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Difference in starter motors



Last week we were contacted by one of our operators who urgently needed a starter motor for their Perkins diesel engine.

The problem was they were having a lot of trouble sourcing it.

They’d tried a few places, but the best they’d come up with was a delivery time of June – not what they wanted to hear!

They contacted us for some advice, and within the hour we gave them two options:

  • With Bosch on a 4-5 day lead-time
  • With Bosch’s sister company, which would be available to us in 1-2 days

The Bosch name speaks for itself, but the alternative is also made by a satellite Bosch company which usually supply parts discontinued by Bosch themselves.

Needless to say, we have a happy operator who avoided a 3-month lead time for the part, and as they have ordered both, they will have one on hand should the need arise in the future, saving any more downtime.

“An order should be coming shortly for both… REALLY appreciate the help, as always you guys never let us down!!
Awesome thank you!”

If you’ve experienced issues with prohibitive lead times, high cost or other problems with getting hold of crucial parts, there may well be another solution you haven’t considered.

We are here to help with any such questions, just get in touch and we will see how we can help.

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