • Drive disc/plate
    • The oil seals on the outer turbine housing and oil pump
    • O Rings
    • Bearings

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