Overhauled Napier MS90 Turbocharger

Extending the life of your assets



We have recently completed the overhaul of a 1970’s Napier MS90 turbocharger, and I wanted to share how it’s possible to save money and keep your older equipment running safely and reliably for longer.

During the inspection and strip-down of the turbo, we found evidence of failed labyrinth seals and bushes.

These seals and bushes required replacing, but are unfortunately now obsolete. 

This could have led to the need for a replacement turbocharger, something you don’t want to hear when your kit is only in for an overhaul!

Fortunately for the operator, using the old ones for patterns alongside 15 years of making engine parts, our senior machinist Gary made replacements in-house to OEM spec, which allowed the overhaul to be completed, in time and on budget.

Napier MS90 Turbocharger Labyrinth Seals and Bushes made in house at Bartech

We have specialist knowledge of out of production engines, meaning we are able to offer solutions others can’t.

Before you settle for replacing your engine or assembly contact us or call +44 (0)1206 673101 we’ll be happy to help.

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