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The wrong way to keep clean



You’ll be fully aware of the advice from the World Health Organisation in the fight against COVID-19:

The key message is to keep your hands and environment clean and keep your distance from others where possible.

We would never profess to be health experts and offer health advice (engines and mechanical equipment is our thing in case you hadn’t realised!), but when our engineers recently attended a tugboat they saw a classic example of how incorrect cleaning can put your critical equipment at risk.

Our engineers were on the vessel completing a health check, including borescope inspection and service on the main and generator engines.

They started on the port generator engine, a Scania DS-1160, where they discovered a leak on the fuel leak-off line on top of the cylinder head.

When they removed the rocker covers, they found something had been used to absorb the leaking oil instead of resolving the problem. The result was that the leak remained and the absorption material melted down the side of the engine.

With this unidentified material melting there was a considerable risk of toxic fumes being produced as well as the potential risk of fire.

Once the issue had been identified, a quick resolution was put in place with the material removed and the fuel leak fixed.

If you are concerned with how your engine is performing, or how to deal with an issue safely and effectively, let me know I ‘d be happy to help.

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