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As you know, we like to share as many case studies as we can, all with the aim of helping you keep your engines running smoothly.

And one topic we’ve returned to several times is the major failures that can result from leaving silicon dampers on engines, without inspection, for significant periods of time.

Whilst the contents of these types of dampers lose their effectiveness over time, our engineers’ eyes have been opened to the intricacies of oil filled mechanical dampers whilst carrying out training at Geislinger’s main facility in Salzburg, Austria.

The most common mistake other companies make when carrying out inspections and trying to overhaul these units are they only check for obvious signs of physical damage and change the O rings.

What Stefan and Ricky were shown in Austria is that there’s a lot more to measure, with limits and critical areas that need to be checked.

And if you’ve ever seen the results of a failed damper, you’ll know how important it is that this is done right.

Because if it’s not, you’ll run the risk of a catastrophic failure.


Geislinger dampers and couplings are market leading products, which is why they are trusted by most major engine manufacturers such as MTU, MAN, Wärtsilä, Caterpillar, Cummins to name a few and is based on their philosophy of “BUILT TO LAST”.

But “BUILT TO LAST” only applies when the correct interval inspections are carried out along with genuine Geislinger spares.

As the only approved UK agent for Geislinger, we can give you the manufacturer’s backed reassurance.

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If you need any assistance or have any questions, please get in touch – we are here to help.

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