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To state the obvious, the last year has been testing, to say the least, both for individuals and businesses.

And that’s unlikely to change for at least a few months.

We’ve seen firsthand the way this has affected other service providers, as it’s resulted in an increase in new customers at Bartech.

These operators have been let down by the companies they had previously relied on.

Reasons vary but the main ones we are seeing are:

  • Reduced support staff as team members and engineers are on furlough
  • Struggling to organise support whilst working from home
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Fewer resources as the companies have downsized

A couple of real-life examples of this are:

  • An offshore operator had followed their usual protocol with an engine manufacturer, ordering parts and requesting labour for an upcoming workscope. After the parts arrived, the focal point went to confirm the labour, but this hadn’t been organised by the supplier and men were not available to meet the timescales.

We got the call and pulled together to cover the work, arranging for our CAT trained engineers, with OEM tooling and diagnostic laptops to attend last minute. 

  • A tug company that relies on an agent from Europe for their maintenance was unable to get them to attend an overhaul due to travel restrictions.

We covered the complete scope and kept the vessels up to date with their maintenance schedules and any breakdown cover required.

If you’re having any difficulties and need assistance with any workscope, get in touch.

With engineers based in multiple areas of England, Scotland and Wales as well as our main base in Colchester, we’d be happy to help.

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