Woodward EG3P Governors

Incompatible governor designation



Late last year we were sent in various spares from an offshore operator to inspect and overhaul.

Included in the shipment were two Woodward EG3P Governors that had been stored and never used, which was just as well!

Woodward EG3P Governors

Andy, our Woodward trained engineer, flushed them internally with clean engine oil before mounting them onto our governor test rig to put them through their paces. 

The governors’ specifications were checked against their designation number and found to perform as expected.

Once all work was completed, they were returned to the operator to have available as emergency spares.

Skip forward to this year, where – as part of an engine overhaul on the platform – our engineer came to use one of the governors as a replacement.

Not so straightforward.

The set-up of the governor to its designation number is correct BUT it’s the wrong designation number for the engine.

Though they look the same and are set to the same speeds, the spare governor’s drive rotation is the opposite direction to the one on the engine!

So, back to our workshop for Andy to match specification – he will change the directional valves inside the governors and correct the designation number.

The point here is that with any work scope that is carried out with your governors, or any other assemblies, it is vital to ensure the spares you have match the engine specification. 

If you are unsure if you are holding the right spares, just get in touch and we can cross-reference for you. Email us info@bartechmarine.com or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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