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I recently wrote about a Deutz driven generator overhaul we were completing for a land-based client.

And whilst I went into detail concerning the technical issues, what wasn’t mentioned was the complexities of removing and reinstalling the unit and this doesn’t affect just land-based units.

This generator set was situated in a multi-storey car park, and with this came certain restrictions and challenges that needed to be considered to complete the work scope efficiently and with minimal disruption to the car park users.

The car park is used 24/7 and is also used to store emergency response vehicles for the police so closing it was not an option!

The removal of the genset and further re-install required the following considerations:

• Specific lifting and movement plans
• Initial toolbox safety talk to make sure everyone knew and understood the project and safety process
• Public safety control
• Identifying the quietest times of use
• High voltage electricians were required onsite during each stage to disconnect and reconnect the set
• Road closure for loading/unloading of the set
• One lane had to remain open throughout the extraction/install for car park users


With these factors in mind, the project was planned down to the minute to minimise disruption and ensure everything and everyone needed was on hand when required.

Ricky, the project manager along with another engineer re-installed the generator yesterday, and thanks to the careful planning involved the job went smoothly with no issues…

The generator set was unloaded from the lorry in 10 minutes, traffic was stopped for only 3 minutes until the HIAB was disconnected, and car park use was reinstated with one lane remaining open.

The generator was tested and the client now has the peace of mind that it will be ready when called upon.

If you have a work scope in mind that is complicated or would benefit from personalised project management, let us know, we’d be happy to work with you.

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