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Hopefully you know that there are several ways we can help your business – the perception is sometimes that we only look after engines, but that’s absolutely not the case.

And today, after hearing some governor news, we just wanted to share it with you and what it means for your operation.

The news?

Woodward are phasing out parts and production of their SG governor.

How will that affect our support for our operators with SG governors?

It won’t.

We have a wide range of parts in stock, which, along with our governor expertise means you can rest assured that you will not be impacted by this news.

If we are not already looking after your governors and you have any issues or want to be sure they are working correctly, get in touch or check out our governor testing service.

Woodward SG Governor

In-house governor testing, starting from just £170.50. (This price includes any adjustments to bring it back to the original factory settings.)

This service would be ideal for you if:

  • Your engine is not being properly controlled
  • You need to demonstrate the governor’s performance to satisfy classification society or insurance
  • Work is being carried out on an engine and the governor is not due an overhaul
  • You want the governor reset to original factory settings
  • You’d like to eliminate control problems you may be having, or highlight repairs that may be needed

To see what investment you’d be looking at to test your governor, head to our governor page.

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