Caterpillar G399 Fan belts-1

Experience vs the manual

Engine Maintenance


One of our offshore operators contacted us recently requesting a spares list for a 12-month service on their Caterpillar G399 engine.

If we were to go “by the book” when creating the list, our engineers would have arrived on site minus some vital parts, costing the operator more money, downtime and inconvenience.


Well, according to the servicing schedule, the fan belts should be inspected and renewed regularly, but the parts manual for this engine doesn’t mention any belts at all.

This might lead you to believe that no belts are fitted, but as we’ve visited the engine before, our engineers know from experience that this engine is fan cooled and does have belts fitted which could need renewing during servicing.

Caterpillar G399 Fan belts-1

Situations like this reaffirm just how important it is to have first-hand knowledge of our operator’s specific engine arrangement.

Do your engine books accurately reflect your particular engine arrangement?

If you’re unsure or would like any help or advice, please let us know, we’d be happy to help.

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