Mirrlees Blackstone ERS8 emergency generator

Mirrlees Blackstone ERS8 emergency generator – Fresh water temperature too high



When we got a call from a site reporting high water temperature, we started to ask questions to diagnose the cause.

And when it came to light that it was on a hospital’s emergency generator, we knew we need to pull out all the stops.

With even more pressure than normal on our health service, it wasn’t only vital we acted quickly but we also had to manage all aspects of the project so they could focus on their priorities.

Fortunately, the site has a great team, so when our engineer attended with our electrical specialist, they were able to quickly diagnose the problem – the fan motor for the cooling tower, which was used with their Mirrlees Blackstone ERS8 emergency generator.

Mirrlees Blackstone ERS8 emergency generator

Clearly, the damage needed repairing, but preventing a reoccurrence was also critical.

This involved removing the cooling tower, as well as other electrical work to upgrade the isolator switch, local isolator, contractor start box and emergency stop button, and fit an overload relay.

To achieve all this within the 48-hour timescale meant specialist contractors, parts, transport, cranes and compliance documentation all had to be coordinated to limit the time the generator was off-line.

As much as the hospital was grateful for us completing the repairs on time, it wouldn’t have been possible without the organisation of our project team, or the relationships we have in trusted partners.

To us, key long-term partnerships are a vital part of our business. Partnerships with operators, suppliers and within our own business.

If you’d like to talk about how you can benefit from those partnerships, contact us here or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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