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Cat C9 Hose failure

Posted by on February 26, 2020 in Highlighted, Investigation & Rectification, Knowledge Base, News | Comments Off on Cat C9 Hose failure

Cat C9 Hose failure

Recently, we attended a vessel whilst in dock to carry out services on their Cat C18 and Cat C9 generator sets.

Upon arrival we carried out the standard checks including the following work:

• Cylinders – Visual Inspection for leaks
• Turbocharger – Visual Inspection & Backlash check
• Engine Oil Filters – Replace – New (Client-supplied)
• Engine Speed/Timing Sensor -Clean/Inspect
• Engine Valve Lash – Inspect/Check/Adjust
• Hoses and Clamps – Inspect/Check/Adjust
• AV Mounts – Visual Inspection
• Injectors – Test (If possible)

When working on the Cat C9, our engineers removed a bracket for the rocker cover and came across an issue that must have been overlooked during previous services but would soon have got the operator’s attention!

The bracket was attached to a coolant hose that had deteriorated so badly that as soon as it was disturbed it crumbled and started to leak.

Luckily the vessel had a spare on board, and it was quickly replaced.

Had it not been found, it would certainly be just a matter of time before it failed, leading to coolant leakage and at the very least an overheated engine.

It’s vital that all components are maintained with equal care to avoid costly failures and unnecessary downtime.

If your critical engines need a service, overhaul or routine maintenance, let me know, I’d be happy to help.

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