Bauer / Deutz Compressor Unit Overhaul

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Having supported a major surveying company, the owner of the vessel’s compressor unit contacted Bartech to complete a major Bauer / Deutz Compressor Unit Overhaul. 

The unit consisted of a Bauer compressor driven by a Deutz engine and was hired out to conduct seismic survey work in conjunction with other equipment. 

On undertaking this challenge, it was found that the connecting rod was cracked and would need to be replaced. The OEM advised us that this particular model was a prototype of only 8 ever manufactured and they were not supported for spares, instead, the client would need to purchase a new unit in excess of £150,000!

Bauer / Deutz compressor before overhaul


Our engineering team re-engineered drawings for a replacement connecting rod and contacted a trusted casting company for manufacture.  Our sub-contractor was regularly producing parts for Ingersoll Rand, so understood the required materials for this type of application. After casting we were able to complete the connecting manufacture in-house and the subsequent rebuild.  The unit was given a new electronic control system to the clients’ requirements.

Bauer / Deutz compressor conn rod machining


Having completed the rebuild and witness test, the unit went straight into use on a survey vessel in the hot African environment where it successfully completed 5 years of service before moving onto its next contract.

Bauer / Deutz compressor after overhaul

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