Galvanic Corrosion in Seawater Cooling System

Critical engine maintenance

Engine Maintenance


Here’s an issue we found whilst working on an engine’s seawater cooling system recently that can easily happen if you are not looking out for it.

Galvanic corrosion.

Seawater cooling systems employ sacrificial anodes. They’re like the unsung heroes of metal maintenance. They work by diverting corrosion away from the engine’s vital components, keeping it protected for longer.

Galvanic or bimetallic corrosion is where one metal gets eaten up while the other stays safe, and without anodes, your engine systems will have no protection, and quickly start to degrade, and likely fail in operation.

Here’s the key though:

As part of the maintenance scheduling, it’s important the anodes are checked every six months and replaced if necessary.

This is what happens if they aren’t regularly inspected:

Galvanic Corrosion in Seawater Cooling System

We’re here to make your engines last longer and prevent downtime.

If you’re in doubt about the integrity of your sacrificial anodes or any other aspect of your critical diesel engines, get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

For more information on Galvanic Corrosion, Click Here.

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