Can you rely on your standby generator?



With warnings of potential blackouts across the UK and politicians stating, “We need to make sure that all those hospitals that need access to power have their standby generators properly serviced, they’ve got diesel tanks full with diesel that might be required.”

And if you look after healthcare facilities, remember the memoranda – Click Here.

Memoranda HTM06-01 stipulates the following for ALL standby generators in any healthcare facility:

  • That they should be tested every month for a duration of at least one hour.
  • The generator being tested should operate at greater than 70% full load.
  • And, where the backup generators do not have a grid synchronisation connection, the only way to test the generator is with a load bank.
  • Maintenance programmes should also include a longer test to establish the generator engine’s mechanical performance and a test to prove the generator’s condition up to 110% full load.
  • These tests should be carried out annually for a test period of no less than three hours.


And for all facilities that rely on backup power – we wanted to check – is your generator prepared for the potential Christmas blackouts?

If not, or you would like your backup generator checked to ensure everything is in hand, please get in touch with us to arrange a site visit.

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