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  • Completed Twin Disc MG-5075 overhaul

    Transmission Unit Support

    November 12, 2020


    Whilst the vital role of the diesel engines is widely appreciated across oil and gas, marine, generation and locomotive applications,…

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  • Warped Woodward 3161 governorimage

    Warped Woodward 3161 governor

    November 11, 2020


    We were called by a marine operator seeking rectification for a failed Woodward 3161 governor. Immediately after the start-up of…

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  • Solidified antifreeze

    Deutz generator – solidified antifreeze

    November 5, 2020


    Last week, I mentioned the Deutz generator package we have in for an overhaul due to damage found during a…

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  • Deutz BF6M 1013E Catastrophic Piston Damage

    Deutz BF6M 1013E Catastrophic Piston Damage

    October 28, 2020


    We’ve just received a Deutz BF6M 1013E backup power generator in our Colchester workshop for a full overhaul. Nothing unusual…

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  • Running oil on high PSIimage

    Running oil on high PSI

    October 21, 2020


    We recently completed the overhaul of a Baudouin P15 pump engine, and when it came to the 24hr FAT (Factory…

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  • Cat 3208 Gearbox Noiseimage

    Cat 3208 Gearbox Noise

    October 14, 2020


    We were recently on a vessel carrying out some servicing and repair operations on a Caterpillar 3208 engine, and one…

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  • signs of cavitation - Wartsila

    Bearing cap cavitation on Wartsila engines

    October 7, 2020


    As you might know, we’ve got multiple ex-Wartsila Senior Service Engineers on the Bartech team. And as a result, we’ve…

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  • Overhauled Napier MS90 Turbocharger

    Extending the life of your assets

    October 1, 2020


    We have recently completed the overhaul of a 1970’s Napier MS90 turbocharger, and I wanted to share how it’s possible…

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  • Engine failure root causeimage

    Engine failure root cause

    September 23, 2020


    If you’re following us on social media (you can do so HERE if not), you probably saw our post earlier…

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  • Napier MS90 turbocharger ready for overhaul at Bartech

    Engine Idling Issues

    September 16, 2020


    We are currently overhauling a Napier MS90 turbocharger from a marine operator’s Mirrlees Blackstone engine. The engine has just over…

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