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Urgent critical spares

Investigation & Rectification


As many businesses wind down for the holiday period, for some, it’s “business as usual” and the holidays mean no change to their operation or the reliance on critical diesel engines.

We were reminded of that this week when we had a nuclear operator contact us with an urgent requirement.

One of the station’s Dorman 6PTCR (Baudouin P15) HPBUCS fire pump engines had been taken out of service due to a missing pipe and faulty thermostat.

As you can imagine this engine is highly critical for the safe operation of the plant & rectification was the highest priority.

Having already been given a lead time that was far too long, they came to us.

We sourced a thermostat locally & had the braided steel pipe made up to spec before testing it in house and sending them both straight to site.

The result?

Their critical fire safety engine was only out of action for under 24 hours.

The site was understandably pleased with our service, emailing Rob our Commercial Manager:

“Thanks, Rob.

Saved our bacon once again.”

If you need help with your critical diesel engines, get in touch, we are only out of the office on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

We will provide our usual 24hr support line throughout and you can reach us any time on 01206 791552.

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