Spitfire and Typhoon FGR4

Do your research…



As you may know, it was the #RAF100 Royal Air Force centenary last week.

Events of this nature are always good fun, and these particular celebrations included a “flypast”, which saw up to 100 aircraft (both old and new) take off from Ipswich and fly across to Buckingham Palace.

These are two of the iconic planes we were looking forward to seeing:

Spitfire and Typhoon FGR4

Prior to the flypast, we did some research and worked out what time they would be travelling over Colchester (which was right on the flight path)

We were pretty excited, and the whole team popped over to the park to watch this historical event.

Here’s the video we shot…

Not great, is it?

We had the right time, and indeed the flypast happened over Colchester, but if we’d done a bit more research, we would have realised that the park would not be a great vantage point.

And it’s just the same as when you look after your engines.

With the best research, you get the best results; whether that is rectifying a problem or improving performance, safety or reliability.

Granted, with the volume of responsibilities, not everyone has the time to dedicate to looking after their engines (as much as they might like to) and this is where specialists like Bartech can help get the results you need.

If we had done our research better, this is what we could have seen…

So, if there is any rectification or improvements you would like help with, and if you’re after a trustworthy engine specialist with an excellent track record for your job, email us info@bartechmarine.com or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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