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Governor issue limiting power

Posted on January 17, 2020 in Governors, Highlighted, Investigation & Rectification | Comments Off on Governor issue limiting power

Governor issue limiting power

No doubt you’re familiar with the function of the governor on your engines.

And you might also be aware of what can happen when a governor has been incorrectly set up – we were certainly reminded of it the other day.

We had a Deutz BF6M1013 engine on test after a rebuild, where it was producing 230hp, instead of the required 279hp.

The engine had been built from a donor unit after the original engine suffered a broken crankshaft along with the damage accompanying this type of failure!

The governor was a special Heinzman unit for this type of engine, similar to the one below. These units are interchangeable but have to be reset if used on a different block, or the control rod is changed.

Having contacted Deutz and Heinzman, we were told they don’t have anyone who can set this particular unit, so we tracked down an independent specialist.

Even with our vast governor knowledge and own governor test rigs, we are not set up for this type and were reliant on someone else.

Unfortunately, having refitted the governor after it had been set, the engine’s output was even less!

The resolution was to get the specialist to come and set the governor whilst the engine was on test, as with as little adjustment as 0.2mm affecting the output by 50hp, he could not get a true simulation on the test rig.

As with all engines, a fine adjustment can make a big difference!

If you have any Woodward, Regulatuers Europa or Kiki governor requirements, check out our capabilities here.

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