Diesel engine uptime programme

Dreaded downtime



Downtime is pretty much most engineers’ nightmare, and one of the things we work most tirelessly to prevent.

So much of the content we produce is dedicated to reducing downtime for our contacts, & a couple of years back, after lots of calls for it from our clients, we made the decision to create a specific programme designed to help in a more formal way.

We called it our Diesel Engine Uptime Programme (DEUP).

Essentially, the DEUP is a piece of software, built by Bartech, that enables shared information between our team, your office & your offshore team.

It provides visibility on the state of your diesel engine – the historical information, reports, maintenance plan & strategy, technical information and trend analysis, & it’s all in one easy-to-digest place.

Armed with all of this data, it’s much easier to make decisions that’ll reduce your downtime and save you money, since you’ll have a much greater understanding of the health of your engine, and what needs to be done to keep it running smoothly.

Why am I telling you this?

Simple really: we’ll be demoing the DEUP at #OE19 in Aberdeen, so if it sounds interesting to you, be sure to pop along to our stand and we’ll be glad to run through it with you.

And if you’re not at the exhibition we can set up a demo.

If you would like to arrange a meeting during the show, send an email to info@bartechmarine.com or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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