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Incorrect tooling

Posted on January 28, 2020 in Engines, Highlighted, Investigation & Rectification, Knowledge Base, Parts and Spares | Comments Off on Incorrect tooling

Incorrect tooling

We were recently on a customer’s site to carry out the 2-year service and injector change on an MTU 12V1163 standby generator and found a couple of issues which had put the engine at risk, yet were very simple to prevent.

After the engine was isolated, we removed the rocker covers and injector pipework to allow for the injectors to be taken out.

MTU 12V1163 rocker cover removed

Once the injectors were removed, the injector pockets were found to be in good condition and the new injectors were fitted with all new O-rings and clamps. The pipes were refitted and torqued to the OEM specification.

So far, so good.

Moving on, the engineers set the valve clearances, however, the original barring tool supplied by the operator was not suitable for this application. In basic terms, it had a round shank rather than a square one which the engine needed!

Use of this incorrect tool to turn the engine has damaged the mounting on the engine, which now requires replacement. It has also made manual rotation of the engine very difficult.

After some searching, the correct turning tool was later located onsite, hidden away.

If you’re having to use “make do” or incorrect tooling, get in touch, we’d be happy to assist. Not only can we supply but we can also manufacture modified tooling for special applications.

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