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We’re in the middle of some routine maintenance on Waukesha and Mirrlees injectors, but we’ve just identified an issue that has ended up causing them a great deal of unforeseen downtime.

The injectors are struggling to atomise the diesel – so poor to no combustion in those cylinders.

The nozzles need replacing, but having spoken with the manufacturer, they are now out of production.

They are prepared to make some more, but our client will have to order at least 50 and wait 15 weeks for them to be manufactured.

There is no other option. They’ll have to wait. Which is going to cause them more delays, more stress and ultimately, more money.

We don’t want a similar thing to happen to you because it isn’t affecting just injector nozzles.

How would you deal with that situation? Do you have the cover or spares for critical engine parts?

Long lead times are the killer here, so our advice is:

  • If possible, have adequate spares in stock
  • Regularly maintain and inspect to ensure you are aware in advance of the need for replacements.
  • Waukesha Injector Nozzles

    Waukesha Injector Nozzles

    What are you doing to prevent lead times (and costly downtime) affecting you?

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