Seized turbocharger back on-lineimage

Seized turbocharger back on-line

Re-Engineering and Machining


If you are reliant on “heritage” engine models, or those simply not made anymore, then chances are you will have experienced supply problems for ongoing maintenance or repairs.

Sourcing of spares can usually be overcome with a bit of digging, but when it comes to major assemblies, it can be a lot more complicated, not to mention expensive!

One of our clients found themselves in that position recently with two Sulzer LAG46 Turbochargers that had seized.

With no replacements available, the turbochargers have arrived in our workshop for full overhauls. 

The work we are carrying out demonstrates a mixture of options which I hope is of interest in case you find yourself needing to resurrect a “heritage” engine:

  • Rotor shaft skimmed and new labyrinth cover made after the shaft was found to have considerable circular grooving due to contact from the labyrinth seal as a result of excessive bearing clearance
  • Manufacturing new non-standard high tensile bolts in-house after the nozzle ring retaining bolts sheared off during removal.
  • Manufacturing replacement bearings because removed bearings had radial scoring and required renewing.  These bearings are no longer available
  • The aluminium air volute flange was cracked and had to be specialist welded and skimmed flat
  • Specialist welding of the cast iron exhaust inlet housings, which have cracked in various areas around the internal webbing

Once the inlet housings are back from welding, we will be able to complete the overhaul and get the turbos back to the client with minimal downtime and cost.

If you have any issues that require specialised machining or have an upcoming overhaul due, we’d be happy to help. Send an email to or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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