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Important new protocols



Over the last few months, we’ve seen many things change for businesses and the way they operate.

And talking to operators and other engine support companies, there have been various reactions to protect against the spread of Covid-19.

For example, when our engineers have been travelling to offshore platforms, they are going up a day early to be tested and quarantined until it is confirmed they are not carrying the virus.

For our marine maintenance team, our engineers are using different access locations to the engine room to others, and instead of working alongside other equipment specialists, they are taking it in turns to be in the engine room.

Whilst our objective of providing safety through mechanical excellence prevails, the need to look after our team and clients’ safety has meant a new set of considerations.

Part of this is covered through new risk assessments and Covid-19 contingency plans for site and workshop projects.

This has incorporated:

  • Assessment of high-risk team members or associates
  • More individual working stations in the workshop
  • Daily check-ins
  • Reminders of hygiene protocols
  • Sharing government guidelines
  • Keeping the same engineers together for site work
  • Providing all engineers with face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer
  • Evening disinfecting of communal areas

Whilst this is not our normal technical bulletin, this is a situation affecting us all and I hope this has helped give some ideas on how to keep operating while staying safe.

If you are having any issues getting support for your critical diesel engines during this time, please do get in touch, we’ll find a way to help at this difficult time.

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