Governor testing at Bartech

Engine control problems



After changing the cylinder liners last week (if you missed it click here), you might have thought that it was problem solved.

But it wasn’t.  We then had some problems when testing the engine.

All started well, with an initial 60 minute run at 50% load, followed by a successful 30 minutes at 100% load. 

But then, unexpectedly, the engine shutdown.

We went over the engine parameters and all were well within the manufacturer’s ranges, so no obvious concerns for the shutdown.

When trying to re-start the engine, it wouldn’t go onto the board, whilst erratic behaviour of the governor actuator was observed. 

Connections to the actuator were fine and with the water contamination, it was decided by the customer that this was returned to our workshop for an overhaul, whilst the on-site electrical team reviewed the control systems.

Once back in our governor bay, the first task is always to check performance and setting on the test rig, and this was what we found:

A steady, stable actuator, which reacts to the change in mA signal as it should!

Whilst the actuator was found to be working perfectly, the inspections on site found a damaged cable which would have been causing irregular signals to the actuator.

It would have been easy to jump to the conclusion that the actuator was damaged because it was erratic, but it’s always best practice to check all parts of the system for a quicker resolution.

If you need any governor or actuator checks carried out, there is more information here.

If you’re after a trustworthy engine specialist with an excellent track record for your job, email us or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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