Paxman 12VP185 Top End Overhaul

Paxman VP185 Top End Overhaul



Bartech carried out a top-end overhaul on a Paxman 12VP185 MK1 standby generator set.

After arriving on-site, signing in and completing on-site inductions, PPE was donned, and work could begin.

Click here to see the full overhaul report for an insight into a Bartech overhaul and the type of report you can expect to receive when we carry out work on your equipment.Paxman VP185 Top End Overhaul Report Front Page

Here’s a video of the engine commissioning after the overhaul…


For more information on our overhauls, click here.

If you would like any help with your critical diesel engines, governors, turbochargers or dampers etc, please let us know we’d be happy to assist.

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