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How we will support you through COVID-19

Posted on March 18, 2020 in Highlighted, Knowledge Base, News | Comments Off on How we will support you through COVID-19

How we will support you through COVID-19

No doubt your inbox and social media feed are full of information about COVID-19, but as we all try to react to such an unprecedented position, it’s important we update you on what we have put in place to support you.

Firstly, like every responsible business, we are putting our team’s health and welfare at the forefront.

To deliver this we are stopping all non-essential visitors to our office and workshop (including upcoming interviews), stopping all unnecessary national travel, stopping all international travel and talking to our clients about safety and protection on site.

One more precaution we are putting in place is to split the workforce who are able to work from home to be part of a two-weekly cycle, which will reduce potential exposure and allow better business continuity if there is the need for isolation.

Secondly, we are looking at the best way we will be able to support operators in the marine, oil and gas, power generation and nuclear sectors.

We believe we can do this by the following:

  • Reducing our team’s exposure as above
  • Reviewing extended credit terms for customers who may be significantly affected by loss in business
  • Introducing new internal communication systems to share information so you are not reliant on one member of the Bartech team
  • Supporting anyone who needs to self-isolate with full pay, so they don’t feel pressurised to come in and put others at risk
  • Protecting our service engineering team to be there for you when you need them
  • Utilising communication tools with our engine experts to help you rectify problems without the need for a site visit. 

Call us on 01206 791552 for any help.

As guidelines and recommendations change on a daily (or hourly!) basis and operators adapt we will continue to review and respond.

This is the advantage of a fantastic, flexible team pulling together. With everything that is going on and the uncertainty on the full outcomes, I am grateful to every one of them.

If there is anything you need help with during these challenging times, please get in contact – we’ll be happy to assist.

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Here to keep your critical engines running in 2 easy steps during COVID-19 outbreak

  1. Call 01206 645070 anytime to speak to an engineer to help you resolve issues yourself. This is a free service, intended to minimise downtime and stop the need for a visit
  2. If things cannot be resolved on the video call, our service engineering team are ready to attend your site. They are home based with stocked vehicles ready to deploy.

All our usual support is still available on the general number and email address

How we can support you at this difficult time