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  • Cracked turbo heatshield

    Cracked turbo heatshield

    June 1, 2023

    Turbo Chargers

    We’ve recently been sent 3 ABB VTC 254 turbochargers to overhaul. The operator reported that the heatshields on some of…

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  • Bartech - Diesel engine breakdown response

    Diesel engine support you can rely on

    March 18, 2021

    Engine Maintenance

    To state the obvious, the last year has been testing, to say the least, both for individuals and businesses. And…

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  • Turbo removal issueimage

    Turbo removal issue

    December 8, 2020

    Turbo Chargers

    Last week we were out on an offshore platform to survey the removal of a turbocharger from a standby generator.…

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  • Overhauled Napier MS90 Turbocharger

    Extending the life of your assets

    October 1, 2020


    We have recently completed the overhaul of a 1970’s Napier MS90 turbocharger, and I wanted to share how it’s possible…

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  • Napier MS90 turbocharger ready for overhaul at Bartech

    Engine Idling Issues

    September 16, 2020


    We are currently overhauling a Napier MS90 turbocharger from a marine operator’s Mirrlees Blackstone engine. The engine has just over…

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  • Turbine wheel damage

    ABB VTC 254-13 turbocharger overhaul overdue

    June 25, 2020


    I often mention the importance of having bespoke service plans tailored to your critical diesel engine, suited to its application…

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  • Seized turbocharger back on-lineimage

    Seized turbocharger back on-line

    October 18, 2019

    Re-Engineering and Machining

    If you are reliant on “heritage” engine models, or those simply not made anymore, then chances are you will have…

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  • Compressor-wheel-removal-tool

    Superseded Tooling

    August 1, 2019


    You may remember that I shared some information on a couple of ABB VTC 254-13 turbos sent in for overhaul…

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  • Incorrect compression ratioimage

    Incorrect compression ratio

    July 17, 2019


    This week we are working on a Mercedes Benz 400 series engine which is used in a crane on an…

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  • Turbocharger damage

    Turbocharger Damage

    June 27, 2019


    We have two ABB VTC 254-13 turbochargers being overhauled in our workshop and they both offer a stark reminder of…

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